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Why you should visit Ayurvedic clinics in Pune

Ayurveda is the science of health and wellness which is about 5000 years old. It is a natural way of living which has been passed upon from generation to generation before reaching us. About, 80% of Indian people use Ayurveda and when people think of Ayurveda, Kerala is the first thing which comes to everyone’s mind. In fact, a majority of people relate Ayurveda to Kerala which is surely not the case. The use of Ayurveda is spreading all over India. There are also various Ayurvedic clinics which have come up in many cities in the country. One such city is Pune.

Ayurvedic clinics in Pune

Ayurvedic clinics in Pune are on a rise. People have started realizing the importance of Ayurveda and natural living as many health related issues are coming up in this city. Pune has become an IT hub where there is always tension flowing around. People do not manage to find time for themselves and end up following a bad and an unhygenic lifestyle sooner or later. At Ayurvedic Treatment Center Pune you can relax, rejuvenate and forget all your tensions that too absolutely chemical free. That’s why you can see a number of Ayurvedic clinics in Pune.

Treatments like Panchkarma treatments in Pune, are very famous. Panchkarma is Ayurveda’s purification and detoxification treatment. The word Panchkarma basically means five therapies, The combination of these five therapies helps to remove toxins from the body and also helps you to balance your dosha. Now what is a dosha? Ayurveda is based upon three doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha which is believed to constitute  the structural and functional unit of all living cells, tissues, organs and the body as a whole. It is according to your dosha that you are recommended a treatment and when your dosha is well balanced, you stay away from health problems. That’s how the science of Ayurveda works.

Panchkarma treatments in Pune take place at Ayurvedic clinics in Pune like Ayushakti. Ayushakti is spread all across India and also worldwide across 108 countries. They provide authentic Ayurvedic treatment methods and have helped many people. The treatments here are absolutely natural with no side-effects. Recently, they carried out treatment camps in the United States which turned out to be a huge success. The Ayurvedic Treatment Center Pune of Ayushakti is located at Karve Road which is easily accessible and is really convenient. That’s the reason why you can see the clinic always flooded with customers.

As we can, the demand for authentic Ayurvedic treatments is growing rapidly even in cities like Pune where people are realizing the importance of healthy living as they are coming across various health related issues due to the rising stress levels and lack of time to take take care of the body. After all, the best thing about Ayurveda is that there are only side benefits and no side effects!

Reinvigorate with a Panchakarma treatment in Goa

When we are working we follow a constant routine. From the time we get up, till the time we go to bed, everything is fixed. Time to time we keep on extending our boundaries and going up and beyond in our work. So by doing that what we do is, we go beyond our working times and try to work harder. So what we do is, we challenge ourselves to do better and work harder and harder. So we end up burning ourselves while trying to reach our goals. One of the major problems that we are facing is the constant burnout. People as young as thirty to thirty-five are suffering from a heart attack because of the stress. So it is very necessary to make sure you just relax from time to time so that you can reinvigorate.

There are many ways that you can relax but the most effective way would be the Panchakarma treatment. Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic treatment which is one of the most natural forms of treatments. The Ayurveda is a very old medical form. It is the oldest form of medicine. It is a 5000-year-old medicinal form. Panchakarma is a detoxification process of the mind and body. The process is basically aimed to remove the disease from the root cause so that the disease is removed. It ensures that the health and vitality of an individual. The body and mind are the two most important aspects of Panchakarma treatment. The treatment loosens the organs and the tissue of the body and calms the mind. The Panchakarma treatment completely loosens the body tissues and relieves the body of all the toxins. The person who is undergoing the treatment will also undergo a treatment by following a diet and ingesting the right herbs. The therapy will give a chance to go through a detoxification process. The body goes through the complete cleansing process and the rejuvenation of the body begins. There are also different timelines of the Panchakarma treatment which can be a week long or month long depending upon the health problem of an individual.

The panchakarma therapy is formulated with whole grain and it is packaged so that right eating is promoting the Ayurvedic therapy. The cleansing also requires the herbs and spices and it is provided by the people doing Panchakarma treatment itself. Unlike the other forms of cleansing herbs and spices, are also important for detoxification unlike the other forms of detoxification. The people taking the treatment will be will be taking the treatment for the next few days.

So whenever you are tired you can visit Goa for your Ayurveda treatment where you can visit Ayurvedic clinics and you can get Panchakarma treatments in Goa. You can find one of the best  Ayurvedic Clinics in Goa, and the Panchkarma Treatments helps you get better and helps you reinvigorate yourself with this Ayurveda Treatment in Goa.

Panchakarma Treatment for the entire body

Do you work for more than ten hours a day? Do you sometimes feel just tired even though you haven’t worked much? Do you sometimes feel like just lying down without any particular reason? It is not just a random thing nor is it because of age. It is mainly because you are working too much without any time to relax. When this happens, it is your body’s signal, that it is time for you just to relax and reinvigorate not just your body but also your mind. It is critical that one takes care of the mind as well as the body.

Ayurveda is one such form of treatment which believes in relaxing your mind as well as your body. Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old medical science. It has been passed down from generation to generation orally and through the sacred Vedas. The Ayurvedic form of treatment is the most natural form of therapy.  The treatment doesn’t have any side effects which is one of the major benefits of taking an Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurvedic treatment has worked miracles where the modern medicines have failed. Ayurveda has a solution for all the health problem from infertility to arthritis.

Panchakarma means five actions. Pancha Karma is a process where one gets to the cause of the problem and not only identifies but also takes care of the problem by creating the right balance in the body. Panchakarma is not only helped you with all the diseases but also helps you in maintaining the health. Ayurveda itself advises Pancha Karma, which helps the body with the seasonal changes while improving the bodily functions like digestion and another metabolic process.

