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Firecrackers Hazards & Health Issues During Diwali Festival

India is a country where every religious festival is celebrated proudly and with full of energy & enthusiasm. As a secular state, everyone includes themselves in every religious festival for celebration & India is called the land of the festival. Diwali is considered the most important & holy festival as during Diwali, we worship Goddess Laxmi for every essential we require in our life including wealth as well as health.

Diwali is also known as the festival of lights. When it comes to lights, the firecrackers are the must in to-buy-list of every Indian. Indians buy the firecrackers in such a large quantity and then it just turns into ashes. We may find fun in burning the crackers but we are still unaware of the hazard we have done to our health. When we burn one-single cracker, we release a tremendous amount of toxin which makes the winter air extremely toxic. Such toxins form a stubborn fog which makes it difficult to breathe. Hence, it ends up causing severe health issues to kids, senior citizens, pregnant women, etc.

Firecrackers Hazards & Health Issues During Diwali Festival

Most of the health cases that are registered in Diwali are majorly related to asthma, coronary issues, lung disorder, chronic or allergic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis, pneumonia, and laryngitis, etc. Air quality takes a deep plunge as the problem gets compounded. This leads to an increase in the number of asthma & lung disorder patients. The symptoms start from difficulty in breathing, cough & wheezing.

However, there are cures to all these health problems. These disorders can be overcome by the right treatments. Ayushakti’s ayurvedic treatments for asthma, breathlessness, sinusitis along with proper diet and lifestyle can give you the best relief like never before. Also, as responsible citizens, we must take care of nature and other living beings. Let’s celebrate Diwali that is free from any pollution.

Prepare yourself to welcome this festive season with Ayushakti’s proven ayurvedic therapies. Visit to know more and to book an appointment online. Find the nearest Ayushakti Clinic simply by searching ‘Ayushakti’ on Google! You may contact us on our toll-free numbers 18002663001 (India) & +18002800906 (Global) or email us at for more details.

Respiratory Diseases

An overview of treating Respiratory Diseases

Do you know that our body continuously performs certain movements unconsciously? These movements are built into the body-mind wiring and are done without any conscious effort or command from the mind. One of these movements or activities is breathing. Breathing is the one of the most basic, the most overlooked, and yet, the most important function that the body performs. No thought is given to the breathing pattern as people keep moving in and out of their busy schedules throughout the day. Not many realize that because of certain respiratory disorders, they don’t get to breathe properly and fall in the risk of getting health problems in the year to come.

People who would identify with the above said words, would often be the ones who have allergies, bronchitis, or asthma. However, understanding these problems better and taking the proper care and medication, under the right guidance, can help breathe back life into the individual. The type of breathing problem in the individual is irrelevant. As long as the above steps are carried out properly, the person will be able to live a productive and active lifestyle. Thus, correct treatment of respiratory diseases is the key to a normal life.

It is a fact that diseases and of the lungs and respiratory system are one of the most common diseases in the world. Many diseases are caused due to smoking. While others can be caused because of genetics, infections, etc. The lungs perform thousands of contractions and expansions each day, to bring in the oxygen and remove the carbon dioxide. A problem in any port of the lungs/respiratory system can lead to a disease/disorder. Our trachea (also called the windpipe) divides into sets of branches that are known as bronchi. These bronchi then divide into smaller tubes that lead into the lungs.

Treatment of respiratory diseases depends on the understanding of this respiratory system. The exchange of air between our body and the atmosphere is called breathing while the exchange of air between the lungs and the cells of the body, is called respiration. The oxygen is taken by the lungs and passed on into the blood. The blood then carries the oxygen to the various parts of the body. The cells need the oxygen to keep working and growing. The fact that we breathe 25,000 times a day indicates the amount of oxygen that our body constantly needs.

When it comes to treatment of breathing disorders, natural or herbal treatment is always better than conventional methods.  Ayurveda is proven from ancient times. Ayurveda takes care of the root of the disease and continues to strengthen the body so that it doesn’t succumb to the disease again. In fact, incorporating Ayurvedic practices also takes care of any other disorders in the body. The internal health and hormonal balance of the body is restored, which automatically makes the body healthy and prepared for the days to come.

