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diabetes prevention

5 Ways To Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes prevention

For all those who have a sweet tooth and can’t live even a second without eating sweets, you’ll know how much it hurts when you’re not allowed to eat a chocolate. It’s like you’re being denied your birthright. Well, if you want to continue having a sweet tooth all your life then Diabetes is something you should try and prevent yourself from acquiring. Here are 5 ways to keep the sweetness in your life.

1. Spice it up:

Spices are a boon and Indian food is known to contain a lot of spices. But who knew that spices can also help control diabetes. Cinnamon contains compounds that can activate enzymes that stimulate insulin receptors. It also reduces blood fats that may develop a risk of acquiring diabetes.

2. Take a chill pill:

There’s no such thing as a chill pill existing in this world so don’t go searching for it at the chemist. A chill pill refers to a stress buster which you definitely need. When you’re under stress your body goes into flight mode and your blood sugar levels start flying high to prepare you for action.

3. Fit into your old Jeans:

So losing weight gives you a double advantage. Losing just 5% of your weight can totally slash the risk of you developing diabetes. Well, that doesn’t mean you should get blown off by the wind. Just eat healthily and stay fit.

4. Drink Coffee:

A cup of coffee a day keeps diabetes away. Just one cup might not do the trick, Harvard School of Public Health found that big-time coffee drinkers—those who downed more than 6 daily cups—had a 29 to 54% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Decaf Coffee won’t help you at all but other stuff that contains Caffeine like Tea, Soda, Chocolates, etc. might save you.

5. Perfect sleep is important:

We know that everyone loves sleep more than anything else in the world. Sleeping for more than 8 hours triples your odds of acquiring diabetes. Just like oversleeping even lack of sleep is bad so try to get 6-8 hours of sleep daily.

Finally, you’re saved so it’s time to be sweet and also share your sweetness.

Ayushakti has helped many control Diabetes and Arthritis with natural treatments


Good health is what makes life better. You feel better from within, put in your whole-hearted efforts to reach your goals and enjoy special moments with your loved ones openly. But once your body stops supporting you, things start getting uglier. Ayushakti has devised formulas that naturally treat all your health problems like never before.

Diabetes is one of the most common heath concerns that the world faces today. Many-a-times its symptoms are so common that people generally do not take it seriously. But diabetes is like slow poison which could lead to major complications later on. Another drawback about this health condition is that you will have to continue taking medication for a very prolonged period.  Arthritis is another painful health issue that is generally found in older people. In this medical condition the joints and bones become weaker. There are different kinds of diabetes and arthritis and the causes for each of these cases could be different.

The doctors at Ayushakti identify the exact cause of Diabetes or Arthritis by adopting a Pulse Reading procedure. Once the cause is known the patient then undergoes special natural detox programs called Diabetox or Arthretox! Here is how the treatments work.

“Beating Arthritis with Ayushakti’s Arthrox treatment”

Ayushakti doctors have designed a special Tripple action Arthrox plan – 1.  Diet and herbs. 2. Deep detoxification 3. Rejuvenation. The deep detoxification effectively removes blockages created by the toxic mucous piled up in  joints and muscles and other bodily channels and it also remarkably improve your metabolism.It is a 4 – 5 week detoxification treatment that works on the root cause and rejuvenates your bones to live a pain free life.

What benefit you get through Ayushakti’s remarkable Arthrox  treatments?

Symptoms Before Ayushakti treatments                Benefits after Ayushakti treatments

  • Depleted bone density                                                     ●Improved bone density to normal
  • Pain in hip, back bones Shoulder pain                         ●Remarkable reduction in pain and stiffness
  • Crepitus sound from knee joints and                           ●Improved joint function, no crepitus sound

Hip joints

  • Difficulty standing and walking                                    ●Could stand and walk without pain
  • Weak joints and bones                                                    ●Strong joints, bones.


What benefit you get through Ayushakti’s remarkable Diabetox treatments?


Symptoms Before Ayushakti treatments                Benefits after Ayushakti treatments

Insulin dependency                                                                Free from insulin dependency

High blood sugar levels 200 or above                                Controlled blood sugar 100-120 (fasting)

Weakness in legs and muscles                                             Reduced weakness

Frequent urination                                                                 Reduced frequent urination

Bloated tummy                                                                        Flattened tummy

Poor digestion/metabolism                                                  Improved digestion/metabolism

Fatty liver, neuropathic changes                                         No fatty liver and reduced neuropathic


Increased weight                                                               3-6 kg. reduction in weight

Now that you know that there are natural remedies to treat both Diabetes and Arthritis, why resort to any other medication that could even have side-effects. Visit us and know more about Diabetox and Arthrox!