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Located on the ground floor of Ayushakti centre, the supermarket that caters to a range of products from Ayurvedic herbal formulations to syrups and cosmetics .

On one side you get health snacks such as dry fruit fudge and saffron syrups—all conceived and created by Vaidya Smita Naram. Also available are the range of Toiletries and cosmetics, prepared strictly in accordance to the. The dispensary is on the opposite side of the food and cosmetics counter. All the Ayurvedic herbal formulations are meticulously prepared from specially selected herbs that are grown at Palghar, where Ayushakti Factory is also located.

Discover amazing results for yourself:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This combination is cooling for the heat from austerities or tapas. Due to over exertion (Ati karmayog) and over working, the body cells get worn out and dehydrated with the beginning of aging, low immunity, and low strength. Jivaniya rehydrates the worn cells, giving them new life, thus rejuvenating the body, and giving it strength and energy.

This is a general and outstanding tonic that rejuvenates body, mind and emotions. It is a “Rasayana,” that helps to strengthen the nervous system and improve memory, intellect, health, focus, concentration, enthusiasm and physical energy. It increases OJAS (immunity) and removes mental weakness. It also stimulates secretions from the liver and gastric enzymes. It reduces Pitta at various levels and rectifies Vata’s movement. In cases of extreme chronic fatigue syndrome, it is advisable to add Shakti Rasayana to Jivaniya.

Manage Abnormal Bleeding

A potent formula that decreases Pitta and may help reduce excessive bleeding during menstruation, nasal bleeding, or bleeding from hemorrhoids, nose, mouth etc.

Relief from Chronic Acidity, Burning & Acid Reflux

This genuine combination brings Pitta (heat) in a downward direction, removing it through the stool. Reduces and pacifies Pitta (excess heat) in the digestive system and in the body overall. It also helps balance gastric conditions and stimulates liver secretions, neutralizes the excess acid of the stomach, reduces abdominal discomfort, and decreases sour and burning sensations.

This is a unique liver tonic that regulates the secretion of Pitta (bile), so it cleanses and reduces the liquid hot toxins. For chronic acidity, acid reflux and vomiting, it is suggested to take Chandrikaras along with Ayurcid.
It can help to calm down blood pressure due to too much fluid in the blood. This action helps to minimize heavy menstrual flow, reduces inflammation of female reproduction system and promotes normal function of digestive system. Overall, it reduces the excess fluidity of Pitta. If you have high blood pressure, add Raktashanti.


An exclusive herbo-mineral formula and rasayana that rejuvenates all tissues – especially blood, bones, and marrow. It is unparalleled at increasing digestive and metabolic fires, thus improving the absorption of nutrients. This combination increases hemoglobin due to its natural iron content. It has a stimulating effect on the conversion of hemoglobin.

Reduce Your Osteo & Rheumatoid Arthritis, Spondylosis, Sprains, Pain, Stiffness and Joint Swelling

When excess toxins called AAM and excess doshas accumulate in the joints, they cause swelling, stiffness and pain. Excess Vata (air) causes crepitus sound, and can bring degenerative changes in the joints. Sandhiyog penetrates into the bony tissues, removing excess toxins and doshas from there. In acute and current conditions of joints and spondylosis, pain and stiffness, this remarkable formula can relieve the pain immediately. In chronic conditions, it is advisable to use Rasnadi Guggul and Painmukti Cream along with Sandhiyog for long term help. Sandhiyog can also help recover from muscular sprains and injuries after accidents.

Burnt-Out Syndrome

When we overuse our mind, thinking and physical body, talk excessively, over exercise, and regularly put in long working hours, we suffer from Ati karmayog. With this condition, body cells get worn out and dehydrated with the beginning of aging, low immunity, and low strength. We feel easily irritable, our nerves tire quickly, and within a few hours of working, we feel pressure in our head and stiffness of the muscles. Jivaniya rehydrates the worn-out cells, giving them new life, thus rejuvenating the body and giving it wonderful strength and energy.

Immune Boosting

Ayurveda believes that when nutrients are absorbed, they are converted into different tissues with the help of the metabolic fire. This remarkable process essentially supports the constant rejuvenation of our cells. The nectar of the whole metabolic process remains in the form of OJAS in our body. This ojas provides a protective shield against attacks from parasites, bacterias and viruses and any other foreign bodies. Apart from the physical protection, it also acts as our shock absorber against any mental or emotional trauma.

This special combination of herbs was used thousands of years ago to replenish immune systems quickly. These herbs it contains do not have to pass through the process of metabolism but get directly converted in to the OJAS, the pure nectar of our tissue.
It is cooling in nature, thus it decreases burning sensations and helps do away with viral conditions and problems. Overall, it helps to reduce constant attacks of cough and cold, influenza, and viral infections of different kinds.