Treatment of respiratory diseases depends on a number of factors. For example, if the condition is because of an acute respiratory infection, then the treatment method will be different. There are two ways in which an acute respiratory infection attacks the respiratory system. It can either attack the upper respiratory system or the lower respiratory system. The upper respiratory system begins at the sinuses and ends somewhere near the throat. The lower respiratory system begins at the throat and ends at the lungs. Such acute infections may be dangerous for people with low immunity, old people, and children.

Another major factor in respiratory disorders is the pollution in the air. This pollution is prevalent throughout the world. The air present in our surroundings contains dust, pollen and other impurities. This makes our bodies further prone to diseases. Following are the allergic symptoms commonly seen :

  • Labored breathing
  • Eyes becoming itchy/watery
  • Runny nose
  • Congested nasal passages
  • Wheezing
  • Congestion in chest
  • Painful coughing
  • Sneezing

Proven Ayurvedic herbs to treat respiratory problems from the root

Ayurveda has proven herbs which can powerfully work on the root cause of the respiratory problems get rid of it from the root.

Adhatoda Vasica (Adulsa) – Proven to relieve asthma and wheezing

Ocimum Sanctum (Tulsi) – Anti allergic and immune booster. Thus relief from frequent allergies

Turmeric (Haldi) – Anti inflammatory.  Relieves respiratory blockages, inflammation and fights infections

Ginger (Adrak) – Boost immunity. Anti allergic. Proven to liquefy and digest the sputum

For more information,

ayurvedic medicines for cough and cold

Natural Remedies for Cough

One of the most irritating things for a person, can be a persistent cough. Imagine someone giving a seminar or a presentation  to a group/large audience. A presentation or seminar should be a continuous flow of information dissemination that captivates the audience and engages their brain on an intellectual and emotional level. If this flow is interrupted by periodic coughing in the person presenting, it will lead to a disconnection between the audience and the presentation. This doesn’t happen purposely or with intention. It’s just that the brain naturally tends to notice disturbances in things and eventually puts more emphasis on it. We are therefore unable to focus on the main objective at hand. Natural remedies for coughs in babies, kids, and adults help us take care of this irritation.

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Asthma

Asthma is a common, chronic disease involving bronchial inflammation. The characteristics of asthma are recurring, and include excessive air sensitivity, sudden contraction of the air passages – also known as episodes – that cause wheezing, coughing, increased pressure on the lungs, fast heart rate, a tightness in the chest, and increased mucus production. Asthma can be carried on genetically, and also caused by external factors. External allergens like dust, smoke, drugs, and air pollution contribute highly to the development of asthma. Non-allergic causes are found to be fear, anxiety, stress, extremely processed food, high salt intake, and genetic factors.

Treatment for Asthma

An asthmatic can only rely on improving on the symptoms of asthma. This includes reducing exposure to irritants and allergens that could trigger an asthma attack. Quite often, these triggers are cigarette smoke, pets, or even aspirin, and so they should be avoided. Pharmaceutical drugs are available for asthmatics depending on the severity and frequency of the symptoms, and also in quick action or long term acting types.

There is no long term cure for asthma: there are only preventions and methods to avoid triggering an asthma attack. Natural asthma treatment is also available, and can really ease up the airway passages when you’re expecting an episode or suffering from one. Ayurvedic treatment for childhood asthma is also available, since an individual can develop this disease at a very young age, too.

Herbal tea

Brew some herbal tea using ajwain, tulsi, pepper, and ginger. This tea makes for a natural expectorant and can really help out an asthmatic.


Vasaka is an Indian herb which is known to treat asthma, bronchitis, and excessive mucus secretion. It is a very powerful herb. A teaspoon of vasaka juice, along with two teaspoons of honey twice in a day is suggested.


Also known as licorice, yashtimadhu is a woody root and has numerous health benefits. It cleanses your vocal cords, heals damaged hair, and relieves the symptoms of bronchitis and asthma. A cup of yashtimadhu tea about thrice a day will prove to bring about relief for asthmatics.

Mustard oil

Rubbing brown mustard oil on the chest can help ease the severity of an attack. Additionally, consuming a bit of mustard oil with a spoonful of jaggery two times a day helps on the long term basis.

Short-term remedies

To reduce congestion in the chest, consume a mixture of pepper, honey, and a dash of onion juice. In case of an acute asthma attack, it is advisable to drink hot water mixed with the juice of a clove of garlic. Keeping this mixture for future requirements is better, so that you’re not worried about preparing it while having an attack. Placing a hot water towel on the chest relaxes the chest muscles and can help restore regular breathing.

