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Ayushakti Realizes Dreams Of Thousands Of Women Across The Globe!

We’ve got just one life and like they all say, we should make it count! What’s the point when you have dreams within you but you don’t do anything to achieve it? But nature has its own ways and those ways might come in the way of you and your dreams. For every woman, being a mother is like the most cherished dream. Every woman wants to go through that pain and experience that bliss of holding an angel in their hands. She is the reason for the existence of a life. She nurtures a new life and makes it independent enough to become free and spread love in this world. Infertility is a barrier that many women across the globe face which refrains them from mothering a child. But everyone should know that there is hope and infertility can be cured with natural solutions. Ayushakti has a special natural detox program called #Infertox that can cure infertility.

There have been numerous success stories at Ayushakti where women all over the world have gone back with a smile on their faces and a little gift of life in their hands. We first understand the real reason for infertility by reading the patient’s pulse. After that our experts design a special detox program to cure the medical condition in you.

Here is how Infertox works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#Infertox is a cleansing and repairing process to purge the impurities from the reproductive system, rejuvenate, strengthen and detoxify the whole body system to prepare for fertility.  In males, it remarkably improves sperm count & motility, reduces excess heat and removes varicocele.   In the female, it eliminates blockages and open up tubes, clears PCOD & Fibroid and balances female hormones.   Promotes the total health of the reproductive system.

What benefit do you get through Ayushakti Infertox treatment?

PCOD Remarkably relieves PCOD
Irregular and delayed menstrual cycle Regular menstrual cycle
Bloated tummy, waist and hips Reduced bloating, reduced tummy, waist size
Increased body weight Able to lose 3-6 kgs. In 3-5 months
Hormonal imbalance Balance hormones
Miscarriage Prevents miscarriage
Low/ zero sperm count Improvement in sperm counts
Erectile Dysfunction Improvement in the functions
Low Motility Improves Motility

Now that you know Ayushakti is here to fulfil your dreams, what are you waiting for? Head out to the nearest Ayushakti centre, become a part of the Ayushakti family and add that special soul to your family.

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Benefits Of Ayurveda

Nature is as old as the theory of life itself; hence it is nature which has the answers to all the ailments of our anatomy. Be it a tiny scratch on our skin or a very advanced and evolved illness of today’s world, nature has solutions. The various reasons as to why we still don’t have answers to all our health problems could be cloaked in a thin layer of “we’re still not there” or we could just say that our ways are so urbanely ordained that decoding the codes of nature’s gifts are too simple and mundane. Today our faith has been established with synthesized derivations of medical sciences, our understanding has developed as per the availability in the stores governed by economy, manufacturers and the overall hike of human wants and demands; but somehow if we try and fathom the facts of human life on this planet, then the evidence screams the truth about nature still being the provider of all human needs on this planet. Everything we need nature gives, rest what we greed; nature grieves. The race of time made us want everything instantly, nature had a rhythm and we quite messed up the beat but no matter how disoriented nature’s rhythm has become, it has still kept its secrets alive and fresh for us to realize its potential on every step of human evolution.  Nature’s secrets amongst so many, Ayushakti now reveals the potential of nature’s true power of healing and is here to serve you.

Infertility has been a problem that has left a lot of homes incomplete and a lot of parents without the instance of being called one. Medical Science has claimed a lot of research but results have been varying with a lot of vague accomplishments in contrary to a near about “infertility could be curable but…infertility can be challenged but….infertility can definitely be countered but…” the ‘BUT’ is where all the complications lie. Drugs and related experiments on your body tiers you of the hope of bearing a child. An aspiration vandalized in the hands of medical science has been, is and will always be the scene as long as there are medical sciences and its promises and synthetic experiments. This is true to our being because we live to state the fact that we need science but then nature is the ultimate science. A theory where Ayushakti comes in, all the knowledge derived from Mother Nature, her resources brought to you as a blessing to your incomplete home, vacant cradles and exhausted aspirations. The limitations of your body are not your fault and infertility can be cured, Ayushakti’s methods have a very pragmatic yet natural approach which offers positive results and no side effects to regret later. Every step closer to your child, every approach in sync with the bountiful gifts of nature, all to your disposal at Ayushakti’s Ayurvedic healthcare treatment centres and clinics. We come from nature and return to it so while we are here, let us celebrate our lives with nature and realize that nature has the solutions, realize it with Ayushakti.


Toxins pile up in our body drop by drop for years and suddenly one day we experience pain, stiffness, tiredness, no concentration, infections, cough, cold, allergy, blood pressure, high blood sugar, gas, acidity etc.  These are early signs of toxins blocking our digestion and metabolism.  This is the time that we must cleanse and remove toxins from deep tissues to prevent Big problems like chronic joint pain, cough, cold, sinusitis, anxiety, cholesterol, high blood pressure and blood sugar, infertility, heart problems etc.

How do we know that we are piling up toxins? – Check List

  • Bloated stomach, fat accumulation in tummy, hips & butts areobesity
  • Difficulty to control weight

weight gain

  • Occasional pain and stiffness in the fingers, knees, neck and back.


  • White coated tongue


  • Feel tired within 4-5 hours of work in the office

tired feeling

  • Impossible to focus after lunch. Feeling very sleepy.