This powerful formula regulates the digestive and metabolic fire so food is properly absorbed, and gets converted into the tissues. It digests Aam and eliminates Pitta through stool. Also, it improves metabolic functions, and hence weight and vitality increase. It nourishes all dhatus (tissues), improving intellect, health and physical energy; and increases immunity. It increases OJAS, thus nourishing all the tissues. Most notably the nectar of this process, OJAS, is stored as reserve energy in the body.

Reduce & Remove Constipation

This exclusive formula’s main action is to remove excess of all three doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha through the colon and therefore reduce Aam. Because it breaks up obstructions created by Aam and Kapha in gastric enzymes and increases the appetite, it also helps with occasional and chronic constipation. Very effective results on thousands in the past 23 years.

Diarrhoea & Dysentery — Chronic & Acute

This amazing formula helps to regulate the eliminatory system, alleviating and relaxing abdominal discomfort by reducing Aam (digestive toxins) by converting them into waste or nutrients. It. By balancing this area, this herbal combination increases appetite and gastric enzymes, as well as improving fat and carbohydrate absorption. It strengthens Agni, the digestive fire, and may help reduce parasites naturally. It can also help to reduce diarrhoea and dysentery. In a mild and recent loose motion situation, this formula can function alone.

This is another important digestive formula that gives relief from loose motions and reduces abdominal discomfort. It converts AAM in all dhatus (tissues) in the digestive tract and helps to regulate elimination thereby increasing gastric enzymes and appetite. This herb It acts as a digestive and helps to balance loose motions due to bacteria, worms, and amoeba. In a chronic loose motion situation, it is advised to add this in addition to Aamna.

Improve Your Eyesight

This herb reduces Pitta (heat) and toxins in the eyes, helping to strengthen eyesight and decrease eye burning. It nourishes and rejuvenate tissues thus, can help recover from weak eye sight.

Manage Fever & Flu

This outstanding herb reduces blocks due to toxins from sweating channels. This herbal formula is cooling in nature and it also stimulates immunity. It relieves acute and chronic fever of unknown etiology or from viral infections. If taken during fever, the body does not feel weak since Jwargna nourishes all the tissues and OJAS.


Another amazing herbal combination that reduces Pitta, Kapha, and Vata (responsible for discomfort in body during fever), as well as toxins and Aam. It removes toxins through the stool and stimulates gastric and digestive enzymes. It increases perspiration, opening the channels responsible for sweat and thus, cools down excess temperature of the body. It reduces fever, specially caused due to cough, cold and flu. It may also prevent malaria. It nourishes dhatus, thus gives strength, and improves immunity. Hence, if taken during fever, body does not feel weak.

How You Can Develop/Improve Focus Of Mind

This selected combination is a superior mental tonic. It reduces Aam in the brain and reduces Vata, thus clearing the mind, developing intellect, nourishing nerves and rejuvenating all dhatus and increasing memory, health, youth, and enthusiasm and physical energy. It removes blockages in the mental channels making the mind wonderfully clear and focused, increasing awareness, imagination and intellect.

Hair Fall & Hair Growth

According to Ayurveda, hair is a bi-product that is created after the bone tissue is regenerated during the metabolic process. Keshiya nourishes the bone tissues and promotes osteogenesis. Due to this outstanding nourishment of the bone tissues, Keshiya can also promote hair growth and stop hair loss.

Excess Pitta and Vata, when they get deposited in the hair root, create premature hair loss that does not grow back. Astonishingly, Keshyog reduces excess Pitta and Vata at the hair root and also controls its formation in our body. It reduces toxins by digesting them, rejuvenating the tissue that produces new hair follicles. It too is a Rasayana, a rejuvenating tonic and stimulates hair growth and stops hair falling.

Good Bye Headache & Migraines

When excess Aam and excess doshas, especially Pitta (heat), move up to the head and get deposited there. They create tension, pressure and pain, especially excess Pitta causes a kind of pain which is relieved only when you vomit. Too much Vata (air) affects the nerves and causes headache which always begins from the neck and goes up to the head through a particular nerve. Too much Kapha and Aam (mucus) block circulation in the head region; the blood vessels get swollen, causing pain and pressure. When you touch the scalp, you feel nodules under the skin. This genuine remedy called Shirshoolhar penetrates up the head region and removes excess toxins and doshas, bringing them back to the abdomen. It finally eliminates them out of the body through the stool.

Thus Shirshoolhar can help relieve migraines and headaches from within. It can help immediately in acute and current conditions. For chronic migraine or headache problems, it is advisable to take Chandrikaras along with Shirshoolhar for long time. For migraines, add Amrutras, Chandrikaras, Virechan, Pittashamak tablets 2-4 times a day.

