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Top 5 Foods To Fight Heat In This Summer

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The summer season is upon us and we all know how hot it gets in India. In some parts of the country, the heat really gets unbearable and it is around this time that we can see people suffer from various heat problems; dehydration being the most common one. So today, we are going to tell you how to beat the summer heat.

Eat more of cooling fruits

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Fruits like watermelon cools down your body since the fruit is rich in water content. Also, grapes and strawberries are an excellent option to keep you hydrated.

Fruit juice from beetroot and pomegranate is also a good way to beat the season’s heat as they are high in antioxidants and vitamin B, and helps you fight inner inflammation.

Include high water content veggies in your daily food

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Veggies with high water content like bottle gourd, snake gourd, pumpkin, broccoli, cabbage and carrot will ensure that your body never submits to the summer heat.  Veggies that are rich in water content will keep you hydrated throughout the day and are also rich in  fibres and minerals. Add to that their low calorie content, and you’ve got a healthy food option at your disposal.

Spice up your food with Fennel seeds


Fennel seeds are a good source of antioxidants, which are known to fight free radicals. It promotes digestion and relieves acidity.  Chew one teaspoon of fennel seeds before and after every meal to keep your digestion strong this summer. These seeds can also be used to spice up your food

Coconut water

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Whenever we talk about dehydration, coconut water is the first thing that comes to our mind. Drinking coconut water re-hydrates your body and helps you survive the summer heat. It  has a cooling and a nourishing effect on your system.

Cold milk


Healthy and effective, cold milk can prove to be an excellent remedy to tackle summer heat. You can also mix cold milk with honey to keep the temperature of your body on the lower side.

So go ahead and don’t let the summer heat come in the way of your happiness.

Five Tips For Healthy Skin This Summer

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Summer is already here and it’s time to take it slow and easy. But, this fun season can be harsh on your skin if you don’t take the necessary precautions. You don’t need to go for expensive skin care treatments or invest a lot of time on your skin care to keep it healthy. Here are five tips to help you beat the summer sun.

Drink Plenty of Water


This is very crucial during the summer season. When you don’t drink ample of water, you get dehydrated which leads to your skin losing luster and shine. So, make it a point to drink daily at least 10 to 12 glasses of water.

Banana and Milk


Summer can rob your skin of its natural glow. But to get the glow back, you don’t have to spend money on expensive skin treatments. A simple paste of banana and milk will do the trick. Apply the paste of banana and milk to your skin. Keep it on your skin for 15-20 minutes. Wash it off with cold water.

Cucumber and Yogurt


If you are out looking for skin that is smooth and supple, then a blend of cucumber and yogurt will do the trick. All you have to do is combine half cucumber with a tablespoon of yogurt, and your mix is ready. Apply this on your face and neck. Wash it off after 15 minutes with water.



One of the simplest tricks to get naturally glowing skin during the harsh summer season is by washing your face with rose water on a daily basis. Rose water has natural cooling properties. This makes it an excellent toner for the hot summer season.

Eat lots of watermelon, yellow melon and Cucumber

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Melons and cucumber have a high content of water and other vitamins.  It also has cooling properties  which help pacify high heat in this summer.  All the more, fruits if eaten daily, makes your skin soft, relieving you  from heat allergies and making you feel fresh.

5 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Natural Remedies For Your Health Problems

Mother Nature is God’s gift to mankind. Just like how a mother cares for her children, Mother Nature cares for us and provides us with many bounties which are very useful to us for our everyday lives. Natural remedies are one such type of bounty which provides us with relief for various illnesses and health problems. Here’s why you should prefer natural remedies for your health problems:

1. Natural remedies work with the whole body:

Natural remedies deal with the underlying issue of the whole body rather than curing a specific part. The human body is the combination of specific parts which depend on each other in order to function as a whole. Treating an individual part cannot work completely if the whole body system is not considered.


