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Ayurvedic Clinic In Worli

Ayurvedic Clinic In Worli – Ayushakti

Do you have any idea about what is ayurveda? How does it work? What are the ingredients? Now make sure before you use anything, you should be aware of the pros and cons of it. Yes, we are talking about Ayurveda- the traditional hindu system of medicine (incorporated in Atharva Veda, the last of the four Vedas), which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal, treatment, and yogic breathing.

Ayurvedic Clinic In Worli

Ayurveda significantly developed during the Vedic period and some of the no-vedic systems such as Buddhism and Jainnism also developed medical concepts and practices that appear in the Classsical Ayurveda texts. Ayurveda names three elemental substances, the Doshas (called Vata, Pitta and Kapha), and states that a balance of the dosha results in health, while imbalance results in disease. Ayurveda has eight canonical components, which are derived from classical Sanskrit Literature. Know more about ayureda and its benefits from the ayurvedic clinic in Worli.

The substances used for Ayruvedic medicine is plant-based treatments and are mainly derived from roots, leaves, fruits, bark or seed such as cardamom and cinnamon. Now these natural ingredients would only matter to someone if he/she really finds interests in it or have benefited something out of it. Everyone wants everything fast in this century, so is the treatment. But there are certain diseases or infection which cannot be cured through surgeries, even if one goes through surgeries to get rid of it it will either leave a scar or the diseases or infection will come back again.

It is very necessary to know your body type, get in touch with Ayushakti, an ayurvedic clinic in Worli to know about body types and other necessary things which are important for the growth of the system. A human body is affected physically, mentally and emotionally in various ways. Consult an ayurvedic practitioner from ayurvvedic clinic in Worli to understand the root cause of all kind of diseases, infections and other treatments in ayurveda which cure the disease from roots. There are certain type of exercises or yoga which helps in the treatment too, like the face lift exercises or yoga for fit life or exercises for joint pains, muscles spasms etc. Two of eight branches of classical ayurveda deal with surgery but contemporary ayurveda tends to stress attaining vitality by building a healthy metabolic system and maintaining the digestion and excretion with healthy living. Ayurveda follows the concept of Dinacharya, which says that natural cycle slike sleeping, walking, working are important for health.Know more about ayureda, nits origin, its history etc from Ayushakti, an ayurvedic clinic in Worli.

The medication of ayurvedic treatment is different and is free of side effects unlike allopathic medicines which has side effects. The medicines are purely made from the ingredients from the nature which are not harmful. Ayurvedic medication and treatment has been used all over the world. In India, 80% of the population opt for ayurvedic treatment or remedies of infection and diseases to cure. About 75%-85% of the population of Nepal use ayurveda and it is the more practiced form of medicine in the country. Going with the treatment of ayurvedic is any time more affordable than other surgeries or medication and has no side effects too.