Pulse Consultation

Our Services – Pulse Consultation


This is how it all begins when you come for an appointment at Ayushakti Ayurved Health Centers the world over.
First, each client arrives and registers to check-in at the centre. You are then ushered into the office of the vaidya (pronounced vide-yuh), or Ayushakti practitioner. The vaidyalightly touches your wrist to feel the combination of 360 possible subtle pulses within your body.To the vaidya, the pulse is a subtle language that the adept practitioner learns to “read.” These 360 subtle variations of the pulse are indicators to the underlying physiological imbalances that can cause acute and chronic disease. As the vaidya reads the pulse, he or she is able to ascertain what is happening in your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Although the science of “reading” the pulse in this way is still not well known in the United States, specialized practitioners have successfully practiced this technique for thousands of years.

Vaidya Smita Naram reading the Pulse of
the Patient

After reading the pulse in a matter of seconds, the vaidya in our centre will share with you his or her findings and discuss an appropriate course of treatment with you. Depending on the nature of your health or condition, your Ayushakti Ayurved practitioner may recommend a few herbal supplements and suggest a particular diet. Sometimes the vaidya will recommend specialized Ayurveda therapies known as Panchkarma and marma.

After meeting briefly with the vaidya, you will have an opportunity to discuss your course of treatment as well as dietary and lifestyle recommendations at greater length with a qualified practitioner, who has trained with Vaidya Smita Naram.This simple yet profound process takes place in every Ayushakti Health Centre all over the world – in Europe, America, New Zealand and Australia – when you come for an Ayushakti Ayurved pulse consultation.