2. Less expensive and easily available:

Pharmaceutical drugs can cost you more and you will have to take a trip to the chemist to purchase them whereas, natural remedies can be made at home from the things we use in our everyday life. For example Ginger remarkably helps in reducing the inflammation in joints and improves the flexibility in joints. So why buy 10 different medicines from a drug store whereas you got one in your kitchen


3. No harmful side effects:

Natural remedies have no harmful side effects. Pharmaceutical drugs often cause adverse reactions which cause harmful side effects in the patients taking them.


4. Increases immunity:

Natural remedies provide increased immunity as it increases the body’s ability to ward off diseases. Natural remedies promote an overall healthier body which can be easily achieved with continued treatment.


5. Can help to prevent cancer:

There are some natural herbs that help prevent and slow down the growth of certain cancer cells in the body. Dandelion and garlic are examples of such herbs which help in preventing cancer.


Go natural, stay healthy!

Now There Is A New Reason For You To Go Goa!

The moment you listen to the word “Goa” you might end up having a wide smile on your face. It is considered as one of the most popular destinations for tourists in India, where not just Indians but even foreigners from all over the world come down to have a great time with their friends and family. Once you are there all you feel like doing is sitting on a hammock, soak up some sun and enjoy listening to the waves of the beautiful sea. You will find natural beauty in abundance, which is exactly what you need to enjoy a break away from the bustling city life.

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At Ayushakti Ayurvedic Panchkarma Treatment Centers in Goa, we have various unique treatments specially designed after years of research for people with various health issues and for those who want to rejuvenate their organs and stay fit. Some of the Detox programs available are Smoking Detox, Sun Bath Detox, Diabetes (Diabetes), Arthrox(Arthritis), Asthatox(Asthma), Dynamic Detox(Vibrant Health), Anti Ageing Detox, Infertox(Infertility), Liquor Detox and many more. These detox programmes are formulated after many years of research and are targeted to improve the overall health of a person. These detox programs are not only for people with ailments but for everyone who wishes to cleanse their body from within and feel more energetic and have a vibrant health.

Apart from the detox programs we also offer many other services like horse riding, exquisite accommodation, healthy dining, Helipad services, etc to make your visit even more enjoyable.

So now that you have more reasons to go to Goa, pack your bags now and visit us today to start living a healthy life.

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Role of Healthy Lifestyle and Exercise to Improve Fertility


Improve Fertility

In this modern day and age, lifestyles have evolved to a completely different level. Today, when pollution is on the rise health, is constantly under a greater risk. Apart from that, addiction and unhealthy eating habits take a toll on your health to a great extent. Oily food leads to hazardous health effects like high blood pressure, which can then cause heart issues. All these health conditions have a direct or indirect effect on fertility and reproductive health.

Effects of smoking

Research shows that prolonged smoking can have a drastic effect on your reproductive health. The risk of it may be twice that of non-smokers in women. Smoking reduces sperm count in men as well. Smoking damages sperm, making them less fertile.

Effects of drinking

Another major reason for infertility across the globe is excessive drinking. A study showed that drinking up to five drinks a week can reduce the chances of conceiving in women and 10 drinks or more decreases the likelihood of conception even further. When it comes to men, alcohol can reduce testosterone levels which reduces libido. It can also damage the quality, structure and movement of sperm.

Effects of unhealthy diet

Many say that overeating, weight gain and an unhealthy diet has a direct effect on fertility and reproductive health. Regular exercise and following a healthy diet is very crucial for not only maintaining good overall health but improves chances of conception in women and sperm count in men as well.

Lack of exercise

Exercise improves blood flow, stamina and your heart’s health. It also keeps you away from other disastrous health problems like blood pressure and diabetes. It also makes your body fit enough to carry a child. Maintaining the right body mass index by ensuring that you are not either underweight or overweight will improve fertility and reproductive health to a great extent.

Get rid of the addiction, practice regular exercise, follow a good nutritious diet, stay fit and see the difference for yourself. For more details about Ayushakti’s proven natural remedies to fight infertility, get in touch with us today.