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Breathing is a crucially vital process in the human body. Oxygen is brought in while inhaling and Carbon Dioxide is let out while exhaling. Life is directly dependent on the breath. Hence, whenever the body comes in contact with bacteria, dust particles, bacteria while breathing, the immune system immediately reacts and attempts to remove them from the body.

Mucus is created in the respiratory system as a response with which foreign particles get dissolved within it and get cast out of the body through coughs and colds. This indicates that they are a defense mechanism that ensures that our respiratory system is clear.

This leads to coughs and colds being perceived as simple and helpful. However, life can be crestfallen for people who suffer from them over a long period of time. Their work, leisure activities, social life and quality of life also gets affected.

Ayushakti is a specialized solution to chronic and acute colds, asthma and immune deficiency syndromes. Thousands across the globe have been treated by Ayushakti using a mix of conscious eating, home remedies, herbs and detox programs.

What are the most common causes of respiratory problems?

What are the four commonly seen Respiratory problems?

How Ayushakti’s powerful “Asthatox” program helps relieve allergies, cough, cold,
breathlessness & Wheezing and bronchitis?

Asthatox is a combination of diet, home remedies, herbal remedies, a deep detox program and Marma.

The proven Asthatox diet to relieve all kinds of respiratory problems.

Avoid milk, dairy products and fruits totally when you have a cough, cold, allergies, wheezing and bronchitis. You can replace dairy-milk with almond milk, rice milk, soya milk or oat milk.Occasionally you can have white meat like chicken, turkey, and fish (fresh water).

What to eat?: Eat more warm vegetable soups, cooked vegetables such as pumpkin (kaddu ), squash, marrow, courgette (turai), Ivy Gourd/Gentleman’s Toes (Tendli ), spinach (Palak), fenugreek leaves (Methi), French beans (Phansi), bottle gourds (Dudhi), ridge gourds (Turai), snake gourd (Padwal), smooth gourd (Galka), mange-tout, asparagus, fennel (Suva Bhaji), swedes, sweet corn, onions, carrots, parsnips, beetroot, celery, chicory and leeks. Potatoes should only be eaten occasionally, with their skin.

Pulses are an essential part of a healthy diet. Mung and split Mung beans (green gram), Tuvar Dal (yellow lentils) and Masoor Dal (red lentils) are easy to digest, balancing and nourishing to the body. To get the full value from pulses they should be eaten along with grains (especially rice).

Grains that should be eaten include rice, oat, rye, maize (makai), millets (jawar, bajra nachani), amaranth (rajigira), quinoa, kamut, spelt, polenta; basically everything other than wheat & maida. Flours made from these grains and also from potatoes and buckwheat are excellent substitutes for “normal” flour.

Dried fruits like almonds, walnuts, apricots, figs, hazel nuts, dates and raisins can be eaten.

Effective Home remedy to relieve toxins, congestion, breathing difficulty: Boil 5 glasses of water with ½ teaspoon dry ginger powder. Drink this warm ginger water throughout the day.

Ayushakti’s clinically proven Herbal Remedies to provide long lasting relief from cough, cold, allergies, wheezing, shortness of breath, congestions:

Swasavin Asthaloc - 2 tablets, twice daily –

Contains extracts of proven herbs such as Adulsa, Kantakari, Yashtimadhu, Shati, Tulsi etc. Effectively relieves wheezing, congestion, shortness of breath; deeply rejuvenates the respiratory system and prevents further infections.

Swasavin D-Vyro - 2 tablets, twice daily -

Contains extracts of dadim peel, guduchi, kalmegh, kutaj & powder of yashtimadhu & shunti. It is a natural immune booster. If taken regularly, it remarkably reduces the frequency of cough, cold and allergies.

Swasavin Kaphano syrup – 2 teaspoon to be taken 4 times a day.

Contains the extracts of Kantakari, Tulsi Bharangi, Dalchini, snuhimashi, Tulsi, yavakshar etc. Great for clearing congestion, allergic coughing and sinuses.

Ancient authentic Asthatox detox:

Ayushakti’s “Asthatox” program is a deep detox treatment that lasts 3-5 weeks and focuses on removing cough and mucous blockages from the airway passages. It strengthens the respiratory channel, boosting the immunity so that the frequency of allergies and infections diminish remarkably. The rejuvenation herbs that you will get from the Asthatox treatment help nourish the channels, thus protecting your lungs and promoting easy breathing.

Powerful Marma to relieve respiratory problems, especially tightness in the chest and congestion.

1. Apastambha marma

Location: Medial and downwards from the nipples at the level of the 3rd Thoracic Vertebra.

Treatment: Massage using Ayushakti’s Painmukti cream with the thumb in a circular movement for three minutes.

2. Amsaphalaka marma

Location: On the scapula bone above the bruhati. (1/2 inch lateral of the 6th, 7th cervical and 1st thoracic vertebrae)

Treatment: Massage using Ayushakti’s Painmukti cream with the thumb in a circular movement for three minutes.

What are the benefits of the Asthatox treatment program?

  • Remarkably relieves frequent allergies, cough, cold and sinusitis
  • Effectively reduces chest congestions, pain and shortness of breath
  • Improves immunity and resistance, thus preventing further relapses of Asthma attacks
  • Helps reduce/stop a person’s dependency on an inhaler
  • Reduces inflammations, deeply nourishes and rejuvenates the overall respiratory system
  • Strengthens lung functions and promotes easy breathing
  • Relieves frequent ear and throat infections
Breathe easily & naturally with Ayushakti’s “Asthatox” solutions.

What are the other treatments available at Ayushakti centres?

Ayushakti provides proven authentic treatments for all kinds of chronic health problems like Arthritis, joint pain, frozen shoulder, back pain, neck pain, Spondylosis, high blood sugar, allergies and wheezing, skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, urticaria, lichen planus, warts etc., hair fall & hair thinning, insomnia, high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, infertility, PCOD, Fibroid, Fallopian tube block, low and zero sperm count, varicocele veins, anxiety, depression, IBS and many other chronic ailments.

Ayushakti has proven treatment plans for Children’s health problems like frequent cough, cold and allergy, low memory and focus in studies, low appetite, being under weight.

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Are there any specific foods that everybody can take to relieve some symptoms of Asthma?

Yes, there are specific foods that you can take. However, these foods are different for different people as these foods are recommended, based on individual body constitution. So to know more about such foods and home remedies, you will have to get a consultation with our doctors.

How much will the Asthatox treatment cost?

It varies from person to person depending upon the severity of the problem.

Are there any side effects of the Asthatox treatment?

No, there are no side effects of any medicine as all our medicines and treatments are natural and backed by years of scientific research.

Where will I get the Asthatox treatment?

Asthatox treatment is available in all Ayushakti centres in Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Goa.

Who can do Asthatox detox treatment?

People who are suffering from chronic allergies, cough, cold, breathlessness, wheezing and bronchitis and any other respiratory problem. Asthatox is the natural solution for a deeper level long-term benefit.