Ayushakti Experts Explore the Natural Way to Treat Arthritis and Diabetes

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Arthiritis is a disease that causes stiffness and painful inflammation in the joints, affecting the musculoskeletal system. It occurs due to old age mostly between fifty to fifty five and treating it becomes worse as the body starts to age. Our conventional allopathic meds though “does the job” per say but it’s an evident fact that chemicals are not meant for our body, our body’s natural anatomy always requires a natural healing system. So though it might be a pretty convenient option to go to the nearest drug store but the catch here is not just to treat arthritis but rather also improve the immunity of the body to fight diseases without any side effects.

Diabetes in this regard is also a very common problem that worsens with age, mostly, but there might be various other reasons like genetics, lack of nutrition, excess alcohol and sugar consumption etc but whatever the reason may be behind it but the way of treating it in anatomical reality, needs to be absolutely natural or else there will be some sort of disorder lurking around the body that starts appearing as side effects or some sort of passive abnormality only because of the excessive intake of those chemical meds, which further requires another set of medication to treat and the loop goes round and around.

Though Ayurveda has been successfully treating and healing human bodies since a millennia and more; and this ancient technique had and has all the answers behind every dosha’s or ailments of our body. A technique our experts at Ayushakti have been proving worth since 1987. Our body accepts and relates to ayurveda more than any chemical substance that claims to heal our ailments completely without due side effects. Today’s advancement in the world of health care has finally started to acknowledge the power of ayurveda via Ayushakti, which has successfully helped more than a million people from around a hundred and eight countries of the world.

Ayushakti experts specialize in treatments like the Panchakarma and Marma, that aid in flushing out toxins accumulated in various systems of the body that cause diseases and also deteriorate the functionality of the organs speeding up the ageing process and gradually diminishing the immunity to fight diseases. Ayushakit experts have successfully proven that it works like a miracle, but in reality it simply proves how our body is actually meant to be healed by the power of nature. That the nature has provided every aspect of healing since human life began and all this had been lost till Ayushakti revived its knowledge and proved globally that natural healing exists and successfully claims to achieve results that chemical meds would only dream of.

It’s at Ayushakti your ailments will be discovered, treated and mended. The journey has just begun, it’s only a drop in the ocean of knowledge Ayurveda’s natural healing  has to offer and Ayushakti pledges to explore every drop that can create immense possibilities of natural healing offering you a world without chemicals.

Take a Deep Breath, Ayushakti can Cure Asthma Naturally

It always feels great to stay healthy and do all that you’ve always loved doing, like playing your favourite sport, go swimming and be a part of adventure trips. But there are certain health conditions that can stop you from being free. Asthma is one such dreaded condition! Asthma makes the channels that help traverse air into your lungs weaker. This makes breathing a painful task. You start feeling breathless and a heavy attack can even lead to death.

That’s when all your dreams shatter in front of your eyes and you have to refrain from activities that are tedious physically. There are many types of Asthma. It can not only affect older people but children too. Different kinds of medications are available in the market to treat Asthma depending upon its type. The most popular one is the inhalers. But these medications have to be taken regularly and the condition might worsen when the patient is exposed to smoke or dust.

Ayushakti has natural remedies to treat Asthma. Asthatox is a carefully formulated natural detox program that has shown outstanding results all over the world. It has been designed only after years of research.

Asthatox treatment focuses on 4 areas.

Liquification, elimination, renovation and rejuvenation.

Liquification process helps to melt and to remove the sticky toxins which narrowing and blocking the pathways of lungs and respiratory channels. Thus reduces inflammation, open up narrowed airways and promotes easy breathing.

Elimination process helps expel the melted toxins and fats which are collected in the digestive system after the liquification process through several motions. This process improves metabolism, relieves chest congestion & wheezing, frequent allergies.

Renovation process includes herbal decoction basti daily to pull out excess Vayu (air) and regularize the air movements in the body. Also, renew the cells and tissues for better functions.  Overall respiratory functions improve and frequency of Asthma attacks will be remarkably reduced.  This reduction in the use of inhaler pump.

Finally, rejuvenation herbs and treatments promote easy breathing, remarkably improves the functions of respiratory channels, repairs damages in lungs, clear airways thus helps healthy functions.  Immune boosting herbs in the rejuvenation treatments reduces the frequency of Asthma attacks and helps stop the use of inhaler pump slowly and steadily.