Panchakarma is a purification process of the body. It is paramount for the body to get rid of the toxins from time to time. The body needs to drain all the toxins from the body. Panchakarma treatment is done in two stages. In the first phase, the oil applied on the body in and the entire body is massaged. This helps the toxins move towards the gastro-intestinal tract of the body. Oil also makes the body loose and the tissues soft. This is repeated for three to seven days. The second stage consists of sweating which is done every day after the first step of Panchakarma. Also, an herbal concoction can be added to the steam which will further help you to get rid of the toxins from the individual’s body. Also, it fastens the movement of the toxin from the body to the gastro-intestinal tract.  After the Panchakarma for three to seven days, the body becomes toxic free and you feel rejuvenated. The Panchakarma is done by an individual’s problem and it is not a generalised one.

So when you are not feeling up to the mark, make sure you get a Panchakarma treatment which will help you relax. You can get the Panchakarma treatments in Goregaon in Ayurvedic clinics and make sure it is done by certified Ayurvedic doctors so that you don’t face any problems.


5 Simple Tips To Fight Obesity

Ayurvedic practitioners have relied on Ayurveda for hundreds of years to deliver treatment for a wide variety of health problems. Obesity is no different. There are several Ayurvedic techniques that can assist weight loss and can help you restore your natural metabolism rate.

Use Honey and Lemon juice








Honey and Lemon juice can be of great benefits when it comes to weight loss. In order to prepare this mixture, take a glass of warm water and add a tablespoon of honey to it. Then, add one tablespoon lemon juice and mix it well. Drink this juice every morning on an empty stomach.

Use a mixture of lemon juice, black pepper and honey








This mixture will require you to take a cup of water and then add three tablespoons of lemon juice to it. Stir it well and add a pinch of black pepper to it along with a tablespoon of honey. Mix it well and drink the mixture two times a day for the next two to three months.

Barley water remedy

DSC01345 Garcinia_indica_-_fruits,_seeds,_pulp_and_rinds

This mixture will help you melt those extra fats and eliminate bloating or swelling with this super detox water. Add one tablespoon of barley and two kokum to two cups of water in it. Pressure cook this mixture and filter it. Add one teaspoon cumin powder, one teaspoon fennel powder, half teaspoon ajwain powder, one pinch of asafoetida powder(hing) and half teaspoon dry ginger powder. Mix it well and drink this mixture twice a day.

Fat-free Diet to reduce those extra pounds

Fresh Vegetables, Fruits and other foodstuffs. Isolated.

Are you looking out for a diet to reduce those extra pounds? We have all the do’s and dont’s for you. Include lots of vegetables like bottle gourd, white pumpkin, yellow pumpkin, ridge gourd, snake gourd, leafy greens, beans, carrots, cabbage, etc. Include pulses like green mung, yellow mung dal, lentils, red & white millets, barley. Also, have lots of fruits in your diet. Try to avoid wheat, refined flour, sour and fermented food.









If you are looking for an exercise, which helps you with everything, it is Suryanamashakar. Surya Namaskar helps reduce inches from waist, hips, tummy and thigh. Repeat Suryanamaskar ten times every day and it will go a long way in helping you fight obesity.

The above-mentioned techniques will surely help you lose weight and fight obesity. For best results, one should reduce the intake of excessive sweet and salty food items as they aggravate the obesity problem. Also, refrain in overindulgence in fast foods.

For more such remedies and tips visit our website.

Panchakarma treatments

Now Rejuvenate yourself with Panchakarma Treatments in Goa

Nowadays people are working non-stop without any breaks. People have now become complete workaholics, which leads to the build-up of a lot of stress in the body and mind as we are living in a very competitive world. People are trying to work hard in order to stay ahead of the competition. What they don’t realize is the harm it is causing to their body. As they are working hard they don’t eat on time and develop unhealthy habits to relieve stress. The stress that they are trying to relieve is just a temporary stress buster. So one needs to find something more permanent.

An individual tries to take a break or a trip to someplace fun in order to find this permanent solution to the place like Goa. Goa is a very relaxed place. It is like the party capital of India. It is a place one goes to relax and rejuvenate themselves. People go to beaches and chill out in the warmth of the sun. So whenever you are in Goa and you are rejuvenating physically, it is important that you rejuvenate mentally too. One can visit the Ayurvedic clinics in Goa where they can get the Ayurveda treatment in Goa and also the Panchakarma treatments which help them rejuvenate. You might be wondering what is Panchakarma? And how does it help you rejuvenate your mind and body.

Panchakarma is complete healing experience of the body and detoxifies the body. It clears the body of all the toxins and restores balance in the body. Panchakarma is such an exhilarating experience that it strengthens the immunity of the body. It helps you create a perfect balance between the body and mind. It is one of the most effective tools of healing in Ayurveda.

Panchkarma is a combination of five different treatments. According to Ayurveda, this therapy removes toxins from the body as well as the mind. This therapy relieves you of all your stress which considered toxic which enters the bloodstream, and eventually move into the gastrointestinal tract and is eliminated from the body.

Panchakarma therapy is such a relaxing exercise that it not only helps the body relax but also the brain. It helps your body to achieve a state of peace of mind. It is only in such a state that it is possible to relieve your body of all the toxins. Panchakarma helps you to reach an inner peace from the core of the body. This helps you to relax from the very core of the body. It is a very pleasurable experience. Panchakarma is therefore recommended on a regular basis. After the Panchakarma, you are completely relaxed and you are relieved of your stress.

There are many other benefits of Panchkarma like you lose weight, your blood pressure is under control, your diabetes is under control and you don’t feel any joint pain that you felt before. So Panchakarma is a complete therapeutic experience which helps you relieve you of your stress.  So whenever you go Goa make sure you rejuvenate yourself with Panchakarma treatment there.