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Ayurvedic treatment center in Bandra

Don’t ignore that cough! Visit an Ayurveda doctor in Bandra today

Is your cough a persistent problem that has been there for three weeks or more? If that holds true for you, then seeing a doctor should be a top priority for you.

A simple cough can be a symptom of huge underlying problems.

Ayurvedic treatment center in Bandra

It is not uncommon for as many as one in five to be suffering from persistent cough. Now, is most cases cough might not have a serious underlying cause behind it, but it sure can be very exhausting.  Especially in cases where it stops the person suffering from it from sleeping. A cough can be due to the irritation of the airways, which extends from the bottom of your lungs to your throat. Some coughs are quite obvious, but some of the culprits behind the persistent cough are more malicious than others.


According to Doctors a persistent cough which is also known as chronic cough is the one the ends up lasting for more than 8 weeks. So, if it is between three to eight months, then it is sub-acute, while if it is three weeks than it is acute.

The time period for which your cough lasts defines what kind of cough you are suffering from. Coughs usually have a wide variety of different causes. If you have a cough that lasts less than three weeks, then usually the virus is the culprit. In such situations, a self-help remedy by your pharmacist will help you get through. If your cough persists for more than a period of three weeks or if you are having symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain or if you are coughing up blood, then visiting a doctor should be a top priority for you. Also, if a long-term chest condition like asthma or COPD is in your medical history, then a specialist should be on your top priority.



If you have been smoking or if you have smoked, chronic cough could be due to a chronic lung condition called COPD.


Sometime colds, allergies, along with chronic sinusitis are responsible for a drip down the back of your throat which is responsible for irritation of your upper airways. This is especially evident when you are lying down. The most common symptoms are suffering from blocked nose and having a nasty taste specially in the back of your throat.


The most common treatment for dealing with sinusitis will depend on how long you’ve been using the treatment. Ayurvedic treatments from Ayushakti can be really helpful when dealing with these ailments.

The severity of your symptoms along with the examination of polyps in your sinus will need to be done. Allergies that are like hay fever and rhinitis, which is suffering from blocked nose on a constant basis due to allergy from house dust also get aggravated in winter. It can be treated with the natural treatment made available by Ayushakti in no time.


Cough and its causes


Reflux is generally associated with heartburn, but that couldn’t be any further than the truth. The burning pain that you experience when there’s pain behind your breastbone. Coughs can also give rise to an acid taste in the back of your mouth, this acid is known to irritate throat. And, incidentally, it’s one of the more common causes of chronic cough.


So, where does that leave us


It leaves us with a certain dilemma. So many causes of cough, and not many solutions. Conventional wisdom suggests that the best way to deal with cough and cough related issues by using Ayurveda. How does Ayurveda help? Well, for starters, Ayurveda is an ancient medicine that enables us to cure even more the persistent cough with utmost ease.