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Osteoporosis Treatment in Ayurveda

The real story of German naturopath, Ellinor Kolbeck on how she Ayurveda helped to strengthen bones and muscles and relieving pain.

One day when Ellinor was turning side in her bed, her rib got cracked and that is the time she realized what Ayushakti vaidya saying 3 months ago was absolutely right – she has osteoporosis. Ellinor, then without wasting time, straight away came to Ayushakti Mumbai for “Arthrox” treatment.
Within 3 weeks of treatment with herbs, oil & dhara with special enemas. She got a remarkable relief in her pain. Then she flew back to Germany and continued Arthrox herbs with the diet for 2 years. Slowly her bone density became better and better and she recovered remarkably in 2 years. This made her very curious to learn Ayurveda and started coming to ayushakti to learn Ayurveda and pulse reading.

Watch the real story on Youtube.

What is Osteoporosis?
Osteoporosis Treatment

Osteoporosis is a silent illness. Slowly over a period of 8-10 years, bones become week and osteoporosis develops. Suddenly one day there is the fracture and then you will come to know that you have osteoporosis.
So first important thing is to prevent osteoporosis by checking bone density once a year when you cross 47 years of age. This will indicate if any osteoporosis is developing or not. If yes, then you can immediately start preventive measures. Ayushakti provides Ayurvedic medicine for Osteoporosis treatment. This blog will explain to you all about Osteoporosis treatment. Ayurveda Osteoporosis treatment is most effective.

As per Ayurveda, why osteoporosis?

As per Ayurveda, all the food that you eat converts into different tissues because of Dhatu Agni (Metabolism). Calcium and vitamin D conversion to bone tissues happens with the help of Asthi Dhatu Agni. When this Asthi Dhatu Agni or metabolism does not function very well in spite of taking lots of calcium and vitamins, bones start degenerating and lead to osteoporosis.
Besides that, excess vata (air) in the body also cause degeneration. As in the atmosphere, when there is a lot of wind, everything dries up, just like in Autumn.

What can be done naturally to reverse the osteoporosis?

In osteoporosis, it is very important to increase metabolism, nourish bones constantly and reduce vata constantly. Then, Stimulate dhatu Agni and metabolism. Thus, your own calcium and vitamin D is then starting working and producing bone tissues again and Improving bone density.

How does Ayushakti’s Arthrox treatment work in osteoporosis?

Arthrox treatment is a combination of diet, herbal remedies, home remedies and deep nourishing treatments.

What is the Arthrox diet for osteoporosis?

1. To activate metabolism, mung diet is the best. Every month for 5 days, just eat mung and vegetable soup. This will burn toxins and improve metabolism remarkably.
2. For improving metabolism, daily take ¼ Tsp. ginger powder, ¼ tsp black pepper powder and 1 tsp. of coriander powder in half glass of water twice a day after eating your food. This mixture helps improving metabolism in every situation like obesity, high cholesterol, or uric acid and of course osteoporosis too.
3. Your daily Calcium intake should be 1000 to 1200 mg.


Milk, soy milk, tofu, soybeans, white beans, kale, collard greens, broccoli, almonds and almond butter, leafy vegetables, fish, sesame seeds, rajgira (kamut).

In order to have 1000 mg. calcium every day, at least take one of the following:

One tablespoon of the sesame seeds daily morning with water.


5 soaked Almonds


One cup of cooked spinach


One cup dried fig puree


2 Cups Milk


These are the best source of calcium for your bones.

Ayushakti herbs remarkably improve bone density and help prevent degenerations.

Painmukti MJ 2 -2 (tablets in the morning and two tablets in the evening after food)
Relieves pain, stiffness, inflammation & promotes joint flexibility
Painmukti Sandhi-cal 2-2 (tablets in the morning and two tablets in the evening after food)
Improves joint strength, promotes calcium to bones, prevents bone degeneration

You can write to Ayushakti vaidyas and get a free advice on how to manage your health naturally.                          

Get Osteoporosis treatment in Mumbai at Ayushakti. Ayushakti provides herbal medicine for Osteoporosis.