If You Don’t Want High Blood Pressure – Use Me!

This unsurpassed herbal formula nourishes the nervous system and promotes intellect and memory, calming the nerves and helping to relieve troublesome emotions. Ayurvedically, it helps rectify the doshas and helps normalize blood circulation, reducing the root cause of hypertension. It digests Aam, increases Agni; and reduces Vata and Pitta at all levels. If high blood pressure is due to stress, it is advisable to take Raktashanti along with Suhruday.

Ease in Diabetes, High Blood Sugar & Improved Pancreas

Some of the herbs in Madhuhar are proven internationally to keep the blood sugar down and in the long term, stimulate the body’s own insulin secretions. Used as a part of your diet, it helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

This formula is a Rasayana, removing blocks of Aam and helping to rectify metabolic effects on the pancreas due to excess Vata. It also helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels when used as a part of your diet.

Lots of excess doshas and toxins when get accumulated in pancreatic duct, the insulin secreted in pancreas cannot reach the blood – resulting in high blood sugar. Madhuyog stimulates metabolic fires and helps to remove blocks in pancreas, easing the passage of insulin. When used as a part of your diet, it too helps to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

Reduce Impotency & Increase Vitality, Strength & Power Enjoy – Experience Longer!

This outstanding formula used by kings & queens of ancient India to experience multiple orgasms again & again. Paramsukh means ultimate pleasure. It enhances circulation towards the male reproductive system. It removes obstructions at the shukra dhatu level, providing strength and sexual vitality. It enhances circulation and reduces fatigue during and after coitus. Cool in nature, this formula reduces Pitta (Note: Pitta reduces shukra dhatu (semen). When Pitta is reduced, Shukra Dhatu (semen) increases, improve quality & quantity of Sex life in men. It also increases Agni, stimulates digestive enzymes and nourishes the nervous system, uplifting emotions.

How to Defeat Insomnia & Have Restful Sleep

This special herbal combination is a brain tonic that pacifies excited manas (mental) doshas (raja and tamas), thus helping to induce sound sleep and tranquility of mind. It reduces mental blocks created by emotions and tama dosha. It pacifies Vata and Pitta dosha and relaxes the nerves, and calms troubling emotions. It also nourishes the nervous system. After a few days of using Nidrashanti, you get up in the morning fresh and energetic. Nidrashanti improves your quality of sleep and reduces the aging process.

Improve Your Kidney Health

This special formula is diuretic in nature, normalizes urination and flushes out toxins stuck in urinary tract and kidney. It scrapes Aam and Kapha stuck in the walls of the urinary channel and vessels, reducing Vata and Pitta and helping to recover urinary tissues. Research has shown using this formula can reduce the risk of stones and kidney disorders. Also, it has been remedial for people who are on dialysis for their creatinine and blood urea in many cases.

Another excellent formula that reduces mucus and removes blocks and stones caused by Aam and excess dosha in the urinary system. Rejuvenates urinary tract tissues and prevents deposits of toxins in urinary channel. The herbs in this formula remove discomfort and blocks in the urinary tract. It also reduces cystitis, burning of urine, puss in the urine and stones.

The Kidney Stone Breaker

This amazing herb scrapes Aam and Kapha from the urinary tract wall, removing obstructions. This preparation’s hot nature penetrates deep and breaks up obstructions – while rejuvenating tissues. Its nature cleanses toxins, reduces Vata and rectifies its movement. It also reduces Pitta at all levels and removes Aam. Along with Kidneytone and Uritone, it may help to expel acute and chronic kidney and urinary stones.
– Help in breaking down kidney stones
– Reduces Risk of kidney stone recurrence by 80%
– Remove naturally small – medium size stone easily
– Does not scrape the urinary path while removing stones

Improves Lactation Following Delivery

This nourishing formula reduces Pitta and increases the quality and quantity of milk in lactation. It nourishes rasa dhatu, improving memory, intellect, health, youth, enthusiasm and physical energy and reduces dryness of fluids in the body. Thus it gives strength to nursing mothers and by improving the quantity and quality of milk, it helps promote growth of the baby. Also improves the quality of milk and strengthens the immunity of mother and baby.

Take Care of Your Liver

This is an exclusive herbal supplement that removes blocks of Aam from the bile & liver channels and eliminates these toxins through the stool. It stimulates bile secretions and reduces the condition of Hepatitis. Livtone is a liver tonic that helps the liver recover after any trauma from alcohol, medication, viral infections or exposure to an excess of fatty food. Experience has shown great natural results in Hepatitis A,B,C and chronic and acute liver issues. Also you can add Jivanyog, Ayu for better results in chronic conditions of liver.

