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The world is at risk with the growing cases of Diabetes | Ayushakti Ayurved

Diabetes is one of the chronic non-communicable diseases that affect most of the people above the age of 40. And now, the situation is becoming worse as this disease is affecting even the children. The children from age 4-16 are suffering from high blood sugar.

In all, there are 31 lakh Diabetics in India. Diabetes occurs when your blood glucose or blood sugar level increases. When a hormone called glucose stays in your blood and doesn’t reach your cells, it becomes a problem. Blood glucose is one of the most important energy forms in the body. When there is a lack of insulin in your body, it hinders the breakdown of glucose to form the energy. Glucose then stays in your blood and doesn’t reach your cells.

Ayurvedic Approach Towards Diabetes | Ayushakti Ayurved

  • Type 1 Diabetes is characterized by a lack of insulin production.
  • Type 2 Diabetes is caused by the body’s ineffective use of insulin. It often results from excess body weight and physical inactivity.

However, several reasons have made a large number of population Diabetic. Some of these are – inadequate sleep, excessive smoking & drinking, poor health, unhealthy diet, etc.

A person suffering from Diabetes can further experience many other problems like heart diseases, kidney failures, stroke, retinal issues, nerve problems, dental issues, etc. which may worsen by age. Hence, it is necessary to cure Diabetes at the primary stage before the other problems take place.

The initial symptoms of Diabetes are:

  • Weakness in legs and muscles
  • Poor digestion/metabolism
  • Poor kidney functions
  • High blood sugar level & insulin dependency
  • Feeling weak & tired
  • Increased weight
  • Stiffness, pain, numbness in fingers, shoulders
  • Fatty liver
  • Dry skin & itching
  • Stress, anxiety, depression
  • High blood pressure & cholesterol
  • Erectile problems
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Frequent Urination

Managing Diabetes is tough but not impossible. Hence, when it comes to relieving Diabetes without any side-effects, Ayurveda works best. Called as ‘Madhumeha’, Ayurveda suggests to cut-off the sugar intake & increase the consumption of leafy vegetables. According to Ayurveda, the balance between three fundamental Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, is considered for maintaining good health.

Therefore, Ayurveda maintains such balance by its proven medicinal herbs. Ayushakti’s Diabetox treatment for Diabetes helps in controlling blood sugar & prevents complications of other body functions. Diabetox includes a natural deep healing internal/external treatment. Diabetox treatment process comes with NO side effects. Apart from that, Ayushakti’s Diabetox-C helps in reducing cellular resistance.

Ayushakti Diabetox | Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes

Along with these medicines, one should follow a healthy lifestyle that includes:

  • A balanced diet
  • Minimum 6 to 8 hours of sleep
  • No smoking & drinking
  • No junk & sugary food

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natural treatment for diabetes

Controlling Diabetes with minimal diet changes

Just type the word ‘Diabetes’ and the internet will throw up a number of different food lists that will have the usual unhealthy foods on it. With so many different food lists, an individual will obviously get confused on what foods to avoid. However, are such food omissions truly needed to control diabetes? Or is there a way to control diabetes without giving up on all your different food items? Let’s take a look at a Diabetic patient’s case and judge for ourselves.

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Where to find Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes

Diabetes is termed as a modern disease. The reason it has been termed ‘modern’, is not because it has been seen in people in modern years, but because it it’s prevalence has increased in the population, in the recent years. The number of people with Diabetes has seen a steep increase, especially since the Industrial Revolution. With the machines replacing humans in different jobs, the physical activity of the common man gradually reduced and as this happened, the occurrence of Diabetes could be seen, on the rise. Without a proper check in the initial phases, it was almost too late before people realized how large-scale the spread of Diabetes was.

Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes are the only thing that can reduce this spread of Diabetes? Why Ayurvedic? Well, conventional modern medicines simply deal with the symptoms of Diabetes and its aim is to suppress symptoms and aggravations. However, suppression of symptoms does not cure the disease entirely and is a poor substitute for an actual cure or remedy. Ayurveda offers natural techniques that involve food and lifestyle changes that aid the body in adapting and fighting the disease efficiently. Without such techniques to tackle a disease, our body will rarely be able to be free of it.

Ayurvedic medicine   for Diabetes

According to Ayurvedic philosophy, Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder. What happens in this disorder is that the body is unable to utilize glucose efficiently, which leads to two conditions. One, is Hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), and the other is Glycosuria (sugar in urine). A number of different conditions and processes take place in the body. Any alteration in the process can play with the body’s healing systems. This is exactly what happens in Diabetes. The lack of control of sugar levels in the body leads to a number of different complications for the individual.

Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes are all about reestablishing the balance within the different systems in the body. Following are some factors that affect the balance in the body:-

  • Mental Stress
  • Physical stress
  • Diet
  • Weather

The moment any system in our body gets affected, it leads to a chain reaction of chaos in the other systems as well. All the systems in our body are interdependent of each other. Establishing proper coordination and sync is necessary for carrying out the daily activities effectively and without any errors. Any error in the body’s systems can be fatal for the body.

A powerful way of treating Diabetes exists in Ayurveda. A major chunk of Ayurveda deals with treating and managing diseases with the help of herbs. Indeed, mother nature has provided the world with herbs with different medicinal properties that help heal almost every disease/condition. A number of people have benefitted from herbs and take them regularly to help them in their battle with Diabetes. Caution is advised though, as there should be a proper prescription of the herb to the respective disease. A number of factors such as dosage and time of consumption, matters as well.

Herbal Medicines for Diabetes

An imbalance of blood sugar in the body, the cause being a lack of insulin or lack of use of insulin, is called diabetes. Insulin is a hormone that helps glucose reach the cells in your body  to provide it with energy. Type 1 diabetes is when your body doesn’t make any insulin, whereas type 2 diabetes, it doesn’t make the insulin well enough. Type 2 diabetes is more common. Without adequate levels of insulin, the glucose remains in blood instead of contributing to the energy in the cells. If this isn’t taken care of in its earlier stages, too much glucose in the blood stream can cause serious issues. It can lead to blindness, damage the kidneys and nerves, along with causing  heart disease, strokes, and gestational diabetes in pregnant women. It is absolutely essential to keep a watch on your blood sugar levels on a regular basis, and tweak your diet and exercise accordingly.

Along with prescribed medication and appropriate exercise, using natural treatment for diabetes can further aid in managing blood sugar levels. Many common herbs have the natural ability to lower blood sugar, and there have been several studies that have found a potential link between herbal therapies and blood sugar control. While herbal medicine for diabetes isn’t a cure for the problem, it helps manage the glucose levels without any side effects, when used along with the proper prescribed treatment.

Herbal Medicines for Diabetes

These are some of the suggested Ayurvedic supplements that have shown promise as natural treatments for diabetes:


Cinnamon is extremely popular in Chinese medicine. It’s used as a tonic for the stomach, for headaches, for diarrhoeia, back pains, and to promote blood circulation. It is beneficial for a diabetic patient because it helps lower blood sugar levels. You can add a pinch of cinnamon to soups to gain benefits of both, the cinnamon and the soup.

Vitamin B-1

Also known as thiamine, it is found that many diabetics have a deficiency of this vitamin. Low levels of thiamine have been linked to heart disease. It helps prevent diabetic complications. A better alternative to thiamine is benfotiamine, which is lipid-soluble, and thus is able to penetrate cell membranes better than thiamine.

Green tea

Rich with antioxidants, green tea is known to help with many health issues, such as lowering the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, and also with weight loss. This trend has caught up with the entire world, and there is no reason to leave it out of this article. Polyphenols, an antioxidant found in green tea, may also help with the prevention of type 2 diabetes, along with improved glucose control and better insulin activity.


This chemical is found in wine and grapes, and helps prevent high blood sugar. A regular consumption of resveratrol in the form of wine or grapes can also reduce oxidative stress.


Not only does magnesium regulate blood pressure and increase insulin sensitivity, it also has shown to reduce the risk of diabetes as it is found that it lowers rates of insulin resistance.


Abundant with antioxidants, the seeds of jamuns contain jamboline, a chemical that slows down the diastatic conversion of starch into sugar. Adding fruits and uncooked vegetables to your diet can help immensely in reducing the negative effects of diabetes.

Bitter gourd (karela)

This much abhorred vegetable has a bad social reputation for having an awful taste. But its benefits are much more than one could count. It fights pimple breakouts, helps reduce weight, and inhibits the absorption of glucose, which actually kills diabetes. Bitter gourd is most effective when it is eaten raw, but there are many recipes that can be used to make sure you can include karelas in your diet without making a face when you eat it.

Fenugreek (methi seeds)

As a natural treatment for diabetes, methi seeds possess hypoglycemic qualities that reduce blood sugar levels. A daily consumption of about 10gms of fenugreek is recommended.


It’s difficult to leave out this particular herb when you’re listing herbal medicines for diabetes, or for most other health problems. It helps in curing cold and cough, fight acne, and is even proven to be effective in preventing type 2 diabetes.

