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5 Ways To Overcome Depression During Infertility


Parenting a child is a dream for every couple and hence Infertility can lead to major depression in most cases. Especially in India, where the society considers Infertility as a taboo subject!

Here are ways to overcome the same:

1. Understand that it is a health condition

One needs to understand that like any other health condition, infertility can also be reversed with proper medication and healthy lifestyle changes. Ayushakti has proven natural remedies to fight Infertility without surgeries or side effects. To know more about these treatments feel free to get in touch with our expert doctors.

2. There are ways to handle stress

Couples assume that being infertile is the end of the world, due to which they lose focus in life, are disinterested and experience strained relationships. Any emotional setback can be handled by keeping oneself active, talking to close friends and family members about exactly what they are going through and continuing with their normal lifestyle without overthinking. Also remember that just like you, even your partner might be going through the same set of emotions and hence it’s important to be sportive.

3. Coping with the emotional aspects of Infertility

Research shows that staying positive has a direct effect on your overall wellbeing. One of the most common aspects of the infertility experience is dealing with the emotional ups and downs relating to medical treatment and the uncertainty about outcomes. It is important to learn how to take care of yourself, make sure that you get the support you need so that your self-esteem and outlook on life remains as positive as possible.

4. Lifestyle changes

Start leading a healthy lifestyle by keeping yourself away from addictions like drinking and smoking as depression might aggravate your desire to indulge in such activities even more. Instead make a resolution to start eating healthy food, exercising regularly and involving yourself in some sporty activities.

5. When to seek help

Sometimes depression can take a big toll on your health and can worsen the condition further. You should know when you are not able to bear it and seek professional help immediately if other techniques to cope with depression are not working.

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Listen to the chuckles that you always wanted to listen to with Infertox

Infertox Natural Infertility

Some sounds of nature can instantly make you smile. Nobody can actually decipher the real reason as to why this happens but it seems as if it’s nature’s way to remind us about its beauty. One such sound is the chuckles of your little one. It can be the only sound you want to listen to when you realise that these little angels are your own creations. But there are certain health conditions that can refrain you from listening to these heavenly sounds. Medically this health condition is termed as infertility. There are several reasons as to why this occurs. But more than that, it’s considered to be a social stigma in the Indian society. Even though science has advanced to the next level, we have often heard of stories where families have abandoned women when they are unable to conceive. Also there is a common myth that men cannot be infertile which is absolutely incorrect. Besides that, it is the cause of a lot of emotional trauma in the family and has made relationships end on a bitter note. What we believe is that every medical condition can be tacked with natural treatments if the root cause of the condition is diagnosed and analysed accurately.

At Ayushakti we have a panel of adept doctors who read your pulse to exactly find out what is the reason for infertility. Our experts have designed a special detox program called “Infertox” that is a combination of different natural treatments that is modified based on the cause of infertility. Many couples have resorted to our powerful treatments after other medical solutions failed.

Today, around 15 per cent of the Indian population, both male and female, are infertile. Though in general the percentage of male infertility is on the rise, it cannot be avoided that both men and women in cities are prone to infertility due to their working style, said Dr Geetha Haripriya, obstetrician and gynaecologist, at the ‘Challenges in Infertility Management (CIIM) 2014’ summit. According to statistics, the percentage of male infertility has raised to 60 per cent now against 40 per cent in 1980s.

Here is how Ayushakti’s Infertox treatment can come to the rescue.Ayushakti has helped bring smiles in thousands of couples around the world by helping them become proud parents and live their most cherished dream.The cleansing and repairing in Infertox treatment is a process to purge the impurities from the reproductive system, rejuvenate and strengthen it and detoxify the whole body system to prepare for fertility.  In male it remarkably improves sperm count & motility, reduces vericocele. In female it eliminates blockages and open up tubes, clears PCOD & Fibroids and prevent miscarriages.

What benefit you get through Ayushakti Infertox treatment ?

Problems before treatment                           Benefits after Infertox treatment

● PCOD                                                            Remarkably relieves PCOD

● Irregular and delayed menstrual cycle          Regular menstrual cycle

● Bloated tummy, waist and hips                      Reduced bloating, reduced tummy, waist size

● Increased body weight                                   Able to loose 3-6 kgs. In 3-5 months

● Hormonal imbalance                                       Balance hormones

● Miscarriage                                                     Prevents miscarriage

●Low/ zero sperm count                                    Improvement in sperm counts

●Erectile Dysfunction                                        Improvement in the functions

●Low Motility                                                     Improves Motility

Now that you know how Infertox can help realise your most cherished dreams, visit us today and listen to the chuckles that you always wanted to listen to.

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Fertility not a Problem with Ayushakti

Fertility not a problem with ayushakti

Mother Nature always had all the answers and solutions to all the ailments of our body but with time allopathy took charge and as we evolved we relied more on chemicals as natural therapies and herbs started getting ignored as availability started getting scarce with the chemical popularity. An evident theory even a ten year old understands but unfortunately even a hundred year old doesn’t realize; but there is hope; well there is more than hope, there is Ayushakti. All the wonders of nature hidden and ignored are being exposed making all realize the power of Ayurveda and the impact of it’s miraculous healing powers in Human body. Amongst many such ailments Ayurveda provide powerful healing, infertility is one such problem many couples face and they do everything in their power and understanding to get healed but the use of chemicals just risks too much and the end result always has something to loose, some side effect or after effects that makes their misery a lot more worse but Ayushakti has natural solutions so whatever is being done to your body is what your body needs in everyway, every aspect of healing is entirely based on your body’s immune system every bit of that nature will gift your body is some way or the other.

Fibroids affect at least 20% of all women at sometime during their life, it’s one of the most common problem that causes infertility, other problems like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS/PCOD), a hormonal imbalance disorder, endometriosis,  habitual abortion etc and low sperm count, insufficient sperm motility, Vericocele in the Scrotum  are the main causes of male infertility.  But there is nothing to worry if any of these are the causes that’s keeping you away from completing your family. Ayushakti is the best answer to that worried thought of yours, get yourself naturally healed and give yourself the gift of fertility with Ayushakti.

Fertility is nature’s gift and if there is any problems relating to it then let nature heal it, let Ayushakti show you the right way or the natural way to reverse it without any side effect and all the right effects that will make your aspirations of becoming a parent come true and naturally alive. Come home to mother nature and get healed with her bounty. So now you know Fertility is not a problem with Ayushakti.