Aam Vata is a disease of auto immune process in the body. If you ignore and not taken care of it as soon as the symptoms started, then, it can lead to deformity in joints like crooked fingers, full body stiffness and getting bedridden.

Rheumatoid Arthritis – disease process

When your immune system attacks the linings of the joints, Initially, you feel pain and stiffness & inflammation, redness in fingers and difficulty to fold your fingers. Finally this spreads in knee and all joints.

Excess of Vata & Aama creates more stiffness & pain. You experience difficulty in walking, deformed fingers, cannot bend your back, severe pricking chronic pain in joints, you get frequent fever and infections and so on.

The lab tests RA positive and CRP protein positive indicates inflammatory process of all the joints.

How does Ayushkati’s Arthrox treatment works ?

Ayushakti’s Arthrox treatment contain diet, home remedies, lifestyle changes, and detoxifying purgation & enema treatments and specific massages for remarkable results.

First it reduces Vata & Aama from the joints thus reducing swelling, pain and stiffness. Then, nourishes immune system, bones & muscles. As Rheumatism is a very chronic problem, this process goes for 2-3 years. But the relief in pain and stiffness already starts within 2-3 months.

Arthrox treatment process to relieve RA


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Follow this practical tips at home for immune balance and Vata & Aama reduction.
What should be the diet ?

Diet plays a very important role in AAM VAT - Rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Every month for 5 days, just take vegetables only. This will reduce inflammation very fast.

  • Stop completely Maida, wheat, fermented foods, deep fried, raw foods fried & meat products from your diet. Wheat & maida causes inflammation in the body hence avoid it.

  • Avoid all sour and fermented foods like tomato, tamarind, lemon, yogurt. Sour and fermented foods creates swelling & stiffness.

  • Take lots of cooked vegetables specially, zucchini, lauki, turai, padwal, galka, tendli & kaddu. asically, all the vegetables which are squashes, pumpkin & leafy greens. You can take rice, jwari, ragi, quinoa as much as you want.

  • Only with this diet, you will find remarkable reduction in your inflammation and pain.

    Home remedy remarkably relieves the inflammation and improves flexibility :

    • One teaspoon castor oil and ½ teaspoon dry ginger powder mix in half glass of warm water and drink daily before bed time.

    • Turmeric is immune balancing so it is very important to use turmeric in your daily diet. Take this home remedy for whole life :

      • Organic Haldi Turmeric) – 1tspn

      • Sont (Ginger) Powder -1/2 tspn

      • Ajwain powder ¼ tspn

      • Dhaniya (Corriander) Powder 1 tspn

      • Shallaki extract ½ tsp

      • Nirgundi extract ½ tsp

      Mix all in half glass of water and have it daily.

      Ayushakti’s painmukti products (painmuktiMH, Sandhi-Cal, Painmukti cream) has these proven herbs in right quantity and thus remarkable in relieving joint pain and prevent further damage of joints, reducing inflammation and improving bone density if use long term.

      If you do Arthrox treatment every year or at least every alternative year, then, you can prevent the chances of relapses at least 8-10 years and you can lead a normal life for years.

      You can also do this home treatment for some relief immediately :

      When there is no inflammation at all in the body, then, you can do once a week oil Matra basti by yourself.

      Take 10 ml castor oil and 20 ml sesame oil. Insert this oil with a glycerin syringe in rectum one to two times per week at night. Leave it overnight.

      If you keep doing this basti, slowly your joints will become more flexible and bone density will also be improved.

      Remember, whenever there is inflammation, just follow the mung and vegetable diet. When there is no inflammation you can use Matra basti.

      Rheumatoid Arthritis is a very chronic and deep rooted problem. Ayushakti practitioners world wide are trained for successfully helping in rheumatoid Arthritis. It is always better to be under their care for remarkable relief in chronic RA symptoms.


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