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Ayushakti hospital & resort

Ayushakti hospital/resort in Mumbai (Malad west) & South Goa.


Rediscover yourself in a place which is green, peaceful yet luxurious to flow the cosmic energy within you and keep you happy,
and healthy. You will love to experience the serenity around you with :

  • Expert Ayurvedic vaidyas/doctors to take care of
  • Swadshakti restaurant to provide superior, healthy and tasty foods as per your need during the treatment
  • Powerful herbal store
  • Well experienced therapists team for various relaxation & life transforming treatments
  • Ac/non Ac accommodations for your comfort
  • Relaxing Yoga from Ayushakti’s yoga expert (only in Mumbai Malad centre)
  • A spacious garden filled with plants and small trees soothes the senses and offers a place to read or be still during the healing process. It is important to rest during the detoxification process and the comfortable accommodations allow for deep and satisfying relaxation.

All in-house guests are also welcome to participate in Ayurvedic cooking classes and go on a sightseeing and shopping spree during their sojourn at the Ayushakti centre.

Swadshakti Ayurvedic restaurant:

Experience, healthy yet yummy food at Swadshakti which is the key to vibrant health, says Vaidya Smita Naram. Swadshakti restaurant can turn the misconception that healthy food is pale. Thousands of people have visited Swadshakti & experienced the pleasure of tasty food & power of health. Swadshakti recipes are designed by Vaidya Smita Naram's tested & proven health food concepts tried over last 30 years. If you practice the below mentioned principles in your life, you will stay healthy.

Eat to balance dosha:
If you have too much heat in your body, avoid- sour, spicy, fermented. If you have too much mucus or cough, cold, allergies avoid milk products, wheat & red meat. If you have gas forming tendency, avoid—Raw food, heavy beans like Rajma, chickpea etc. Normally, 80 % people are pitta (heat) dominant hence stay away from tomato, tamarind, yogurt, sour food. At Swadshakti we use kokum (Garcinia) as souring agent which is cool as well.

Eat to stimulate digestion:
If your metabolism is weak, even the most nourishing food will not be digested & you will feel tired. Spice up your food with digestive spices like cumin, coriander, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, fennel, black pepper etc. Believe, your food will be delicious & easy to digest. Swadshakti uses perfect blend of spices in each recipe.

Eat to nourish your body & immune reserve:
Do you know that white flour (Maida/refined flour) has no nourishment. Eat all mix grains (Nachani, Jawar, Bajra, Rice, Rajgeera, Soya bean) in your food & you will nourish yourself with fibers, vital enzymes, minerals. If you wish to support your bones & hair –eat chapattis made from Ragi & amaranth at Swadshakti.

To control diabetes & cholesterol levels:
Eat parathas from millet & chickpea at Swadshakti. You can drink dates & almond nourishing drink for increasing blood count naturally in your body. Drink papaya & pomegranate mocktail for digestion, Cherish white pumpkin fruit punch to control stress.

You can use all these powerful simple recipes in your food at home or experience all these recipes at Swadshakti & feel at home.