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Foods And Remedies To Improve Your Child’s Memory And Concentration

Concentration refers to a skill that helps you to focus all your attention on one particular aspect of your environment. Since there are so many distractions around you, such as noise, color, and novelty, concentrating on one thing is a major challenge. Find what the benefits of concentration for children are.

  • They can make quicker decisions.
  • They will score better results because of enhanced short-term and long-term memory.
  • It will reduce day-dreaming.
  • The mind will remain free of negative thoughts.

Best Brain Boosting Foods For Children

Common concentration problems children face

Some of the most common concentration problems in children are-

  • Restlessness: This leads to a state where the child cannot still. Fidgeting with items on the desk, shaking of the legs, and constant hand-movements are signs of restless behavior.
  • Day-dreaming: This is a condition where the child is physically present in the classroom, but mentally he is in another zone. A drifted look is the first key to identify a child who is day-dreaming and lost in thoughts.
  • Hyperactivity: Last but not least, a child who wishes to engage in too many class tasks cannot concentrate fully on anything.

Food that children should avoid for better concentration

The food items that can affect concentration are-

  • Processed food items: Processed dishes are high in sugar, salt, and fats. Thus, they lead to lower mental capacities and increase brain-blood barriers.
  • Sugary drinks: Since sugary beverages can lead to diabetes, the child is exposed to a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s later in life. It can also cause dementia in those who do not have diabetes.
  • Food with a high level of trans fats: While natural trans-fat is not a topic of concern, artificial trans-fat found in instant cakes, snacks, and frosting can lead to poorer memory.

Food that children should eat for better concentration

The best memory boosting foods are-

  • Blueberries: Blueberries have antioxidants that improve the blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain.
  • Green tea: The top two ingredients of green tea that help you concentrate better are caffeine and L-Theanine. Green tea is a memory booster contributing to both speed and accuracy.
  • Green and leafy vegetables: While vitamin B is the best way to improve memory and concentration; folic acid plays a major role in developing mental clarity.

What is Ayushakti’s Sumedha Syrup?

Ayushakti’s Sumedha Syrup is a safe and natural ayurvedic brain tonic for children to help them enhance their brainpower. Herbs like Brahmi, Neer Brahmi, Kushmand, Shankhapushpi, Mundi, etc. in Sumedha Syrup are proven to increase IQ by 20% in 3 months. These herbs also help improve concentration, awareness, memory, and cognition. It is available online & at all the Ayushakti clinics.

Ayushakti Sumedha Syrup | Ayurvedic Memory Booster Tonic For Good Memory & Concentration

Ayushakti has more than 32 years of excellence in treating child health and memory problems such as Low Memory, Low Immunity, Poor Concentration, Slow Body Growth, Slow Mental Growth, Restlessness, Stress, and Depression. Visit to know more and to book an appointment online.

Find the nearest Ayushakti Clinic simply by searching ‘Ayushakti’ on Google! You may contact us on our toll-free numbers 18002663001 (India) & +18002800906 (Global) or email us at for more details.

ayurvedic medicines for cough and cold

Natural Remedies for Cough

One of the most irritating things for a person, can be a persistent cough. Imagine someone giving a seminar or a presentation  to a group/large audience. A presentation or seminar should be a continuous flow of information dissemination that captivates the audience and engages their brain on an intellectual and emotional level. If this flow is interrupted by periodic coughing in the person presenting, it will lead to a disconnection between the audience and the presentation. This doesn’t happen purposely or with intention. It’s just that the brain naturally tends to notice disturbances in things and eventually puts more emphasis on it. We are therefore unable to focus on the main objective at hand. Natural remedies for coughs in babies, kids, and adults help us take care of this irritation.

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Get the best Ayurvedic treatment for your baby

Nothing compares to the love a mother can give to her child. However, at times even the care and nurturing of a mother fails to heal the child’s illness or ailment. Sometimes professionals need to be called in order to make sure everything is alright. Babies do not need anything but their mother’s breast milk for initial six months. But in the initial few months, baby care is very important as a growing baby faces a few health worries such as baby reflux, baby cold etc.

According to Ayurveda, children have a natural predominancy of Kapha Dosha until they are at least 20 years old. Healthy Kapha is necessary for healthy growth and development, however if the Kapha is poor in quality, or too much in quantity, disease can occur. Excess Kapha can lead to the formation of toxins in the body and this creates a swampy environment that acts as a lovely host for unwanted bacteria and virus’s and can also lead to digestive issues such as poor appetite, indigestion, obesity and skin issues such as eczema, all of which can be treated with ayurvedic medicinal plants.

Ayurvedic treatment for your baby

One of the best ways to help your child feel healthy and rejuvenated is to give them a mixture of 10 black raisins that are kept in a glass of water overnight. You should make sure your child has this mixture every morning in order to maintain good health and strong immunity, and it is a great form of food poisoning treatment.

Another wonderful thing you can do to help boost your child’s health is to oil them up! Warmed unrefined sesame oil which is made from herbal plants, is wonderful for improving digestion, circulation, metabolism and immunity, and decreasing stress. It is recommended to oil them all over their entire body before bath time at least once a week. This is a wonderful way for you to connect to your children and spend some extra time with them.

In children, an acute asthma attack usually occurs at the time of a cough and cold caused by a viral infection. Wheezing in children is most often caused by colds rather than by asthma. When they do develop asthma, it may be due to allergic reactions to irritants, or some other triggers or stimuli like those listed below:

Irritants – dust, cigarette smoke, fumes and chemicals Allergies – to pollen, grass, medicines, animals, house dust mite, fungus or certain foods Infections such as colds and flu.  We like to replace things around us very often. We don’t respect if something is old and ancient. We feel things were different back then and the situation has changed. So it doesn’t pertain to us.