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Monsoon Creative

Eating Right in Monsoons: An Ayurvedic Background

According to Ayurveda, our body responds differently to each season. This reaction is in the form of an imbalance in the doshas. The formation and type of disease that affects the body is dependent on the vitiation and degree of the particular dosha. In fact, the knowledge of the seasons and its impact on the human body is something that is taken into consideration by Ayurvedic practitioners and doctors.

Did you know that as per Ayurveda, there are 6 seasons in total, and not 3 or 4 as is well-recognized in the modern world? Not many have the knowledge or understanding of the 6 season classification. It is because of this detailed classification that Ayurveda succeeds so well in diagnosing and understanding a person’s condition.

The classification of seasons in Ayurveda depends on a number of things like the position of the sun and the moon, the wind, and other factors. The change in the balance of these elements is directly connected to the changes in the dosha balance in the human body. One thing to remember is that, even the continuous change in seasons, helps to impart balance to our dishes. It is the bad habits in our diet and lifestyle, that are the culprits during disease formation. With the proper knowledge on seasonal imbalance and dosha balance, a good doctor can also predict the diseases that will happen to the individual, based on their current diet and lifestyle.

Following is the classification of the seasons w.r.t the months in a year:-

  1. Shishira – Late Winter – mid-January to mid-March
  2. Vasanta – Spring – mid-March to mid-May
  3. Grishma – Summer – mid-May to mid-July
  4. Varsha – Rainy season – mid-July to mid-September
  5. Sharad – Autumn – mid-September to mid-November
  6. Hemanta – Early Winter – mid-November to mid-January

With the right knowledge, an individual can tailor his eating habits to the qualities of this season. Indeed, Ayurveda emphasizes heavily on qualities. A number of Ayurvedic principles are dependent on the combination and quality of the 5 elements, 6 seasons, 3 doshas, 6 tastes, etc. Therefore, one should ensure that their source of Ayurvedic information is from a qualified practitioner/institution like Ayushakti.

Following are some guidelines that can help individuals take care of their health in this season of rains:-

  • Avoid dairy products: Dairy products are often heavy to digest. Drinking cold milk and other products is to be highly avoided. It is tempting to grab a pack of flavored chilled milk and other similar products that are available in stores and supermarket shelves these days. However, Ayurveda has its own guidelines on how milk should be consumed an it is best that you consider talking to an Ayurvedic professional so as to adopt the right practices in your diet.
  • Avoid wheat: Wheat is food that is heavy to digest. It is to be avoided, along with dairy, which is heavy as well. Basically, any type of food that is heavy is to be avoided. During the season of rains, the digestion power decreases. Therefore, incorporating light and healthy food choices would be the best way to stay healthy. After all, digestion is key to good health.
  • Go for hot foods: Food that is hot and steamy, like soups or a well-steamed dish is excellent for your monsoon food choices. Meals like these are pretty easy to digest and don’t produce mucous in the body.

Sip warm ginger water 3-4 glasses or as much as possible during monsoon to keep up the digestion and prevent you from common cold, cough, fever and sinus.




Ayurvedic Clinics in Dadar: An overview

Ayurvedic Clinic is a location where services derived from the ancient science of Ayurveda are given out those who need them. In ancient times, these clinic used to be in the form of aashrams/places of learning and solitude where there would be a learned head guru/teacher/healer and his disciples who would carry out different activities. In today’s modern world, we have clinics that may consist of qualified doctors, nurses and other attendants, that cater to different people coming in with their problems. Although the environment, the establishment and the method of delivering the solution would differ, the healing and effectiveness are still the same.

Ayurvedic Clinics in Dadar

Ayurvedic Clinics in Dadar, Vile Parle and other areas have recently been getting a good inflow of patients. Why? Well, in today’s modern world, nearly every individual is suffering from some health problem or the other. Most of the clinics these days have full-time physicians and doctors for help and consultation. Many clinics consist of of their own pharmacies where one can avail and buy authentic Ayurvedic products, as would have been prescribed to the individual by the qualified physician.   Many clinics come equipped with treatment rooms and massage rooms that are required to provide detoxification services to the patient.


India is popular for its ayurvedic clinics and panchakarma(detoxification) treatment centres. As a result, it has always caught the eye of people outside the country. Ayurveda is an alternative medical system. The term ‘alternative’ has been added with reference to the modern/western/allopathic medical system being the conventional system. However, allopathy usually only targets the symptoms of the medical condition/disease in the body. It does not deal with the root cause of the disease. As a result, the disease doesn’t get rooted out from the body entirely and therefore, the person suffering from the disease, continues to be affected from it, now and then.

