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Ayushakti’s Social Contribution – GIFT of “SUMEDHA PRASHAN” drops to your children

Introduction :

According to Ayurveda, Sumedha Prashan is considered an important medicine, which should be compulsorily administered to every child from the birth till the age of 12. Sumedha prashan is a tonic which improves the medha (intellect), agni (digestion), bala (strength), ayushya (longevity), Ojas (Immunity power) of the child.

Ayushakti’s Sumedha Prashan is a safe Ayurvedic Combination which contains Swarna, Vacha, Shankhapushpi, Brahmi, Ashwagandha herbs along with honey and Cow’s ghee which

remarkably improve your child’s:


It helps in overall development of the child naturally without any SIDE EFFECTS

What is the age group for giving Sumedha Prashan drops ?

  • Age Group for Sumedha Prashan boost drops is 0 to 12 years

When Sumedha Prashan boost drops to be given ?

  • The appropriate day for giving Sumedha prashan boost drops is PUSHYA NAKSHATRA of every month. (Pushya Nakshatra occurs on every 26th or 28th day of every month)

Any specific restrictions before or after giving the drips ?

  • After the intake of the drops restrict your child from any solid or liquid food consumption for atleast 15 minutes.

Is same dose for all age group ?

  • From morning 10 am to 6 pm. The Sumedha Prashan drops are given on PUSHYA NAKSHATRA of every month at all Ayushakti health centres.

Is there any charges for Sumedha Prasha drops every month ?

  • Only one time registration charges of Rs. 300/- AND GET DOSES FOR 12 MONTHS ABSOLUTELY FREE !!

Suvarna Prashan dates for the year 2017 ?

  • 9th Feb 2017 - (Thursday), 9th Mar 2017 - (Thursday), 5th Apr 2017 - (Wednesday), 2nd May 2017 - (Tuesday),29th May 2017 - (Monday), 26th June 2017- (Monday), 23rd July 2017 - (Sunday), 20th Aug 2017 - (Sunday), 16th Sep 2017 - (Saturday),13 Oct 2017 - (Friday),9th Nov 2017 - (Thursday),7th Dec 2017 - (Thursday) .

Is same dose for all age group ?

  • For age between 0 and 6 months dose will be 4 drops
  • For age between 6 months and 12 years, the dose will be 6 drops

Watch Ayushakti founder & CMD Dr. Smita Naram talks about the benefits of Sumedha Prashan.

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