Read How You Can Win More Than Half The Battle To Keep Stress Away By Staying Healthy

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Human life is full of challenges, obstacles & expectations. In the modern world today, leading a healthy and stress-free life is one challenge in itself. In order to keep up with the pace of the fast-moving world, people often tend to leave their health and well-being out of the equation. Stress is an inevitable part of human life and if not dealt with in the right way, may lead one to several problems and health issues. As they say, “Health is Wealth,” one should always prioritize his/her health over wealth.

Stress basically is a way how your body responds to perceived danger. It is the cause of an event that affects you in the form of stress. Here are some ways you can deal with stress and increase your chances of winning the battle against it.

A To-Do List Should Help –

Always consider making a list of things you have to perform on an everyday basis. Making this a habit will help you stay organized and keep things flowing according to the plan. Writing down your work will lead to lesser/no stress.

Avoid Busyness –

Always make some time for doing things you love. Talking to your friends or family members while feeling low while on work might prove to be a short but a worthy break.

Eat to Win –

Giving up on your diet is only gonna put you in more trouble. Make it a point to have three meals a day and take a snack break whenever you feel over-stressed or low.

Good Sleep –

It is said that good sleep can put all your worries in vain. Make sure you get a good sleep of around 8 hours every night. This will keep you going throughout your busy scheduled day.

And Relax –

Whenever you get time, do not forget to just RELAX. Spend some time with yourself by doing things you love the most.

Following these steps or tricks will surely help you to win the stress battle. Ayushakti has natural remedies to tackle stress. Get in touch with us today.

Infertility Can Now Be Treated Without Surgeries or Side-Effects

Infertility Without Side Effects

Infertility has been a growing concern in the recent past. The sedentary lifestyles, increased stress levels and unhealthy eating habits have been the major reasons of infertility to some extent. With the increased rates of infertility in both men and women, medical experts from around the world have been exploring new ideas and technologies to counter this complex health issue since many decades.

Some of these processes are painful, surgical in nature and also have chances of side-effects. Ayurvedic therapies and remedies are becoming more and more popular all over the world as it has shown some great positive results and more than that have no side effects.

Ayushakti has been a trusted brand to offer effective and proven natural remedies for many complex ailments. Diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, to name a few. After years of research and findings, Ayushakti experts have cracked a unique way to fight Infertility in both men and women. Infertox is a detox specially formulated to improve fertility and reproductive health. There are several reasons why infertility can be caused. With proper analysis, Ayushakti doctors find the exact cause your health condition and suggest appropriate natural remedies.

To top it, Infertox has shown outstanding results all over the world. This special formulation relieves the body of all toxins, imbalances and also eliminates blocks that cause infertility. The female ovulation and male sperm count etc. improve and the conception takes place upon the treatments. The treatment has absolutely no side-effects and does not need any surgery! Take a look at the amazing success stories of couples who have opted for the Infertox treatment.

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Role of Healthy Lifestyle and Exercise to Improve Fertility


Improve Fertility

In this modern day and age, lifestyles have evolved to a completely different level. Today, when pollution is on the rise health, is constantly under a greater risk. Apart from that, addiction and unhealthy eating habits take a toll on your health to a great extent. Oily food leads to hazardous health effects like high blood pressure, which can then cause heart issues. All these health conditions have a direct or indirect effect on fertility and reproductive health.

Effects of smoking

Research shows that prolonged smoking can have a drastic effect on your reproductive health. The risk of it may be twice that of non-smokers in women. Smoking reduces sperm count in men as well. Smoking damages sperm, making them less fertile.

Effects of drinking

Another major reason for infertility across the globe is excessive drinking. A study showed that drinking up to five drinks a week can reduce the chances of conceiving in women and 10 drinks or more decreases the likelihood of conception even further. When it comes to men, alcohol can reduce testosterone levels which reduces libido. It can also damage the quality, structure and movement of sperm.

Effects of unhealthy diet

Many say that overeating, weight gain and an unhealthy diet has a direct effect on fertility and reproductive health. Regular exercise and following a healthy diet is very crucial for not only maintaining good overall health but improves chances of conception in women and sperm count in men as well.

Lack of exercise

Exercise improves blood flow, stamina and your heart’s health. It also keeps you away from other disastrous health problems like blood pressure and diabetes. It also makes your body fit enough to carry a child. Maintaining the right body mass index by ensuring that you are not either underweight or overweight will improve fertility and reproductive health to a great extent.

Get rid of the addiction, practice regular exercise, follow a good nutritious diet, stay fit and see the difference for yourself. For more details about Ayushakti’s proven natural remedies to fight infertility, get in touch with us today.

Diet Matters – Foods that help Improve Fertility


improve fertilityOn most occasions, we generally tend to not pay attention to diet, when it comes to maintaining your reproductive health. Research has shown that what you eat plays a vital role indeed to improve or better fertility related issues.

Here are some easy and handy Tips you could follow:

Stick to Vegetable Protein: Avoid having beef, pork or chicken. Instead eat vegetable protein sources, such as cooked dried beans and nuts. This reduces the risk of ovulatory infertility drops by more than 50%.

Vitamins are Vital: It is observed that women who regularly intake iron supplements and multivitamins containing folic acid have less ovulation-related infertility.

Consume Choline: Most women don’t get enough choline; many prenatal vitamins don’t even contain it. Cauliflower, the highest choline-containing veggie which has 25% of the choline found in one egg yolk.

Keep a check on your partner’s Diet and lifestyle: Having foods rich in vitamins C and E, zinc and folic acid help improve sperm health. Make sure that your partner avoids smoking, drinking alcohol.

Drink loads of Water: When you don’t drink enough water, your cervical fluid becomes sluggish. The same goes for a man’s ejaculate fluid. Drink enough water so that your urine is a light yellow colour.

Cut Caffeine: High caffeine intake interferes with the process of conception. You can, in fact, eliminate it from your diet altogether by avoiding caffeinated coffee, tea and soft drinks.

For more information, you can get in touch with our experts today. 

Lifestyle Choices Have A Great Prominence In Issues Related To Fertility


Lifestyle factors have had a considerable impact on health and issues related to infertility. Smoking and obesity can not only affect general health and well-being but also lead to health problems related to reproduction like infertility. Though they do not directly result in infertility, it causes health complications like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and some cancers. These medical conditions, in turn, can impact on reproductive performance. Many studies have scientifically proven that smoking in women significantly decreases the chance of conception.

Eating a healthy diet is crucial to maintaining a good health. There are certain vitamins that could improve and maintain reproductive health than others. It is always advised to consume a diet rich in carbohydrates, fibre, folate, and lycopene as well as fruits and vegetables. Maintaining the right weight by following the body mass index is also said to have a great impact on reproductive health. Stress always exists in the society in various forms like physical, social, or psychological. It is important to deal with it and control it. Many cases have shown that the major causes of infertility are health issues to do with stress.

Stress and health can be maintained with regular exercise and yoga, which keeps your mind peaceful and body agile. Exercising regularly maintains your body weight and eliminates issues related to obesity.

Ayushakti experts have invented a proven natural treatment to fight infertility in both men and women. The treatment gives the patients a holistic remedy including a good diet and other lifestyle-related tips that can better your reproductive health. For more details about this powerful detox treatment called Infertox, visit our doctors today. For more information visit us.