Ayurvedic Clinics in Dadar, Borivali and other locations have started springing up. However, not all clinics are truly effective in their treatments. A lot of clinics are medicinal clinics cum spa centres. There are a lot of players who are just misusing the Ayurveda name, to sell their services. As a result, a lot of people get cheated on their money and end up with no improvement in their condition, whatsoever. This is extremely bad as this tarnishes the name of Ayurveda, the clinic, its doctors and everybody associated with it. As a result, people might lose faith in the essence of Ayurveda, which is sad.


Most of the times, people are dissatisfied with modern medicines. This is because modern medicines and pills usually come with some or the other side effects. Because of such side effects, people tend to look towards alternative medicine as a way of healing. In alternative healing, Ayurveda reigns supreme. Not that other alternative healing systems are inferior in any way, but the fact that Ayurveda is a 5000 year old science, adds testament to its effectiveness as a healing system. This is the reason why people tend to put faith in its methods.


Ayurvedic Clinics in Dadar, Goregaon and other locations, usually have both, male and female attendants. This is important as members of both sexes come to such clinics and providing a safe and secure environment during their visit is of utmost importance. Along with a mixed staff, making sure that the staff is courteous and caring in their approach, is also important. After all, for any business or institution, the way its customers are treated is the deciding factor for future expansions.

Following are some points that should be taken care of, while establishing a clinic:

  • Hygiene
  • Cleanliness
  • Courteous staff
  • Qualified doctors
  • Latest equipments
  • Certified and tested medicinal products
  • Friendly location
  • Digital/Social presence
  • Convenient timings

If the above points are taken care of, then establishing a loyal customer base won’t be a problem. With a number of different clinics coming up in the city, focusing on the above points is mandatory and not at all an option to contemplate upon. The above points will be an add-on if the leading doctor in the clinic is someone who has a lot of training and experience in his/her craft.

Ayurvedic Clinics in Goa: Going natural in Goa

Going Natural. It’s a term that we get to hear  a lot these days. A mother ‘goes natural’ when she chooses herbal products for her child. A teenager ‘goes natural’  he chooses to opt for fruits and vegetables in his/her diet. An individual ‘goes natural’ when she chooses to get rid of his/her smoking and drinking habits. The above examples tells us that any change that we make, which has a positive effect on our body, usually tends to pull us towards the ‘natural’ side of things. ‘Natural’ is derived from the word Nature. Therefore, going natural explicitly points towards mother nature and her gifts.

Ayurvedic Clinics in Goa

Ayurvedic Clinics in Goa are a definition of ‘going natural’. Ayurveda basically involves eating the foods that come directly from Nature. Therefore, adopting food habits and lifestyle practices that align with nature would mean that you would be going natural, in the state of Goa. Availing  Ayurvedic treatment in Goa would be the best way to detoxify your body. However, one should get treated by a qualified and well-reputed Ayurvedic center to avail true Ayurvedic treatment. Getting treated from a less-qualified could compromise your health in one way or another. One treatment centre where you can enter without any fear of setbacks, is Ayushakti.

Now, what sets a clinic apart from others, depends on a number of factors.  A major deciding factor is the aura of the clinic. If a clinic smells of corporate marketing jargons and manufactured products with fancy labels when you enter it, is probably a mass marketed clinic with zero interest in healing you from within. A clinic should emanate waves of care and concern. After all, what is the purpose of each and every patient coming to the Ayurvedic Clinics in Goa, is to heal and rejuvenate themselves with safe and effective treatments.

If panchakarma is being offered at an Ayurvedic centre, one can have at least some faith in the centre. This doesn’t mean that all Ayurvedic centres offering Panchakarma are legitimate ones. There are a lot of centres that do say that they provide Panchakarma, but are rarely able to offer genuine Panchakarma treatments. Panchakarma treatments involve a number of stages and techniques that should be carried as per traditional Ayurvedic methods. Without authenticity, treatments lose their meaning, the body does not regain its health and all the money gets wasted without any useful benefit.

