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Tips for a healthy winter

Winter is one of those seasons that brings with it a wave of many illnesses. When winter arrives, the rate with which people start to fall sick increases and this leads to an important question that is on everyone’s mind. What can you do to stay healthy this winter? And, this very question we are going to answer in this blog.


Immunity is not an easy task to deal with, as it is something that you cannot confidently rely on especially when the weather is in constant flux. The problem with winters is that the when the temperatures start to drop, people in houses keep their window and doors closed for the most part. This leads to lack of ventilation inside the house which in turn then causes the microbiome of the house to change. Now, instead of getting into unnecessary jargon, what this simply means that, your house becomes a breeding ground for the many microbes.



Let us go through some tips that will help you keep your skin healthy this winter season


  • Make the habit of using a moisturising soap
  • It is a good idea to minimise the use of soap on select body parts as it allows you to avoid excessive dryness
  • Although it is winter season, try not using hot water instead opt for lukewarm water
  • Reduce the time you take your baths and showers
  • It is important that you continue to drink more water
  • If you are in the habit of wearing makeup, applying some kind of moisturiser will be good
  • Keep warm for the weather and dress accordingly for the weather. Although it is common sense but it helps if you protect your skin and your face when cold winds are blowing.
  • It is important that you keep your diet healthy, balanced and maintain a good diet all year round.
  • Adding a few drops of coconut oil or sesame oil to your bathing water or applying it to on your skin before you bath will help your skin retain moisture and keep it healthy.

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For a healthy immune system for this winter:


Basil leaves (Tulsi) is proven to boost immunity, prevent you from an allergic cough, cold and viral infections.

Just chew 10 fresh basil leaves daily in the morning and be healthy all the time.2016-12-25

Or even you can make a tea by adding 20 basil leaves, one stick cinnamon, 2 peppercorns in 2 cups of water. Boil and bring it to one cup, filter and drink. Add jaggery as the sweetener if required.  Drinking this tea two cups daily help prevent a cough, cold, and allergies and boost your immune power.



Ayurveda is one way and probably the best way to keep your system healthy. The above tips will help you keep your body healthy but if you want to go the extra mile, then visit Ayushakti.


Unlike modern medicine, ayurvedic medicine is not only meant for times when you are sick, but can also be, and should be used for prevention.


Ayushakti is your one stop solution to all things ayurvedic and natural. But, it doesn’t end there, the professional counsel that you get when you meet the doctors at Ayushakti is nothing less than gold. So, if you care about your well-being this winter and are on the lookout for ayurvedic tips for healthy winter, then all you need to do is visit your nearest Ayushakti clinic.

Ayurvedic treatment center in Panvel

Don’t let diabetes inhibit your life; visit an ayurvedic doctor in Panvel today

Panvel is a city in Raigad district of Maharashtra, in Konkan Division. The city is highly populated due to its closeness to Mumbai. Panvel is located in Mumbai Metropolitan Region. The Aurvedic clinic in Panvel, has the best Ayurvedic doctors in Panvel.

Ayurvedic treatment center in Panvel

With the best doctors and the best medications what more can you ask for? Ayushakti has the finest experts of doctors that not only treat you got your illness but looks for the best possible colution that you feel better in all aspects of health.

If we look at the remedies for diabetes, Ayurvedic treatment center in Panvel is the right place for you to get the best medical attention and the purest quality that you can expect. There are many home remedies for diabetes for example:

  1. Bitter Gourd

bitter ground


This is very helpful as it will control your diabetes, due to its blood glucose lowering effects. It influences the glucose all over your body instead of just a particular organ or tissue. when you do consume bitter gourd it is advised to do the following.

  1. Drink some bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach each morning. First remove the seeds of two to three bitter gourds and use a juicer to extract the juice. Add some water and then drink it. Follow this treatment daily in the morning for at least two months.
  1. Also, you can include one dish made of bitter gourd daily in your diet.


  1. Mango Leaves



Mango leaves are delicate and tender it treats diabetes by regulating the blood levels. They are also able to improve the lipid in the blood profile. It is advised to soak the mango leaves at least 10 to 15 of them in a glass of water overnight. In the morning filter that water and have it on an empty stomach. You can also dry the leaves and grind them. Eat one and a half teaspoon of the ground mango leaves at least two times a day.


  1. Feungreek



This is an herb that helps control diabetes, it helps improve glucose tolerance and lower blood sugar levels. It also stimulates the glucose insulin. As feungeek is high in fibre it slows down the absorption of carbohydrates and sugar.  It is advised for you to soak the seeds in water overnight. You should have this on an empty stomach. Follow this remedy for a month as it will help your glucose level come down.


  1. Cinnamon



Powdered cinnamon has the ability to lower you blood sugar. There is another variety of this herb called Ceylon. While consuming cinnamon it is advised for you to mix one – half of a teaspoon in a glass of warm water. You should drink this daily for it to show its good results.  Another option that you can do is to boil cinnamon sticks, allow it to steep for about 20 minutes. Drink the solution daily to see the improvements.


