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Proven treatment to control blood sugar naturally

“I am an IIT graduate and in to the profession of research and development. I used to travel a lot as a part of my profession and business. Five years ago, one day in the midst of an important meeting, I felt weakness in body, low energy & tiredness. I ignored these symptoms thinking that its just due to over exertion. Soon the problem of lethargy, weakness became common. Then I consulted my doctor and he confirmed that I am suffering with high blood sugar. It came to me as a shock. Additionally there are variations in my blood pressure levels too. Immediately I started searching for natural treatment to control the sugar level and consulted Ayushakti doctor. Within 2 months of Ayushakti herbal remedies, my high sugar level started reducing and in 6 months I was able to control it. Additionally, my blood pressure level also got normalized. My energy level returned and today I am able to work more hours. I am religiously following Ayushakti herbal dosages and other dietary advises given by my Ayushakti doctor as a maintenance program. “Dr. R.P. Gaikaiwari”

What causes diabetes or high blood sugar levels in our body ?

Normally our muscles and fatty tissues store sugar in the cells. With the help of insulin, they absorb this sugar from the blood. Whenever our body exercises or uses energy, the sugar from muscles and fatty tissues are burned and converted in to the next process.

According to Ayurveda, Lack of exercise, over eating and eating wrong foods regularly, depletes Agni (Metabolic fire), and slows down metabolism. Thus, the sugar from the muscles and fatty tissues is not burned and they become saturated. So they stop taking sugar from the blood, thus there is resistance in absorbing sugar from the blood and the blood sugar remains high. This metabolic slow down produces heavy sticky mucus which is known as plaque in modern terms. Ayurveda calls it “Aama”. The Aama toxins block pancreas functions and lead to insulin resistance.


Ayushakti’s “Diabetox™” treatment program is derived from 28years of research in Ayushakti clinics worldwide to control high blood sugar and reduce or prevent complications of other bodily functions.

Diabetox™ treatment include only natural deeper healing internal/external treatments process along with proven effective herbal medicines And Diet Plans.

What is Diabetox™ treatment and how does it help in controlling diabetes holistically ?


The first focus is to remove blockages through a special anti clog detoxifying treatments and thereby improve metabolism.


The second focus is repairing rejuvenation process with Rasayana herbs to improve and strengthen pancreas functions, renew the cells and tissues. Thus, restoring the normal functions of all organs.


The third focus is to maintain blood sugar levels naturally under control. Herbal formulas and diet plans are recommended to control blood sugar naturally throughout your life.

What benefits do you experience through Ayushakti’s remarkable Diabetox™ treatment?

Symptoms before Diabetox™ treatments

Benefits after Diabetox™ treatments

Reduce your blood sugar levels naturally &Reduce or stop insulin dosages and medicine dependency through natural Diabetox™ treatment


Yes, 3-5 weeks Diabetox™ treatment helps relieve toxic blockages in pancreas and cellular levels. When the toxins are released from the cells, the insulin uptake in the cells improves. When the blockage in pancreas are released, insulin secretion improves as well. Thus your own insulin now starts working for you. When that happens, naturally need to take external insulin or tablets reduces.
Type II diabetes is life style related problem. It has to be managed for whole life. With Ayushakti’s natural herbal formulas, you can not only control blood sugar but also prevent damage to the organs as the herbs detoxify and restore the functions of all the organs.
  • Eat your food at regular intervals and do not over eat.
  • Walking exercise for ½ hour daily.Very important.
  • If you notice symptoms of dryness of mouth, thirst, numbness, fatigue, pain in muscles, frequent urination, consult your physician immediately.
  • Avoid smoking. Smoking leads to heart disease and poor circulation.
  • Take a good night’s rest.
  • Check your blood sugar levels periodically.
  • Check your weight periodically and maintain an ideal body weight.
  • Reduce intake of Alcohol.
  • Follow the diet as advised below.
The root of high blood sugar, variations in BP and cholesterol is metabolic syndrome. Slow metabolism creates fatty deposits on the tummy and butt areas to begin with. Followed by metabolic problems like high cholesterol, high blood sugar or high cholesterol.Diabetox™ is focussed on activating metabolism and reducing stress.So naturally your own body controls sugar, cholesterol, high blood pressure along with stress.
No side effects, Yes, there is a side benefit. You will look younger, feel energetic with blissful mind and robust health.
No side effects, Yes, there is a side benefit. You will look younger, feel energetic with blissful mind and robust health.
Diabetox™ therapy restores all the functions and improves stamina & vitality naturally. You can experience gradual improvement in sexual capacity.
Initially you have to continue your allopathic dosages along with Ayushakti herbal formulas. Gradually you will be able to reduce the allopathic dosages. If you follow the diet plan, lifestyle and Ayushakti’s herbal formulas as advised, your body can control the sugar naturally.
If you follow the diet and herbal formulas whole life to constantly activate metabolism and restore functions of pancreas, liver, kidneys and heart. Then, besides controlling the sugar, you will also protect your vital organs. If you just focus on controlling sugar by taking medications, and eat whatever you like, then, you are not activating the metabolism. This produces toxins constantly and clogs your vital organs like kidney, heart, liver or arteries in the eye area. Choice is yours. You can just avoid five things in your food and it will help. Wheat, red meat, deep fried, rice & potetoes.Ofcourse, cut down on sugar and sugar containing fruits as well. Rest you can eat every thing.
Also, simply altering proportion of your food can create remarkable impact. Eat at least 60% of cooked vegetables. You can also add leafy salads as a side dish. Then, eat lots of protein in the form of Chickpea, Mung (green gram), lentils, Masoor (red lentil), Mungdaal, soya bean products, Fish & chicken.
You can have complex carbohydrates just 10-20% of your diet which includes quinova, millet, corn, barley, oats etc.
Diabhar – Helps reduces blood sugar naturally. 2 tablets twice daily Suhruday – Activate metabolism. 2 tablets twice daily

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