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Rejuvenate Yourself Daily With Natural Ayurveda Rasayana Programs

Our bodies constantly go through changes in their microcellular structures. Every day, millions of cells die and millions of new cells are born. In other words, after every 10 to 15 years, you will have a new body. It is important for our bodies to replace aging cells and produce new cells constantly. Rasayana programs play a vital role in helping our bodies achieve these goals. Rasayana programs help you become healthy and look and feel younger!

Some Rasayana tips which you can follow easily at home

  •  Before breakfast, have one or two teaspoons of pure cow Ghee. You can have it with half a glass of warm water or have it directly.  Ghee stimulates Agni, enhances metabolism and preserves mental and physical strength which leads to abundant energy and immunity.Rejuvenate Yourself Daily with natural Ayurveda Rasayana programs
  • Around 3 in the afternoon have half a glass of white pumpkin juice with the juice of one fresh amla (Emblic fruit) and half a teaspoon of raw cane sugar or honey.  White pumpkin keeps you energetic and fresh. It’s very good for the brain.  it has the property to control Blood pressure, balance the emotions.  Relieves stress and anxiety remarkably.  While Amla improves your metabolism, improves appetite, relieves acidity.  Its Tridoshahar in Ayurveda.

Rejuvenate Yourself Daily with natural Ayurveda Rasayana programs

Detox programs once a year promotes vibrant health and vitality naturally

Apart from following this daily routine, undergoing detox programs once a year or every alternative year is the best and most effective rejuvenation program. Detox programs get rid of all the toxins, heals and rejuvenates the body and revitalize the mind and emotions. Detox treatments prevent relapses of chronic health conditions. Promotes a healthy body mind and emotions. You feel more energetic, freedom from illnesses and look younger than your age!

You must remember to consult an experienced Ayurvedic doctor to heal yourself with the help of Rasayana programs.

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Natural asthma treatment for women

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