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Panchkarma treatment

Panchkarma Treatment helps you in healing your Body

We live a life which is very fast. We don’t have time for anything. We don’t have time to eat, drink and sleep. This has a very adverse effect on the body. The body suffers the most from this kind of lifestyle. As they don’t have time, to eat anything people tend to eat what they can get fast and on the go. This results in constant consumption of junk food and because of the lack of exercise all the waste gets accumulated in the body. This results in a lot of problems.

So what can be the solution to this problem? The solution for this would be finding a way to get rid of all the waste that gets accumulated in the body. The wastes that get accumulated is the one that causes all the problems. So there are many ways to get rid of that accumulation. The most natural way to get rid of this problem is with Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a natural form of treatment for the past 5000 years. It is the only form of medication with such a great and rich history.

Panchakarma is a complete healing experience for the whole body by detoxifying it. It strengthens your complete immune system, and it restores better balance and well-being in your body. It is one of the most effective forms of healing in Ayurveda. Panchakarma promotes detoxification and rejuvenation of the body. It is recommended on a regular basis, as well as, when an individual not feeling well or up to the mark.

The literal meaning of Panchakarma is five treatments. According to Ayurveda, this unique therapy removes toxins from your body as well as the mind. This therapy reverses the path of the disease from its very beginning stage, and it comes back into the bloodstream, and eventually moves into the gastrointestinal tract. This can also be achieved with the help of special diets, massages, and steam therapy. On completion, these therapies, forms emesis, purgation, and enema finally removes the doshas accumulated in the body from its origin. Ayurveda also rejuvenates your body and the toxins are removed.

This is the best way to clean the body of toxic materials left by disease and poor nutrition. Usually, the body has the ability to process these waste and remove them from the system and revitalize your doshas. But due to a person’s repeated indiscretions, poor exercise, lifestyle, and genetic predisposition, the enzymes, and many other factors which regulate the body and its internal structure, it becomes disorganized. This leads to the spread of toxins throughout the body and the body is suffering from a disease. This toxic matter is called ama. Ama is a waste and harmful substance which needs to be removed from the body.

So the Panchakarma treatment can be done anywhere. If you are in Navi Mumbai, there are panchakarma treatments in Nerul, while in Thane the Panchakarma treatments are in Ulhasnagar. In Mumbai, there are panchakarma treatments in Dadar and outside Mumbai, Panchakarma treatment is also in Pune. So make sure you get your Panchakarma done and you feel rejuvenated and fresh.

Now There Is A New Reason For You To Go Goa!

The moment you listen to the word “Goa” you might end up having a wide smile on your face. It is considered as one of the most popular destinations for tourists in India, where not just Indians but even foreigners from all over the world come down to have a great time with their friends and family. Once you are there all you feel like doing is sitting on a hammock, soak up some sun and enjoy listening to the waves of the beautiful sea. You will find natural beauty in abundance, which is exactly what you need to enjoy a break away from the bustling city life.

Ayushakti gives you a whole new reason to be here. We have amazing detox services for you at our brand new Ayurvedic treatment Centre in Goa. These Detox services not only make you feel rejuvenated from the outside but also cleanse your internal organs from dangerous toxins that keeps getting accumulated due to our unhealthy lifestyle habits. Ayurveda believes that these toxins are the major reasons for all kinds of health problems. We generally neglect this fact because it does not show noticeable symptoms initially. But over time, when these toxins keep accumulating in your body, it starts taking its toll. So you shouldn’t take it too lightly if you want to lead a healthy life. Ayushakti has natural solutions and treatments specific to your health issue what helps in flushing out all these toxins and also strengthens your organs.

At Ayushakti Ayurvedic Panchkarma Treatment Centers in Goa, we have various unique treatments specially designed after years of research for people with various health issues and for those who want to rejuvenate their organs and stay fit. Some of the Detox programs available are Smoking Detox, Sun Bath Detox, Diabetes (Diabetes), Arthrox(Arthritis), Asthatox(Asthma), Dynamic Detox(Vibrant Health), Anti Ageing Detox, Infertox(Infertility), Liquor Detox and many more. These detox programmes are formulated after many years of research and are targeted to improve the overall health of a person. These detox programs are not only for people with ailments but for everyone who wishes to cleanse their body from within and feel more energetic and have a vibrant health.

Apart from the detox programs we also offer many other services like horse riding, exquisite accommodation, healthy dining, Helipad services, etc to make your visit even more enjoyable.

So now that you have more reasons to go to Goa, pack your bags now and visit us today to start living a healthy life.