We have advanced so much in technology that we are finding new and newer ways to combat diseases, such as ayurvedic plants, which have been there for many years but we are just understanding their various uses. We actually don’t understand that we already have the solution to all the health problems in our Ayurvedic Viadyas which have been passed down by our forefathers. It is a natural form of healing which has been for our 5000 years. Also, Ayurveda is based upon the three Doshas, namely Kapha, Vatta, Pita which is believed to constitute the structural and functional unit of all living cells, tissues, organs and the body as a whole. What we don’t realize is that all this dust, unhealthy bacteria in the air is very harmful. Living in a city like Mumbai, that has been undergoing development for so many years, it has been a home to so many types of illnesses and diseases, some of which gets transferred through air, while others are contagious and spread through contact amongst humans.

Today, Ayurveda has evolved much more and is vastly used for treatments, especially when it comes to children. Ayurvedic treatment for baby is now in demand since most of the modern medicines come with some or the other side-effects; but when it comes to Ayurveda, there is absolutely no side-effect! Ayurvedic medicinal plants for babies are a must because you never know what allergies they have and it can really prove to be harmful for them. Even their immune system is not as strong as a grown up’s. Hence, treating their problems with medicinal plants is the safest and the most effective way.

Ayurvedic plants emphasize more on prevention of diseases rather than its cure. The treatment given is not only to the ailments or the affected parts, but to the person as a whole. This creates an environment for purifying the body naturally, which eliminates all toxic imbalances, enabling to regain natural resistance from diseases and attain good health.

So go ahead and visit Ayushakti, the best Ayurvedic treatment center in Mumbai to not only cure your problem, but also to keep other problems at bay and discover the multiple benefits of medicinal herbs.

Why you should visit an Ayurvedic treatment centre in Mumbai

The term Ayurveda is made up of two Sanksrit words, ‘Ayush’ and ‘Veda.’ Ayush means life and Veda means knowledge or science. Thus, ‘Ayurveda’ means ‘The Science of Life.’ Ayurveda is a 5000 year old science which has been passed on from generation to generation. It has evolved over the ages and now finally it has evolved as a scientific alternative of medical science. Ayurveda is proving to be so impactful that you can see many people preferring it over modern medicines and antibiotics.

It is largely an herb science with over four thousand herbs known to Ayurveda. Its use goes back to the times of Ramayana where, when Laksham gets badly wounded, Hanuman gets Sanjeevani herb to revive him from a fatal wound. So it is safe to say that it is a proven science.

Ayurvedic treatment centre in Mumbai

Today, Ayurveda has evolved much more and is vastly used for treatments, especially when it comes to children. Ayurvedic children treatment in Mumbai is now in demand since most of the modern medicines comes with some or the other side-effects; but when it comes to Ayurveda, there is absolutely no side-effect! Ayurvedic treatment for baby is a must because you never know what allergies they have and it can really prove to be harmful for them. Even their immune system is not as strong as a grown up’s. Hence, treating their problems naturally is the safest and the most effective way.

Also, Ayurveda is based upon the three doshas, namely Kapha, Vatta, Pita which is believed to constitute  the structural and functional unit of all living cells, tissues, organs and the body as a whole. According to which category the person falls under, he/she is treated especially at Ayurvedic Treatment Centre Mumbai. There are many organizations who are dedicated towards making Ayurveda the new way of life like Ayushakti. Ayushakti is a very famous Ayurvedic Treatment Centre Mumbai and is also spread abroad across 108 countries. Their main aim is to make people aware of the harmful chemicals and treat them naturally with Ayurveda. They carry out various sessions for the same and have achieved excellent results in the recent years. Diseases and problems like arthritis, asthma, infertility, joint pain, diabetes, obesity, chronic pain and many more are treated naturally by them. They even carry out Ayurvedic children treatment in Mumbai. They use Ayurveda not only to fight various problems, but also to pursue a disease free and a disciplined life. If you want to live a disease free life, there is no other way better than Ayurveda. You intake all the natural things available to you so there is no question of intake of artificial or chemical things which will harm you. There is a reason why our ancestors used to live longer lives, and by following lifestyle even you can.

So go ahead and visit an Ayurvedic treatment centre in Mumbai to not only cure your problem, but also to keep other problems at bay.

Natural Solution that Ayushakti has for Child Growth

                                                           Childhood diseases

Our anatomy is a perfect example of nature’s evolution, everything our body is made up of is obtained from nature. Every little aspect of proper nourishment and medication our natural body needs is already provided by nature but it’s the lack of availability of natural resources partly due to our urban practices that we fail to avail to the proper and natural needs of our body. Today we might’ve evolved in our ways of health care but somehow we also have induced a lot of chemicals and toxins internally and externally, as normal as a common cold or a pimple we are inclined us to take a pill and  chill but this chilling with the pill-ing is not what our body is made to acknowledge, in the natural sense, the traces of chemicals can be evidenced from the embryo to the newborn and so on and this is the reason behind all the ailments our body faces, due to evolving lack of immunity induced by the inclination towards these chemicals. Growth is the nature’s bliss hence proper growth needs the gift’s nature bestows to all.

Ayushakti is a revolution that helps all avail to the true magic of nature, the solutions and remedies that cater to the natural needs of the body for proper growth, especially for children. Children are always at risk of getting sick and proper nourishment is more than just a requirement. Growth in children needs internal and external solutions, a healthy looking child may lack in internal immunity and with no internal care remedies the hidden ailments inside the body may pose complications in the future, so with  ayurvedic solutions from Ayushakti you can ascertain the internal and external physical development of the body to be perfectly natural and complete.

Nature has all the solutions to the perfect health care our body deserves and Ayushakti offers these solutions to all for their best or shall we say natural interests. Ayushakti naturally yours.