  1. Green Tea

Green tea


Green tea contains antitoxins that contains a lot of benefits that include lowering cardiovascular disease risk it also helps prevent diabetes. Having green tea has a lot of benefits. It does keep you in good health.


Now that you have got a gist of how you can use homemade remedies to deal with diabetes you can easily take precautions towards it. Now there is no time to waste when you know that the best clinic is right around the corner, it is never too late for you to book an appointment with the best doctors that treat you with a lot of care and give you the speedy recovery you deserve. You may wonder why go back to something so ancient? But we can assure you that it’s these ancient remedies that help you get proper health. The Ayurvedic doctors in Panvel are ever ready to serve you with the best treatment. Being world known is not the aim of Ayushaki. It is to make you feel that you have got your money’s worth and to feel even better when you leave.

Ayurvedic treatment center in Kharghar

Suffering from allergies? Visit an ayurvedic clinic in Kharghar

Kharghar is a node in the city of Navi Mumbai(panvel) in Maharashtra, India. It is developed by CIDCO. Kharghar is located on the Sion Panvel Highway at one and half hour (approx.) drive during peak traffic hours from the heart of Mumbai city. The area started developing in 1995 and now has a number of ready and under-construction projects both in the commercial and residential segments. Now Ayushakti has started to reach out to places that are small in size. Not just to make another building but to cater to the local people. The Ayurvedic Clinics in Kharghar have the best Ayurvedic Doctors in Kharghar.

Ayurvedic treatment center in Kharghar

As they say, the best doctor gives the least medicines. That’s what Ayushakti practices. Not only gives you a small dose but gives you medications that are pure herbal remedies. Ayurvedic Treatment Center Kharghar offers Marama. Marama serves four basic purposes, they are:

  1. It removes blocks in energy channels
  2. It brings Vata dosha to its normal path
  3. It relates physical, mental and emotional flexibility
  4. Brings an opportunity to experience powerful dynamic transformation at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

If we look at the importance of ayurvedic medications, we understand it is not just medicine but a science that deals with the cycle of life. It is a concept that looks at the whole body instead of just looking at a particular problem. These aspects are called Vata, Pita and Kapha. They provide medicines that are a cure to most illnesses and keep you healthy during the healing process. Ayushakti is known for it to be completely dependent on good health and good food for your body to reach a state of completeness. The ayurvedic doctors in Kharghar make it a point to put your needs first. They not only look at your illness but look at you as a whole, if they can see that your body is not performing the way it is supposed to they treat you for that.

All medicines used in Ayushakti are natural and pure. Made from herbs they give you the best and natural way to treat any type of illness. When we look back years and years before, we see that many people did not have many illnesses as their bodies were maintained well and if any illness did arise using natural remedies they would tackle it. Now days we see that medications are filled with other chemical properties that not only heal but cause the patient to feel side effects as well. Today we see that our body has a very big imbalance internally. This is where Ayushakti steps in. With its pulse reading and other health benefits people from near and far are travelling to seek a cure for their illnesses. Ayurvedic treatment center in Kharghar not only helps you but makes you feel that you are the most important person there. With its excellent care for the people, they have put smiles on people’s faces. The doctors give you the best medications that will show you results and you will not want to turn back to chemically bound medications.

Everything is environmentally friendly and unpolluted. As with other medications may contain an external bug, Ayushakti makes it a point to make their medication-friendly for all ages. Ayushakti in Powai makes it a point to give you the best treatment to all age groups. Usually, they look for natural remedies which will help you treat the issues you are facing. This is not only friendly to the people, but it also gives knowledge to the consumers on how to treat some of the issues they face naturally and not with external medication. So next time you have a problem look for a natural way to treat yourself. Visit the Ayurvedic Clinics in Kharghar. Everyone what’s to feel healthy and that is what Ayushaki promises you with a proven solution that will help you get the right treatment you need. If you find yourself at Kharghar do visit ayushakti and see it for yourself.

Now there is no time to waste when you know that the best clinic is right around the corner, it is never too late for you to book an appointment with the best doctors that treat you with a lot of care and give you the speedy recovery you deserve. You may wonder why go back to something so ancient? But we can assure you that it’s these ancient remedies that help you get proper health. The Ayurvedic doctors in Kharghar are ever ready to serve you with the best treatment. Being world known is not the aim of Ayushaki. It is to make you feel that you have got your money’s worth and to feel even better when you leave.

Ayurvedic treatment center in Bandra

Don’t ignore that cough! Visit an Ayurveda doctor in Bandra today

Is your cough a persistent problem that has been there for three weeks or more? If that holds true for you, then seeing a doctor should be a top priority for you.

A simple cough can be a symptom of huge underlying problems.

