Our Seva Staff Family


The AYUSHAKTI family believes that its employees are its Most Important ASSET, having immense resources of knowledge, skills, experience, and unlimited potential within.

We Respect every employee for his / her Individuality and Identity.

The AYUSHAKTI endeavors to build a Learning Organisation around :

1) Openness:
To be transparent and fair in dealings, practice, Policies and procedures.
2) Trust and Authenticity:
To build in mutuality by instilling trust and faith amongst its employees and recognize fair work done.
3) Proactive Approach:
To be ahead of the times and eventualities keeping in mind the changing times and future.
4) Autonomy:
To empower employees to exercise their rightful authority and use power without fear.
5) Collaboration and Experimentation:
To encourage teamwork by identifying individual member’s strength and create learning atmosphere by fostering creativity, innovations and trying out new methods and ways of dealings with issues.

…………… And finally Creating An Image, Developing Goodwill and Setting High Standards of Excellence in whatever we do…………


In pursuit of our Mission, we abide by Values of AYUSHAKTI FAMILY as a Way of Life:

The AYUSHAKTI family believes in the GOOD PERSON in its employees and vows to adhere to the highest standards of:
1) Maturity:
Deep Sense of Responsibility, Discipline and Understanding Recognizing oneself, and respecting other human capabilities Balanced Approach towards Professional and Personal life
2) Integrity:
Placing Organizational Interest Ahead of Individual Ego and Personal interest Honour HONESTY in all transactions
3) Fairness:
Apply wisdom to assess Right and Wrong Appeal Conscience for Morals and Behaviour To Refrain from any Bias or Prejudice
4) Commitment and Excellence:
Focus on Goals and Meeting Deadlines Emphasize strictly on QUALITY as a Pursuit to Excellence.