  • Morning bowels are not cleared easily


  • Burping and gasesacidity

Regular intake of junk foods, spicy, fermented, oily foods and sedentary lifestyle slows down the metabolism in your body and leads to indigestion then creates toxic mucus in the body.  If not removed, these toxins pile up in the intestine, liver, blood, veins, skin and circulate throughout the body and block the bodily channels.  Finally, lead to chronic health challenges. Which is why there is a need to flush the toxins of our body. The best way to do so is by following the right diet and doing the right things in our daily lifestyle.

Regular PANCHAKARMA once every year helps you stay away from ailments and promotes vibrant health forever.

Benefits of PANCHAKARMA     

  • Improves Metabolism, digestion, Blood circulation
  • Controls and prevents Cholesterol, Blood sugar, BP
  • Fast burning fats and reduce extra body weight up to 3 to 5 kgs in 1-2 months.
  • Reduces tummy, experience abundant energy
  • Rejuvenate cells, improves immunity, prevent from ailments & delays the ageing process
  • Remove the Block from the Channels and tissues and clear the path
  • Loosen Aam (Toxin) and Excess Doshas (Vata-Pitta-Kapha) in deeper body tissues, then Eliminates these Impurities through urine and stool
  • Improve the Appetite, Digestion
  • Controls Blood Sugar, Cholesterol
  • Control Blood Pressure
  • Relieves gas, acidity, burning
  • Treat Skin Disorders like Psoriasis, Urticaria, dermatitis, allergies
  • Relieves an old  Migraine, Chronic Headache,
  • Improves overall functions of the body, repair and rejuvenate bones, muscles, tissues.
  • Reduces pain, inflammation and stiffness of joints, relieves chronic arthritis, back pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica, spondylosis
  • Relieves you from allergies, bronchitis

And many more problems.

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5 Ways To Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes prevention

For all those who have a sweet tooth and can’t live even a second without eating sweets, you’ll know how much it hurts when you’re not allowed to eat a chocolate. It’s like you’re being denied your birthright. Well, if you want to continue having a sweet tooth all your life then Diabetes is something you should try and prevent yourself from acquiring. Here are 5 ways to keep the sweetness in your life.

1. Spice it up:

Spices are a boon and Indian food is known to contain a lot of spices. But who knew that spices can also help control diabetes. Cinnamon contains compounds that can activate enzymes that stimulate insulin receptors. It also reduces blood fats that may develop a risk of acquiring diabetes.

2. Take a chill pill:

There’s no such thing as a chill pill existing in this world so don’t go searching for it at the chemist. A chill pill refers to a stress buster which you definitely need. When you’re under stress your body goes into flight mode and your blood sugar levels start flying high to prepare you for action.

3. Fit into your old Jeans:

So losing weight gives you a double advantage. Losing just 5% of your weight can totally slash the risk of you developing diabetes. Well, that doesn’t mean you should get blown off by the wind. Just eat healthily and stay fit.

4. Drink Coffee:

A cup of coffee a day keeps diabetes away. Just one cup might not do the trick, Harvard School of Public Health found that big-time coffee drinkers—those who downed more than 6 daily cups—had a 29 to 54% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Decaf Coffee won’t help you at all but other stuff that contains Caffeine like Tea, Soda, Chocolates, etc. might save you.

5. Perfect sleep is important:

We know that everyone loves sleep more than anything else in the world. Sleeping for more than 8 hours triples your odds of acquiring diabetes. Just like oversleeping even lack of sleep is bad so try to get 6-8 hours of sleep daily.

Finally, you’re saved so it’s time to be sweet and also share your sweetness.

Read About The Magical Health Benefits Of Detoxification Panchkarma

Detoxification Panchkarma

Detoxification is an in-depth Ayurvedic treatment which completely cleanses the body, mind and emotions of toxins and rejuvenates it. Detoxification focuses on elimination of toxins from every cell, subtle channels and even from minute tissues of the body. Here are certain magical health benefits of Detoxification:

Boosts your energy

Detoxification makes you feel alive and energetic. Now you can run, jump, play, and do whatever you want and you’ll still be fresh and lively. You won’t be needing caffeine or any energy drinks anymore. It will literally give you wings.

Helps with weight loss

A Detox diet will help you reduce weight without a doubt but if you want long-term benefits out of the treatment then you need to make a point to replace bad foods with good and use your newfound energy to exercise more. You can finally gain that zero figure now.

Gives you a stronger immune system

Detoxification gives a boost to your immune system as it helps you to absorb nutrients better. The detox program focuses on light exercises which help circulate lymph fluid through the body and helps it to drain, strengthening your immune system in the process. Stronger immune system plus a boost in your energy seems like you’re going to turn into Superman.

Clearer thinking

Detoxification not only will cleanse your body but also your mind. You’ll get rid of the fogginess and be able to think more clearly. The best benefit of all is that now you won’t forget your partner’s birthday or your anniversary. Hopefully, you’ll remember to buy a gift too.

Healthier Hair

Detoxification helps your hair to grow uninhibited from internal toxins which will make it shinier and softer to touch. It will also help your hair grow faster which is a sign of having healthy hair. Your hair will be better than those models appearing in the shampoo advertisements. Although, you still have to take good care of your hair.

Benefits of Anti- Aging

Our body has to deal with the various toxins which are a contributing factor to the ageing process. Detoxification relieves the body from these toxins and hence you will look younger. Now you can lie about your age and no one will know.

Detoxification makes benefits pour on your head like rain, so it’s time to get wet in the rain.