Lifestyle improvements

Ensuring that you consume food that is beneficial for you reaps many benefits. Avoiding rice, potatoes, sweets, maida, and deep fried foods not only reduce the risks that diabetes poses, but also helps maintain an overall better health. Foods rich in fibre helps the body in absorbing the sugar slowly, which keeps the blood sugar levels balanced.

Regardless of whether you want to use natural treatment as a supplement for controlling diabetes, or stick to the prescribed medications, daily exercise reduces the severity of the disease for long-term complications.


Ayurveda promotes natural means of healthcare so you don’t have to suffer from side effects while you try to maintain better health.

Suffering from diabetes? Come get the best Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes in Mumbai.

Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most chronic common lifestyle diseases that occur either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. The World Health Organization states that 347 million people worldwide have diabetes.

In Ayurveda, diabetes is known as Madhumeha or Prameha and there are around 20 different types that have been specified in Ayurvedic texts. Since it is a chronic disease, doctors usually prescribe their patients anti-diabetic medicines. And if their sugar levels are not controlled, they may be prescribed insulin.

Even though it is difficult to completely stop taking the medication, given the chronic nature of the disease, it may be wise to try some natural remedies and yoga to help control glucose levels naturally. Let’s look at how you can benefit from Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes in Mumbai.

How Ayurveda helps Diabetes?

There are several classical forms of Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes. This however, requires the patient to wholly accept the Ayurvedic herb formulations, and give patients and perseverance in order to receive a complete and effective treatment. Although lifestyle changes; such as ensuring a healthy diet and pursuing an active life; are imperative, classical Ayurvedic medicines are some of the time-tested remedies which may be taken under the supervision of professional Ayurveda physician at Ayushakti.

Ayurveda Treatment fundamentals for management of diabetes

Excess of Mucousy dosha like Kapha (mucous) & Pitta (heat) along with Aama (toxins) blocks insulin secretion and/or creates cellular resistance to blood sugar.  Hence, blockage of insulin secretion increases blood sugar level.  Cellular resistance inhibits absorption of blood sugar in to the cells.  Hence blood sugar increases.

  1.  First key is to stimulate metabolism through the herbs and diet so that insulin secrets naturally and cellular resistance is reduced.
  2. Improve pancreatic functions through certain deep acting herbs for long term.
  3. Follow specific diet and lifestyle which in turn help control blood sugar levels.

Steps to follow when undergoing Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes

There are some things that as a patient you must ensure you maintain in order for your treatment program to go smoothly. Here are some basic recommendations you must follow:

Avoid : Rice, Potato, fruits, wheat, deep fried foods, red meet & Sabudana.

Have more : Proteins like  Chickpea, Mung, lentils, Masoor, Mung daal, soya bean products, chana daal. Vegetables like spinach, leafy greens, Dudhi (bottle gourd), Turai, white pumpkin, Padwal (snake gourd), egg plant, cereals like millet, Ragi, corn, Kulit & Barley (Jav).  Occasionally can have chicken & fish.

  • Your proportion of food categories should be : 60% Vegetables, 30% protein and 10% carbs

Home Remedy:  1 tsp. Methi powder (fenugreek) with half glass of water  two times a day.

Life Style : Walking for ½ hour to 45 minutes daily.

Some of the Ayurvedic herbs for Diabetes

Mamejawa Extract (Enicostemma Littorale Blume) helps release of insulin thus glucose is reduced. Enocostemmma is proven for significant increase in the insulin level.

Asana extract (Pterocarpus Marsuppium) Improve pancreas functions and  balance blood sugar.

Bitter gourd seeds should be pounded and the powder is to be taken twice daily with warm water. The fresh juice extracted by grinding fresh bitter gourd, is an excellent cure. It works better when taken on an empty stomach.

Tender leaves of Neem and Bilva are to be taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, in order to reduce the intensity of your diabetic symptoms. Bilva is Hypoglycemic agent.

Fenugreek, also known as methi is another natural herb that has many health benefits. Fenugreek has the valuable property of reducing the rate at which sugar is absorbed from the stomach during the process of digestion; it also appears to be capable of stimulating the pancreatic cells to increase insulin production.

Rather than injecting insulin into your blood stream, Ayurveda treatment for diabetes strengthens your body and liver, making it capable of expelling excess blood sugar. You should always consult our Ayurvedic doctor to get special medication and dosage for your case.

If you found this article useful and would like to implement the benefits for Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes in Mumbai, then come meet our expert Ayurvedic doctors at Ayushakti.