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Ayushaki Services

1. Ayushakti hospital and resort

Offering Pulse diagnosis, homely accommodation, Ayurvedic healthy and tasty food, detoxification panchkarma treatments, Herbal remedies and Marma treatments. Here, clients stay for 3-4 weeks and make deep detox and rejuvenation treatments to transform their health and get freedom from chronic health situations.

Currently we have 3 full fledged health centres :

Kwa Stift rottal hospital has a full fledged Ayushakti health centre where Ayushakti expert vaidyas and therapists team provide services to the German clients Find out more at: https://ayushakti.eu/ayushakti-in-bad-griesbach-germany

2.Ayushakti clinics –

Offering pulse diagnosis, customised diet plans, detoxification Panchkarma treatments, Herbal remedies and Marma treatments in clinic set up. Here clients come to the clinic and take treatments.

Ayushakti has 22 clinics in Mumbai, 8 in Delhi, 1 in Munich (Germany) and 1 in USA

3.Ayushakti Alliance clinics –

This is with alliance partners, offering Pulse diagnosis, customised diet plans and herbal remedies. Currently Germany, Italy, Austria, Netherland, Paris, UK, Australia, Newzeland, USA and India has 100 plus such clinics offer the services.

Ayushakti’s Global Presence

Ayushakti has clinic consultation points all over the world. Ayushakti has trained more than 100 western medical doctors and heilpraktikers in the art of Pulse reading and Ayurveda. They follow the Ayushakti way of Ayurveda in their practise and help their clients in USA, Europe, UK, Australia & New Zealand with Ayushakti’s proven effective herbs and detox treatments methods. Today, Ayushakti helps more 75000 people every year around the world.

Ayushakti herbal remedies are exported to USA, Europe, Australia New Zealand, and Russia from past 26 years.

Ayushakti BV –

Subsidiary of Ayushakti Mumbai provide herbs and services to the clients and practitioners in Europe, programming Ayushakti Vaidyas/doctors health consultation tours. For more details log on to https://ayushakti.eu/

Ayushakti USA (NJ)

Ayushakti has health consultation points in New york, New Jersey, North Carolina, Manhattan, Newark where Ayushakti expert Vaidyas/doctors visit 4 times a year to provide health consultations to the clients.
To know more about Ayushakti Vaidyas visit to USA, logon on to https://ayushaktiusa.com/

Ayushakti hallmarks

  • Ayushakti has successfully granted the gift of parenthood to thousands of seemingly infertile couples across the globe.
  • Ayushakti has for the past 27 years exported herbal remedies to Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
  • Ayushakti has helped countless people gain respite from chronic ailments such as Arthritis, Asthma, heavy breathlessness, chronic allergy, infertility, lethargy, mental and Physical stress, skin and hair problems, osteoarthritis, obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, cholesterol, menopause, gas, acidity, IBS, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, child development and a host of other ailments.
  • Ayushakti has a global presence and has over 150 western medical doctor practicing Ayurveda in their countries.
  • Research papers published in Europe and U.S.A., Ayushakti treatments, effective in Infertility, Skin problems, Asthma and Depression, Anxiety.
    Clinical studies on efficacy of Ayushakti herbal remedies in the treatment of Pain Management & Asthma-allergy
  • NSF-USA accredited modern manufacturing unit to ensure quality and safety.
  • Research paper published on Pain management in peer-reviewed international journal
  • Many western medical doctors practice Ayushakti way of Ayurveda
  • Awarded by AYUSH Minister for steering the largest Ayurvedic clinic chain.