Dietary adaptations

For someone with asthma, poor digestion can lead to further complications.Excess toxins are built up and impurities are trapped within the lungs, which can cause the breathing problem to get worse. Natural asthma treatment must also be supported by monitoring what you eat daily. Drinking plenty of water throughout your day ensures that mucus secretions are thin and loose, so that they don’t clog the airway passages. Avoid spicy, pungent foods, and minimize your consumption of ciders, wine, and beer, as these can provoke asthma attacks. In addition, reducing the amount of meat,eggs, fish, dairy products, and lentils that you have can help keep your bronchi functioning better, because they form phlegm in excess and can clog up the airway passages.

Therapy for a healthy mind

Looking above and beyond social stigma, therapy is very beneficial for those who have to deal with anxiety and stress on a regular basis. If the asthmatic opts for physical and mental stress reduction therapies, they are bound to see positive results. Lesser pressure on the mind and more methods to relieve the anxiety can do wonders for anyone’s overall health. Since asthma attacks can often be triggered by fear and stress, finding relaxation at therapy can help the asthmatic avoid episodes.

Activities and precautions

Exercising has multiple benefits, as we all are aware. Not only does it keep one fit, it improves on the digestion and the health of the mind. For asthmatics, exercises like swimming is extremely beneficial. Unless the person with asthma is allergic to chlorine, this exercise is ideal for their condition.

When stepping outdoors, an asthmatic has to be cautious of what their respiratory system is being exposed to. Wearing a scarf over the nose and mouth in cold weather helps because the scarf warms up the air you breathe in. It also filters some amount of dust and pollution, thus reducing the chances of a dust-induced attack.

Even though asthma cannot be completely cured, one must not be disheartened by it. With natural asthma treatment and Ayurvedic treatment for childhood asthma, there is hope to live with the condition without feeling crippled by it.

Effective Natural Treatments For Respiratory Diseases

All living things require oxygen to live and to breathe. However, increasing air pollution has become a global concern. Lungs and airways disease especially amongst children in developed countries are the most common cause of illness. In any case, always take natural medicine or Vedic remedies which are better than chemical based artificial ones. And of course, Ayurvedic treatments and its magical power not only takes on the root cause of breathing problems or respiratory diseases, but destroys it completely. It considers not only current, but also the future problems and helps avoid any other similar or related disorders, hormonal disturbances and balances the internal workings.

Treatments For Respiratory Diseases

Respiratory problems are as severe as the pneumonia or as modest as common cold. The upper respiratory tract (nose, mouth, throat, sinus) or the bronchial tubes and lungs may be affected. Natural treatments for respiratory diseases really helps to overcome these problems

Respiratory diseases include but are not limited to:

  1. Emphysema- The condition develops slowly and is rarely a direct cause of death. Ayurvedic treatment for respiratory disease helps to overcome these problems.
  2. Bronchitis- Bronchi and bronchioles of chronic mucus air which reaches a persistent cough, resulting in an increase in the secretion of full passage that may cause trouble whilst breathing leading to respiratory issues.
  3. Asthma- Bronchi and bronchioles and time constraint whilst rapidly breathing makes breathing more difficult.

Apart from environmental factors, respiratory diseases can also be caused by obesity which is poor immunity and obesity and many other diseases restricts smooth breathing, which in turn causes problems and more severe respiratory damage

Important to understand here is that before any treatment you must get a correct diagnosis and only then the specific treatment can prevent breathing problems. Because each one of us is different. Specific medication and treatment that works for a family member or friend may not be right for you.

Here is where Ayushakti comes into the picture. For the past 27 years, Ayushakti has been serving people worldwide with its proven herbal remedies and authentic ancient treatment methods.  Vaidya Smita Naram is the founder of Ayushakti and is renowned Ayurveda expert who has successfully helped more than one million people from 108 countries suffering from Asthma, High Blood Pressure , allergies, Arthritis, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Obesity, Infertility, female health problems, and many other chronic health challenges.

For Respiratory diseases treatment Ayushakti has a treatment module known as Ayushakti Asthatox. It is a 3 to 5 weeks deep panchkarma treatment module whose premier focus is on the mucous blockage removal so as to clear the airway passage. In doing so, it helps strengthen the respiratory channel by boosting your immunity so that the frequency of infections reduces markedly. The rejuvenating herbs in the aforementioned treatment module helps to nourish the channels thereby protecting lungs to promote easy breathing.