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Home remedies for rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a disorder of the joints. Usually the lining of joints belonging to toes and fingers are affected. However, other parts can be affected as well. It is a chronic disease, which indicates that the pain experienced in this condition, recurs at intervals. The pain usually begins at fingers and toes, and eventually proceeds to the knees, ankles, elbows, hips, and shoulders. If nothing is done about these symptoms, it will eventually lead to erosion of the bones and deformities in the joints. Women are more prone than men and usually, adults above the age of 40 suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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Get the best allergy treatment in ayurveda

Allergy is A PART of our immune system. Yes, you heard it right. Allergy is process by which our body sends an abnormal reaction to an external agent in the systems. The agent mentioned here refers to a particle that gets into the human body through the air/skin/water/food or any other pathway. These particles are called as Allergens. Allergens are classified under the large category of antigens. Antigens are can be defined as any particle, which upon getting into the body, sets an immune trigger from the immune system. A point to be noted is that an antigen/allergen is not necessarily a negative or a destructive substance. Most of the times, specifically in the case of an allergy, antigens are just normal food particles or matter, which our body, unfortunately, has an issue with.

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How to Cure a Cold and Cough with Ayurveda

With a weather change just around the corner, everyone is gearing up for the seasonal ‘flu. No matter where you are, it will find you, and it will get to you. A cold and cough is very frustrating to deal with when you’re working, because it sticks around for at least 4 days, and resorting to allopathy every time is not ideal, due to the chances of the system getting immune to the medicines. To ensure that whatever measures you take against the ‘flu is not harmful to your health, there are various Ayurvedic solutions for a cough and cold. These remedies provides relief in the short term, and care if continued religiously.

Cure a Cold and Cough with Ayurveda

Warm turmeric milk

Turmeric is known to possess exceptional qualities, and is highly recommended for a daily consumption because of its many benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. Drinking a glass of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric mixed into it every day helps fight cough, cold, and chest congestion. Taken at night, it even helps with having deeper and more sound sleep.

Inhaling steam

To loosen the mucus in the nasal passages, using a vaporizer or just inhaling steam works wonders. Adding a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil only increases the efficiency of this natural method of getting relief from a cold. The stuffy nose opens up and relaxes the nasal congestion, instantly alleviating the discomfort caused by the cold. Along with relieving headaches and sinusitis, it also works to cleanse skin pores and clear out acne.

Warm water

Probably one of the best natural cough remedies is drinking a lot of warm or hot water. When you’re under the weather, your body is using most of its energy fighting against the illness. It is vital that you do your best to make sure you don’t put too much pressure on your bodily functions so it works better against the viruses. Warm water is easier to absorb and it helps flush out the toxins from your system. It also hydrates the mucus membranes, which in turn loosens the mucus, opens up the nose, and makes it easier to breathe. Drinking warm water for at least three days will bring positive results.


Use your meals as a medicine against the cold and cough. Eating light food makes it easier for your body to digest it. Drink up on clear broths, teas, and all the seasonal veggies you can find. The veggies should reach a level of translucency after being cooked – it is the clear foods that are easier on the body. So you must avoid thick, rich and dense foods because they have the same traits like that of the kapha, which is what causes excess mucus. Keeping dairy, raw food and juices out of your diet will be advantageous to your health.

Salt water gargling

Dissolving half a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water, and then gargling this water loosens the excess mucus and removes bacteria and fungi from the throat. This reduces the chances of respiratory infections that can be caught during a change in the season, and thus successfully avoid catching a cold or a cough.


It is found that consuming ginger can relieve the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. It is also a great Ayurvedic cure for cough and cold. It reduces the kapha. Ginger-infused steam inhalation can be of great help when trying to fight a cold, since it reduces lung congestion, too. Boiling a teaspoon of ginger in a pint of water does the trick.

Turmeric and honey

Combining equal parts of turmeric powder and honey creates a thick, grainy paste. When consuming, make sure you let it rest in your throat for as long as you can, which means you must not drink any water for about half an hour after trying this remedy. This helps in relieving cough and soothes the interiors of the throat.


Pranayama, paired with some stretching, aids in relieving  breathing-related constriction due to coughing, sneezing, and physical inactivity. When under the ‘flu, you feel exhausted and lazy, but the inactivity can contribute to making you feel more ill. A little stretching can go a long way to open up your chest, stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, and relieve stiffness.

All in all, using natural methods to resolve cold and cough symptoms and conditions is much better than popping pills that have potential side effects. Every single remedy is easy and the ingredients can be found in any household, which is what makes them so much better and convenient for employing. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle overall is much more beneficial and has only positive returns in the long run. Using Ayurvedic solutions for every ailment is always the better idea.




Yellow Pumpkin is one of the most widely grown vegetables and is incredibly rich in vital antioxidants and vitamins.  This low calorie vegetable contains abundant power house of vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, antioxidants such as leutin, xanthin, and carotenes.  vitamins B1, B2, B6, D, and beta carotene; minerals such as copper, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, sucrose.  It also contains carbohydrates and certain vital salts and proteins.


  1. Remarkable fat cutter and reduceS weight

Yellow Pumpkin is extremely low in calories yet with full of vitamins and minerals. Thus help in loose weight and inches.  Consume 150 gm pumpkin salad twice daily.  And one glass of pumpkin juice with half teaspoon honey in the morning on empty stomach.

How to make pumpkin salad ?  100 -150 gm yellow pumpkin to be sliced in small sizes, sprinkle some pepper powder and salt, and garnish with coriander leaves.

  1. Pumpkin juice for liver cleansing and flush kidney stones


The biologically active substances in Pumpkin act as a natural liver cleanser!  So Include it in your daily diet.

If you are suffering from kidney stones and gall bladder problems, drink ½ glass of pumpkin juice 3 times a day for 30 days.

  1. Immune booster

Vitamin C and other minerals present in the juice act as immunity boosters and thus protect the body from viral attacks.  Drink one glass of pumpkin juice twice daily.


  1. Nervine tonic and relieves insomnia

Studies have proved the effectiveness of Pumpkin in relieving insomnia. One glass of pumpkin juice with honey is highly beneficial in calming down your nerves, cooling and promotes mental health. To enhance your memory, mix ½ glass of yellow pumpkin with ½ glass of white pumpkin juice and drink daily in the morning.


  1. Vision enhancer


Once cup of sliced yellow pumpkin itself provide  you the recommended daily intake of Vitamin A which promotes good vision.  Including yellow pumpkin in your daily diet after age 40 delays age related vision problems and could prevent degenerative damages  to the eyes too.

Vitamin A also helps form and maintain healthy skin and bones.


  1. Regulate Blood pressure and Cholesterol

Pectin, Phytosterols and Pottassium present in Pumpkin, help to reduce the bad or LDL cholesterol and regulate heightened blood pressure levels.  Take one glass of pumpkin juice with ½ teaspoon of honey twice daily. Or 100 gm Pumpkin salads twice daily.

  1. Healthy heart functions


The high anti-oxidant content in yellow pumpkin support in healthy heart functions thus reducing the risk of heart disease.  Take 150 gm each of pumpkin twice daily in the form of salads or juice or pumpkin puree or curry etc.