Coming back to the Panchakarma treatments in Ayurvedic Clinics in Goa, Panchakarma, when broken down into Pancha and Karma, means five and treatment, respectively. So, Panchakarma basically means Five treatment process. Five treatments aren’t a lot when it comes to detoxification and purification of the body. With so many impurities and toxins present in our body, an elaborate process would be paramount to their removal from the body. Panchakarma offers a state of relaxation to the individual that is undergoing the process. A relaxed body makes it easier for changes and improvements to take place in the body. Panchakarma also balances the dosha (constitution) in the body..

Another factor of a good Ayurvedic clinic is its quality of doctors. The doctor/specialist that has been properly trained in an Ayurvedic school/institution. Only a qualified expert will know hot to get pulse readings of the client and offer appropriate solutions to the patient. Only if an accurate diagnosis is done, will a person be truly healed by the different Ayurvedic techniques.  Also important are the staff of the clinic who will usually be the ones to treat you at the clinic. A courteous and understanding staff can help the patient feel relaxed at the clinic.

Ayurveda can be translated to mean “The Science of Life”. As mentioned earlier, Ayurveda is inspired and derived from Nature. Therefore, incorporating this science into your life, in the relaxed state of Goa, would be ideal for your body.  Goa would be an ideal place to heal all the three aspects of your life: mind, body and soul.

Ayurveda isn’t just something that helps you treat your diseases and conditions. If followed and practiced thoroughly and diligently, it can lead you to complete health and wellness. Let Goa be the place where you embrace Ayurveda. Let Goa be the place where you go natural.

Ayurvedic Clinic In Worli – Ayushakti

Do you have any idea about what is ayurveda? How does it work? What are the ingredients? Now make sure before you use anything, you should be aware of the pros and cons of it. Yes, we are talking about Ayurveda- the traditional hindu system of medicine (incorporated in Atharva Veda, the last of the four Vedas), which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal, treatment, and yogic breathing.

Ayurvedic Clinic In Worli

Ayurveda significantly developed during the Vedic period and some of the no-vedic systems such as Buddhism and Jainnism also developed medical concepts and practices that appear in the Classsical Ayurveda texts. Ayurveda names three elemental substances, the Doshas (called Vata, Pitta and Kapha), and states that a balance of the dosha results in health, while imbalance results in disease. Ayurveda has eight canonical components, which are derived from classical Sanskrit Literature. Know more about ayureda and its benefits from the ayurvedic clinic in Worli.

The substances used for Ayruvedic medicine is plant-based treatments and are mainly derived from roots, leaves, fruits, bark or seed such as cardamom and cinnamon. Now these natural ingredients would only matter to someone if he/she really finds interests in it or have benefited something out of it. Everyone wants everything fast in this century, so is the treatment. But there are certain diseases or infection which cannot be cured through surgeries, even if one goes through surgeries to get rid of it it will either leave a scar or the diseases or infection will come back again.

It is very necessary to know your body type, get in touch with Ayushakti, an ayurvedic clinic in Worli to know about body types and other necessary things which are important for the growth of the system. A human body is affected physically, mentally and emotionally in various ways. Consult an ayurvedic practitioner from ayurvvedic clinic in Worli to understand the root cause of all kind of diseases, infections and other treatments in ayurveda which cure the disease from roots. There are certain type of exercises or yoga which helps in the treatment too, like the face lift exercises or yoga for fit life or exercises for joint pains, muscles spasms etc. Two of eight branches of classical ayurveda deal with surgery but contemporary ayurveda tends to stress attaining vitality by building a healthy metabolic system and maintaining the digestion and excretion with healthy living. Ayurveda follows the concept of Dinacharya, which says that natural cycle slike sleeping, walking, working are important for health.Know more about ayureda, nits origin, its history etc from Ayushakti, an ayurvedic clinic in Worli.

The medication of ayurvedic treatment is different and is free of side effects unlike allopathic medicines which has side effects. The medicines are purely made from the ingredients from the nature which are not harmful. Ayurvedic medication and treatment has been used all over the world. In India, 80% of the population opt for ayurvedic treatment or remedies of infection and diseases to cure. About 75%-85% of the population of Nepal use ayurveda and it is the more practiced form of medicine in the country. Going with the treatment of ayurvedic is any time more affordable than other surgeries or medication and has no side effects too.