Ayurvedic treatment center in Bandra

It is not uncommon for as many as one in five to be suffering from persistent cough. Now, is most cases cough might not have a serious underlying cause behind it, but it sure can be very exhausting.  Especially in cases where it stops the person suffering from it from sleeping. A cough can be due to the irritation of the airways, which extends from the bottom of your lungs to your throat. Some coughs are quite obvious, but some of the culprits behind the persistent cough are more malicious than others.


According to Doctors a persistent cough which is also known as chronic cough is the one the ends up lasting for more than 8 weeks. So, if it is between three to eight months, then it is sub-acute, while if it is three weeks than it is acute.

The time period for which your cough lasts defines what kind of cough you are suffering from. Coughs usually have a wide variety of different causes. If you have a cough that lasts less than three weeks, then usually the virus is the culprit. In such situations, a self-help remedy by your pharmacist will help you get through. If your cough persists for more than a period of three weeks or if you are having symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain or if you are coughing up blood, then visiting a doctor should be a top priority for you. Also, if a long-term chest condition like asthma or COPD is in your medical history, then a specialist should be on your top priority.



If you have been smoking or if you have smoked, chronic cough could be due to a chronic lung condition called COPD.


Sometime colds, allergies, along with chronic sinusitis are responsible for a drip down the back of your throat which is responsible for irritation of your upper airways. This is especially evident when you are lying down. The most common symptoms are suffering from blocked nose and having a nasty taste specially in the back of your throat.


The most common treatment for dealing with sinusitis will depend on how long you’ve been using the treatment. Ayurvedic treatments from Ayushakti can be really helpful when dealing with these ailments.

The severity of your symptoms along with the examination of polyps in your sinus will need to be done. Allergies that are like hay fever and rhinitis, which is suffering from blocked nose on a constant basis due to allergy from house dust also get aggravated in winter. It can be treated with the natural treatment made available by Ayushakti in no time.


Cough and its causes


Reflux is generally associated with heartburn, but that couldn’t be any further than the truth. The burning pain that you experience when there’s pain behind your breastbone. Coughs can also give rise to an acid taste in the back of your mouth, this acid is known to irritate throat. And, incidentally, it’s one of the more common causes of chronic cough.


So, where does that leave us


It leaves us with a certain dilemma. So many causes of cough, and not many solutions. Conventional wisdom suggests that the best way to deal with cough and cough related issues by using Ayurveda. How does Ayurveda help? Well, for starters, Ayurveda is an ancient medicine that enables us to cure even more the persistent cough with utmost ease.

Ayurvedic clinic in Andheri West

Diabetes can lead to a lot more; visit ayurvedic doctors in Andheri West

Diabetes is no child’s play. The ailment brings quite a few complications along and shouldn’t be taken lightly. When diabetes strikes the first thing that many people do is cut down on sugar. With diabetes there are two main types. But, before moving ahead, let’s understand what really diabetes is.

Ayurvedic treatment center in Andheri West

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is the scientific name which is generally used to refer to diabetes. It generally consists of a group of multiple metabolic diseases. They are generally caused when the blood sugar levels are over a prolonged period.  The common symptoms which is indicative of high blood sugar includes symptoms such as the urge to urinate frequently, increased thirst, and increased hunger.

When left untreated, diabetes is known to cause quite a few complications. Some of the few acute complications are diabetic ketoacidosis, nonketotic hyperosmolar coma and in extreme cases it can be fatal and cause death.  Some of the other serious long-term complications are heart disease, stroke, chronic kidney failure, foot ulcers, and damage to eyes.


The main cause for diabetes is your pancreas not functioning properly. When your pancreas is not able to produce enough insulin or in some cases when the cells of your body are not responding in an appropriate manner to the insulin produced, then the diabetes complications arise.


So, there are two different types of diabetes. What are they?

There are two types of diabetes. The Type 1 and Type 2.


The Type 1 DM is usually caused when your pancreas fails to produce the required insulin. Initially this form was initially referred to as “insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus” or juvenile diabetes. The exact cause for this ailment is currently unknown.


Now on the other end is the Type 2 DM. This begins when the insulin resistance starts. In this case the cells fail to respond to the insulin processed accordingly. As the disease progresses a lack of insulin is developed.

Initially this was referred to as “non insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus” (NIDDM) or “adult-onset diabetes”.

The primary causes for this kind of diabetes is excessive body weight and failing to exercise enough.


Gestational diabetes is another form of diabetes and the third main form and occurs when pregnant women without a previous history of diabetes develop high blood-sugar levels.

The prevention for this type of diabetes includes treatment, and for prevention one should maintain a healthy diet, along with exercising regularly. Also a normal body weight, and avoiding use of tobacco will help you lower your chances of diabetes.

Controlling blood pressure and maintaining proper foot care are important for people who are suffering with this ailment.


Type 1 DM has to be managed with insulin injections. On the other hand, Type 2 DM may be treated with the use of medications, which might or might not include insulin. But, there is one another way of dealing with the disease. Using Ayurveda you can fight both types of diabetes. Get in touch with Ayushakti and battle diabetes with efficiency.