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A girl sacrifices her life and happiness right from childhood, be it compromising with her dressing sense, be it taking up responsibilities at a minor age, or be it adjusting with her husband’s family! Doesn’t such a beautiful being deserve to be treated in a priceless way?

She’s the daughter who sacrifices her emotions for her family, she’s the woman who has to live in a completely new home after marriage, treat another lady as her own mother, another man as her own father, still, she tries to adjust with every little thing and strengthen herself mentally!

And after which she also has to take the pain of giving birth to children and nurturing those blooming buds! Does everyone have the courage to carry a fetus in the womb for 9 months? Can everyone go through that labour pain? No, right? It’s tough for her too! Despite of the fact that she’ll have to bear the pain, despite the fact that she’ll comparatively become weak, despite the fact that she’s probably going to lose her beauty and despite the fact that she’ll have to sacrifice her style of living in order to take care of children, she still gives birth!

And the fact is very few people bother to take care of her! But, she’s quite strong to do it all herself. In such case experts at Ayushakti are willing to become her patron. Where, there’s something called post-delivery detox i.e. a natural way of allowing her to get rid of the pain she has had for so many months, a natural way of helping her lose the weight that she’s gained due to pregnancy and also a natural way to let her get strong and stable as she was earlier.

Ayushakti’s P.D. Detox – 30 days detoxification program helps you to get in to shape after delivery and relieves you from recurring back pain, stress, tiredness and improves energy and happiness. 

The five stages in P.D. Detox specifically focuses on preparing your body for removing the toxic mucous & fat from the root, through liquefying process, then deep detoxification for clearing the blockages which cause water retention and hormonal imbalance in the body, improving the metabolism and rejuvenating the cells and tissues and strengthen the bones and muscles. Finally maintaining through potent herbs. The improved metabolism helps to digest the fat/toxins and to remove them on a daily basis. so that your body does not accumulate fat, you feel more energetic, enthusiastic, happy and feel much fitter.

Who can do this treatment?

● Any woman between the age group of 21 – 50 who have difficulty in reducing weight post delivery.

● Women who have a complaint of weight gain even after 16 years of delivery.

What benefit do you experience through Ayushakti’s remarkable P.D.Detox?

Symptoms before treatment               Benefits after Ayushakti P.D.Detox

Difficulty in losing weight                                       Help to reduce approx. 8 – 15 kg in 3 months (vary from person to                                                                                            person)

Bulging hips, waist, thighs, Tummy                     Reduces fat from tummy, hips, waist, thighs

Post delivery Back pain & joints pain                   Remarkable relief in  pain

Lethargy, low self-esteem                                        Improved energy, high self-esteem

Low metabolism, hormonal imbalance                Improved metabolism & balanced hormones

Stretch marks                                                             The Remarkable reduction in stretch marks

Looking older than her age                                      Feeling younger than before

Stress, depression                                                      More focused and Happy.

Hair Fall, Hair Thinning                                           Reduce hair fall, Improves healthy hair growth

Poor/lack of sexual desire                                        Improved desire

Note: P.D. Detox treatment can be done any time after 6 months post delivery.  The main advantage is that it will help you get into shape, boost your energy levels and remarkably reduce the post delivery backache and stretch marks within 4-8 weeks.

Ayushakti Hallmarks

● Clinics present in India, Europe, USA, Australia, Russia, UK.

● Helped more than 10 million people for past 27 years to get rid of many chronic ailments.


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Fertility not a Problem with Ayushakti

Fertility not a problem with ayushakti

Mother Nature always had all the answers and solutions to all the ailments of our body but with time allopathy took charge and as we evolved we relied more on chemicals as natural therapies and herbs started getting ignored as availability started getting scarce with the chemical popularity. An evident theory even a ten year old understands but unfortunately even a hundred year old doesn’t realize; but there is hope; well there is more than hope, there is Ayushakti. All the wonders of nature hidden and ignored are being exposed making all realize the power of Ayurveda and the impact of it’s miraculous healing powers in Human body. Amongst many such ailments Ayurveda provide powerful healing, infertility is one such problem many couples face and they do everything in their power and understanding to get healed but the use of chemicals just risks too much and the end result always has something to loose, some side effect or after effects that makes their misery a lot more worse but Ayushakti has natural solutions so whatever is being done to your body is what your body needs in everyway, every aspect of healing is entirely based on your body’s immune system every bit of that nature will gift your body is some way or the other.

Fibroids affect at least 20% of all women at sometime during their life, it’s one of the most common problem that causes infertility, other problems like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS/PCOD), a hormonal imbalance disorder, endometriosis,  habitual abortion etc and low sperm count, insufficient sperm motility, Vericocele in the Scrotum  are the main causes of male infertility.  But there is nothing to worry if any of these are the causes that’s keeping you away from completing your family. Ayushakti is the best answer to that worried thought of yours, get yourself naturally healed and give yourself the gift of fertility with Ayushakti.

Fertility is nature’s gift and if there is any problems relating to it then let nature heal it, let Ayushakti show you the right way or the natural way to reverse it without any side effect and all the right effects that will make your aspirations of becoming a parent come true and naturally alive. Come home to mother nature and get healed with her bounty. So now you know Fertility is not a problem with Ayushakti.