Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a condition in which your joints of shoulder becomes inflamed and stiff. This greatly restrict your mobility and causing severe pain in the shoulder area. Frozen shoulder is mostly seen in people who had recent injury or fracture. It is common in people with diabetes too.

If you are working longer time in computer, you will definitely have this problem.

What happens in frozen shoulder ?

You will experience :
A persistently painful and stiff shoulder joint, at night, pain spreads to your hand and neck, making it unbearable. Finally causing difficulty to sleep.

You will also experience difficulty in raising your hands, you cannot do your routine jobs like wearing cloths, combing hair, feel severe pain while you try to lift even a little weight. There is hardly anything that can relieve the pain. So finally, you accept it as part of your life.


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What are the causes of frozen shoulder according to Ayurveda ?

Too much air (Vata) in your body constantly deposited in the shoulder area creates dryness in the tissues around the shoulder joint. Thus, shoulder muscles gets rough, loosing its elasticity. Thus, the movement becomes restricted. Also the toxins of Aama (mucous) creates inflammation around the shoulder and creating even more restricted movements with a pain.

How to reduce this pain and bring the flexibility in shoulder ?

Ayushakti’s “Arthrox” detoxification treatment remarkably relieves frozen shoulder in just couple of months.

What is Arthrox ?

It is a combination of herbs, home remedies, treatments, internal detoxification process for three weeks. Arthrox removes excess Vata trapped in the shoulder muscles and also reduces inflammation, thus creating remarkable flexibility just in few months.

How Arthrox treatment works in relieving pain from the root ?

First step is through a special diet and treatment, remove toxins and excess vata. This reduces stiffness and swelling from the whole body specially from neck, shoulder and back.

Then second step is deep oiling to lubricate dried muscles so that they become flexible .

Third step is nourishing the bones and Muscles. And repairing fractures and muscle tear.

Process of Arthrox treatment

What you can do practically at home to get some relief in frozen shoulder :

Diet : For any kind of pain and stiffness, completely stop wheat, deep fried, fermented foods raw salads and red meat.

Powerful Home Remedy to improve flexibility of joints :

Daily take one teaspoon of castor oil with warm water or ginger tea at night. Castor oil is proven to improve flexibility and relieve toxins on a daily basis.

Try this home remedy :

  • 1 teaspoon Fenugreek ( Methi) powder
  • ½ tsp. dry ginger (sont powder)
  • ¼ tsp. Ajowain powder
  • 1 pinch Asafoetida (Hing)
  • 1tsp coriander powder (Dhaniya)
  • 1tsp. Rasna
  • ½ tsp. pure Shallaki gum
  • Mix all above with half glass of water and drink twice a day.

Quick treatment to do at home :

  • ½ tsp of mustard seeds paste
  • 1 tsp of cumin powder finely ground and strained
  • ¼ tsp dry ginger powder
  • 1 pinch Asafoetida
  • ¼ tsp garlic paste
  • Mix all and add onion juice to make a paste.  Apply this paste around the shoulder, back and front and on the arms. Then massage the area for 15-20 minutes. Then do Pindswed.

How to do Pindswed ? :

Take one cup of Ajowain Powder and one cup of Dry Ginger Powder. Tie it in a thick cloth to make two balls of equal size.  Heat this ball on a dry skillet. Apply this heated ball to the painful areas for at least 20 minutes and apply Ayushakti’s Painmukti cream thereafter.

Marma treatments works very well if you do above massage & pindswed first and see how your shoulder becomes flexible immediately.


Lohitaksha marma

Location : centre of armpit or axillary fossa.

  • lift your hand to see how far it goes.
  • press with your thumb lohitaksha marma as shown in the picture for 1 minute till it causes mild pain. Also move thumb in circular direction while pressing.
  • repeat this marma for 5-6 sessions.

Try these home tips which will help you remarkably to reduce the pain, stiffness and swelling in your shoulder, neck, knee joints, back joints.

Ayushakti’s proven herbal remedies for Frozen shoulder :

Painmukti MJ 2 -2 (2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening after food) Relieves pain, stiffness, inflammation, promotes joint flexibility

Painmukti Sandhi-cal 2-2 (tablets in the morning and two tablets in the evening after food)
Improves joint strength, promotes calcium to bones, prevent bone degeneration

Painmukti cream – apply 3-4 times a day

Suhruday – 2-2 (2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening after food) Improves metabolism, promotes blood circulation thereby relieving blockages of toxins.

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