Now that there is home, you’ve got a reason to take a long breath! Opt for our Asthatox treatment at Ayushakti and feel the sense of freedom within you by resuming activities that you used to indulge yourself in!

Ayushakti helps people control their blood pressure naturally.

Abnormal blood pressure is one of the most common ailments of our body. There may be a lot of reasons that can relate to high/low blood pressure, due to the increase in different types of toxins introduced into our body from various activities like;

  • Overweight
  • Old Age
  • Excess Alcohol intake
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Family history, genetics
  • Kidney, adrenal and thyroid disorders etc

With the toxins induced in our body, leading to the improper circulation of the blood and when our immune system tries to resist it, it’s when we start facing problems, one amongst all such problems is abnormal blood pressure. It’s a general practice that we use allopathic medicines to cure or control this problem however if we look at it in a natural way, our body was never meant to be treated with chemicals, our anatomy is a nature’s make so every ailment of our body needs to fixed using natural resources.

A very essential aspect of medicine and health care we successfully offer to you with impressive results. Powerful herbs and Ayushakti herbal formulas are all natural based which understands the functionality of the body and helps the immune system to nurture, resist and control the physical aspects like the blood pressure. With us, you will have the instance of understanding what your body needs internally to grow stronger, rather than just curing the ailment temporarily risking you to a list of other problems that incur due to chemical usage. The ayurvedic revolution is at your disposal, acknowledge the power of nature and the relationship of your body with the nature with Ayushakti.

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Natural Solution that Ayushakti has for Child Growth

                                                           Childhood diseases

Our anatomy is a perfect example of nature’s evolution, everything our body is made up of is obtained from nature. Every little aspect of proper nourishment and medication our natural body needs is already provided by nature but it’s the lack of availability of natural resources partly due to our urban practices that we fail to avail to the proper and natural needs of our body. Today we might’ve evolved in our ways of health care but somehow we also have induced a lot of chemicals and toxins internally and externally, as normal as a common cold or a pimple we are inclined us to take a pill and  chill but this chilling with the pill-ing is not what our body is made to acknowledge, in the natural sense, the traces of chemicals can be evidenced from the embryo to the newborn and so on and this is the reason behind all the ailments our body faces, due to evolving lack of immunity induced by the inclination towards these chemicals. Growth is the nature’s bliss hence proper growth needs the gift’s nature bestows to all.

Ayushakti is a revolution that helps all avail to the true magic of nature, the solutions and remedies that cater to the natural needs of the body for proper growth, especially for children. Children are always at risk of getting sick and proper nourishment is more than just a requirement. Growth in children needs internal and external solutions, a healthy looking child may lack in internal immunity and with no internal care remedies the hidden ailments inside the body may pose complications in the future, so with  ayurvedic solutions from Ayushakti you can ascertain the internal and external physical development of the body to be perfectly natural and complete.

Nature has all the solutions to the perfect health care our body deserves and Ayushakti offers these solutions to all for their best or shall we say natural interests. Ayushakti naturally yours.

Go the natural way of leading a healthy lifestyle from a younger age.

Natural Lifestyle

Start young; a phrase that holds true for almost everything. Even when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle! Inculcating healthy habits in your kids when they are young will make them conscious which invariably will make them more responsible about taking care of their body even when they grow older. The benefit of natural remedies is the fact that they do not have any side effects and they do not hamper your immune system in any way unlike other medical options available. Keeping your children healthy when they are young will make sure that they don’t fall ill too frequently in their crucial years when they start learning and understanding the world better.

Ayushakti has a rage of safe natural remedies that are specifically designed to treat ailments that are commonly found in children. Resorting to powerful medications can backfire sometimes and lead to further complications. Medical conditions faced by children of different age groups need to be tackled differently. Our expert doctors at Ayushakti have a deep understanding of these health issues that children face and have effective natural solutions for each one of them.

Let’s have a look at the various pediatric natural treatments that Ayushakti offer:

  1. Herbal remedies for immunity enhancement
  2. Herbal remedies for memory, focus and awareness. This natural remedies also improve cognition power, better performance in studies.
  3. Proven remedies and for a cough, cold, fever, frequent allergies, Asthma, wheezing. Nasya treatments to relieve sinusitis.
  4. Low or no appetite, digestion problem, constipation.
  5. Marma treatments for Hyperactive children
  6. Special remedies and diet for improving height, weight in children

Nature knows everything, it knows to take care of your little ones as well. Visit the nearest Ayushakti centre and book an appointment with our experts to treat their ailments naturally!