Reduce Pain

This herb helps with conditions due to Vata. Excess vata and aam when trapped in muscles or bony space, causes pain, stiffness and swelling. Rasnadi Guggul brings out the trapped doshas and toxins from the tissues. It may help relieve stiffness of muscles and bones. It may also relieve abdominal colic due to adhesions, tumors, or any other block. Reduces pain, blockages, stiffness, and helps to create circulation in chronic conditions. Experience shows very good results with the herbal formula, Sandhiyog.


This amazing cream has brought relief to thousands of people in USA, Italy, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Australia, India, because it naturally reduces inflammation due to excess of Vata and Aam. It relaxes the muscles and helps with joint and muscle stiffness and pain.

Reduces naturally palpitation, irregular heartbeat & Stress

This is a special herbal supplement called a Rasayana or tonic in Ayurveda that regulates Vata, having an effect on circulatory blocks and those affecting the heart. It removes the blockages in the circulatory channel, thus regulating the heart beats and palpitation. Also reduces stress and stress related symptoms.

Another exclusive formula that by decreasing Vata, and rectifying movement of Vata and Pitta, reduces excess doshas, increases Agni and decreases Aam, removing blocks. This herbal combination balances, rejuvenates and strengthens the functions of the heart channels. It is carminative in nature. Thus, it brings excess gas from the chest region to the abdomen, thus relieving the pressure in the chest. For chronic palpitation and irregular heartbeats, it is advisable to take Rudshakti along with Jivanrakshak.

Manage Hemorrhoids

This unique herbal combination removes blockages of Pitta, Kapha and Aam which in the Ayurvedic system may hinder the flow of blood in the rectal portal vein, resulting in hemorrhoids. It removes the obstruction of mucous from excretory channels, relieving occasional constipation. It may reduce the discomfort of hemorrhoids. Also, it increases the digestive fire and appetite; removing the obstruction of Aam, reduces swelling.

It decreases Pitta and may help reduce bleeding from hemorrhoids.

Nourish Your Pregnancy

Ayurvedically, this superior formula nourishes all seven dhatus (tissues) of the fetus, thereby supporting complete fetal growth from the mental, physical and emotional aspects. It may help stimulate and increase strength, vitality and weight and may also prevent habitual abortions.

This ancient herbal formula decreases Pitta and may help reduce excessive bleeding. If taken from the beginning of the pregnancy, it may help to prevent premature bleeding and habitual miscarriage.

Respiratory Discomfort

This formulation decreases Kapha (phlegm) in the lungs and therefore helps reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract by removing toxins. It also lubricates and moistens the respiratory tract and enhances respiration by nourishing prana, the life force. In addition, it promotes digestion and decreases toxins by removing blocks. It may relieve dry and mucus-related asthma and bronchitis. Improves lung health.

This is a penetrating formula that lubricates the constricted respiratory tracts and moistens dryness, removing blocks in the respiratory channels. It scrapes toxins and Kapha (phlegm) that is stuck to the walls of respiratory tract. It prevents production of mucus from food after digestion and stimulates excretion and expectoration of mucus. It increases Agni and stops the formation of further toxins and Vata by stimulating digestion. It may relieve cough cold and bronchitis. In chronic respiratory discomfort, it is suggested to use Kaphar along with Divyashwas Jivan.

How to Make Skin Healthy, Smooth & Younger

SKIN TONIC– Make your skin better and better
According to Ayurveda, when excess doshas and toxic mucus – Aam –
get absorbed by the blood, they begin to circulate throughout the body. Slowly and steadily, they move in to the skin and get deposited there. Oozing out of the skin, they cause skin disease.
Excess pitta (heat) causes boil, puss, redness and burning on the skin. Too much Kapha and Aam produces itching, scaling of the skin. Too much Vata causes dryness, darkness and also scaling of the skin. Such bodily reactions result in dermatitis, urticaria, psoriasis, eczema, ulcers on the skin and many other severe skin problems. Skin Tonic removes excess doshas and toxins from the blood and skin, bringing them back to the elimination tract, finally expelling them out of the body through the stool. It calms down excess doshas in the blood and skin. It purifies blood from the toxins. It also expels toxins out of the body through sweating.

Finally, Skin Tonic may help relieve acute and chronic skin conditions and makes your skin feel, look healthy, smooth and younger.

Sore Throat Formula – Improves Throat & Power of Voice

This exclusive herbal combination breaks up obstructions created by Aam or Kapha in the respiratory path, improving the voice, and lubricating and moistening the throat, reducing Pitta and Kapha and Vata. It is antibacterial and can fight against throat infection.
Excellent natural remedy for speakers, singers and actors.
Very good to improve the voice power.