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Toxins pile up in our body drop by drop for years and suddenly one day we experience pain, stiffness, tiredness, no concentration, infections, cough, cold, allergy, blood pressure, high blood sugar, gas, acidity etc.  These are early signs of toxins blocking our digestion and metabolism.  This is the time that we must cleanse and remove toxins from deep tissues to prevent Big problems like chronic joint pain, cough, cold, sinusitis, anxiety, cholesterol, high blood pressure and blood sugar, infertility, heart problems etc.

How do we know that we are piling up toxins? – Check List

  • Bloated stomach, fat accumulation in tummy, hips & butts areobesity
  • Difficulty to control weight

weight gain

  • Occasional pain and stiffness in the fingers, knees, neck and back.


  • White coated tongue


  • Feel tired within 4-5 hours of work in the office

tired feeling

  • Impossible to focus after lunch. Feeling very sleepy.


  • Morning bowels are not cleared easily


  • Burping and gasesacidity

Regular intake of junk foods, spicy, fermented, oily foods and sedentary lifestyle slows down the metabolism in your body and leads to indigestion then creates toxic mucus in the body.  If not removed, these toxins pile up in the intestine, liver, blood, veins, skin and circulate throughout the body and block the bodily channels.  Finally, lead to chronic health challenges. Which is why there is a need to flush the toxins of our body. The best way to do so is by following the right diet and doing the right things in our daily lifestyle.

Regular PANCHAKARMA once every year helps you stay away from ailments and promotes vibrant health forever.

Benefits of PANCHAKARMA     

  • Improves Metabolism, digestion, Blood circulation
  • Controls and prevents Cholesterol, Blood sugar, BP
  • Fast burning fats and reduce extra body weight up to 3 to 5 kgs in 1-2 months.
  • Reduces tummy, experience abundant energy
  • Rejuvenate cells, improves immunity, prevent from ailments & delays the ageing process
  • Remove the Block from the Channels and tissues and clear the path
  • Loosen Aam (Toxin) and Excess Doshas (Vata-Pitta-Kapha) in deeper body tissues, then Eliminates these Impurities through urine and stool
  • Improve the Appetite, Digestion
  • Controls Blood Sugar, Cholesterol
  • Control Blood Pressure
  • Relieves gas, acidity, burning
  • Treat Skin Disorders like Psoriasis, Urticaria, dermatitis, allergies
  • Relieves an old  Migraine, Chronic Headache,
  • Improves overall functions of the body, repair and rejuvenate bones, muscles, tissues.
  • Reduces pain, inflammation and stiffness of joints, relieves chronic arthritis, back pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica, spondylosis
  • Relieves you from allergies, bronchitis

And many more problems.

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Read About The Magical Health Benefits Of Detoxification Panchkarma

Detoxification Panchkarma

Detoxification is an in-depth Ayurvedic treatment which completely cleanses the body, mind and emotions of toxins and rejuvenates it. Detoxification focuses on elimination of toxins from every cell, subtle channels and even from minute tissues of the body. Here are certain magical health benefits of Detoxification:

Boosts your energy

Detoxification makes you feel alive and energetic. Now you can run, jump, play, and do whatever you want and you’ll still be fresh and lively. You won’t be needing caffeine or any energy drinks anymore. It will literally give you wings.

Helps with weight loss

A Detox diet will help you reduce weight without a doubt but if you want long-term benefits out of the treatment then you need to make a point to replace bad foods with good and use your newfound energy to exercise more. You can finally gain that zero figure now.

Gives you a stronger immune system

Detoxification gives a boost to your immune system as it helps you to absorb nutrients better. The detox program focuses on light exercises which help circulate lymph fluid through the body and helps it to drain, strengthening your immune system in the process. Stronger immune system plus a boost in your energy seems like you’re going to turn into Superman.

Clearer thinking

Detoxification not only will cleanse your body but also your mind. You’ll get rid of the fogginess and be able to think more clearly. The best benefit of all is that now you won’t forget your partner’s birthday or your anniversary. Hopefully, you’ll remember to buy a gift too.

Healthier Hair

Detoxification helps your hair to grow uninhibited from internal toxins which will make it shinier and softer to touch. It will also help your hair grow faster which is a sign of having healthy hair. Your hair will be better than those models appearing in the shampoo advertisements. Although, you still have to take good care of your hair.

Benefits of Anti- Aging

Our body has to deal with the various toxins which are a contributing factor to the ageing process. Detoxification relieves the body from these toxins and hence you will look younger. Now you can lie about your age and no one will know.

Detoxification makes benefits pour on your head like rain, so it’s time to get wet in the rain.