Detox Diet Plan

Detox Diet Plan: 30 days to a better you

A detox diet plan can help you lose weight and gain increased energy and health. Following is a detox diet plan that can be followed for  a month:

  1. First Five Days:

Begin your detoxification with moong and vegetables. A moong and vegetable soup can be had for the first five days, whenever you feel hungry. Just consuming this soup throughout the five days will be an excellent step towards  detoxification. Do not eat anything else in these 5 days.

Detox Moong Soup Recipe:

1 cup…..soaked green Mung

2 cups…..vegetables (pumpkin/bottle gourd/carrot/onion/ French beans/turai/galka/soft gourd/tendli etc.)

Cook in the pressure cooker with ginger-garlic paste and spices, as per taste. Garnish with  coriander leaves. Drink warm.

moong helps reduce inflammation and bloating. moong is also low in calories and therefore aids in losing weight. Increase in energy will be experienced by the individual and he/she will remain fresh.


  1. 6th Day onwards:

Go back to your regular diet, and follow the guidelines given below:

Avoid: Wheat, foods that are fermented, foods that are sour, foods that are deep fried, red meat (pork/beef, etc.), foods that cause gas, citrous foods, Carbohydrate-rich foods (rice/bread/pasta/fruits/chapatti/potato, etc.)

Embrace: leafy vegetables, pumpkin, bottle gourd, carrot, onion, French beans, turai, galka, soft gourd, tendli, spring onion, moong, moong dal, tuvar dal

For proteins, people can consume dal, tofu, fish, chicken, eggs.

In place of chapathis,  pancakes/chilla made out of chickpea flour (besan) and  yellow moong daal flour  can be consumed.


Tip: Add ginger, garlic, cumin, asafetida (hing) and coriander to your cooking, to reduce gas formation in the body.


Towards the end of 30 days, a loss of three to five kgs will be seen. The individual will feel light, refreshed and will be full of energy.

Post this diet, your regular diet can be continued. To avoid any future fluctuations in weight, avoiding red meat, fermented foods and wheat is advised.

People affected with the following problems can try out this diet: Bloating, inflammation, blood pressure, obesity, high blood sugar, pain in joints.



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