German Doctor Jonas Sharing His Experience About SKINOTOX Treatement For His Own Psoriasis Problem

“Dear Ayushakti doctor,
In 2002, I started working at a hospital in Germany. A bit of time after my Psoriasis flared causing very itchy, burning red spots and some scaling. My head, especially around my hair, was the main area affected. In 2003, I started Ayushakti’s Ayurvedic herbs and diet. I also did the Skinotox Treatment 3 times at the Ayushakti Mumbai Centre. This rid me of my symptoms and the area covered in Psoriasis was reduced by 99%. Ayushakti’s Ayurvedic solutions have also helped eliminate my chronic fatigue along with many other issues I had been experiencing. This is all thanks to Ayushakti’s Ayurveda. Now I myself am practicing the Ayushakti way of treatment on my patients”. “Dr. Jonas Bokelmann”

Ayushakti has successfully solved many such cases and remarkably improved the life of people in places like USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Westerners are very demanding clients which keeps the doctors on their toes in terms of achieving results. This has helped us chase perfection when it comes to dealing with most skin problems.


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How Do skin Problems Occur?

Ayurveda says, skin diseases are mainly due to high pitta (heat) and are occasionally associated with kapha (plegm) and vata (air). Heat and toxins settles into the skin creating itching, rashes, redness and boils along with pain, inflammation and puss. Sometimes, toxicity in the body can create an overactive immune system which attacks its own cells, causing auto-immune skin problems like psoriasis or eczema.

What Is The Skinotox Treatment?

Skin is the most exposed part of our body. Complications in the skin can be simple problems like pimples or acne but sometimes it can be severe skin ailments like psoriasis, dermatitis/eczema, urticarial or skin allergies – these problems have a direct impact on one’s self esteem. On an emotional level, one can feel less confident, shy, isolated, develop an inferiority complex, become introvert, and so on. Skin problems not only affect a person externally but they also impact your overall performance. That is where Skinotox’s importance comes in. Ayushakti’s SKINOTOX detoxification treatment is highly effective in treating all types of skin problems internally.

Unlike other topical applications, Skinotox is a natural ancient treatment which focuses on cleansing the skin internally on deep tissue levels. It also helps purify the blood and expels the toxins. Skinotox is very effective regardless of the type of skin disease and you can see the improvements within 15 – 30 days. However, in severe cases, the duration can increase. At Ayushakti, people suffering from 10 year old Psoriasis, 8 year old skin allergies, 18 year old Eczema, recurring episodes of other chronic skin conditions have experienced drastic improvements in their skin problems.

What Are The Remarkable Benefits Of Skinotox Treatment?

  • Relieves PITTA TOXINS thus,it reduces itching, redness, thick and hard skin remarkably
  • Helps relieve pain and inflammation of skin
  • Helps reduce dryness and flaky skin (Psoriasis) and retrieve normal skin texture and colour
  • Helps reduce frequency of recurring skin allergies, rashes, boils on face, neck and forehead
  • Helps relieve acne/pimples and dark patches after pimples
  • Helps rejuvenate skin cells and prevent long term relapses
  • Helps improve metabolism and relieves bloating of stomach
  • Improves focus and alertness, reduces anxiety and depression
  • Helps balance hyper active immune system thus control eruptions in Psoriasis & eczema.

How Skinotox Works To Relieve Skin Problems?

Skin has seven layers. It is located in the deeper levels of the body. Skin problems are deeply rooted in various tissues like blood, muscles, fat etc., therefore its remedies also have to work on a deeper level. SKINOTOX is a 15-25 days cleansing treatment program for all kinds of skin issues. Skinotox’s cleansing treatments helps relieve the toxins from the deeper tissue levels. The blood purification process through various special herbal treatments and internal decoctions provide further cleansing and detoxification in the body. Thus, the overall skin conditions improve steadily. Further, the rejuvenation treatments focus on repairing damaged skin and finally help retrieve the normal skin colour, texture and appearance.

What Are The Symptoms Of Skin Allergies Which Should Not Be Avoided And Have You Consulted a Doctor Immediately?

  • Some allergies mainly affect the face skin like redness on the nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead. This can be severe if not taken care of.
  • Continuous itching and scratching will cause inflammation of the skin area and will lead to pain and burning, along with blisters. This may cause infection also.
  • Skin problems that produce thick red plaques covered with silvery scales. (Needs long term treatment to manage it).
  • Persistent acne with red and black patches on the face should also not to be avoided and should be treated as quickly as possible.

Who can do Skinotox detox treatment?

People who are suffering from chronic Psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, a history of frequent skin allergies & rashes, litchen planus, Warts, Frequent acne/pustules, herpes, pigmentation and Children eczema or any kind of skin problems. Skinotox is the natural solution for a deeper level long term benefit.

Are there any side effects of the detox treatments?

No there are no side effects

Can Skinotox treatment be done while one is under other conventional treatments?

Yes, one can do both simultaneously. Eventually you will get relief and dosage of other medicines can be reduced or stopped.

Example of a good diet which can be helpful in relieving relapses of Skin problems like psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, urticaria, skin rashes and allergic skin?

Diet plays a vital role in improving any kind of skin problems. A proper diet should balance the heat (pitta) and along with kitchen remedies help reduce or prevent further eruptions.

Generally, people who have chronic skin disorders should follow a strict diet. Avoid sour foods like tomatoes, lemons, vinegar, tamarind, citrus fruits, fermented foods, red meat, sea foods and pungent vegetables. The sourness in amla, pomegranate and kokum are exceptions to this rule.

Avoid non compatible foods such as milk with meat, milk with fish, milk with fruit, milk with honey or milk with salted food.

Consume more freshly cooked vegetables, rice, mung, lentils, leafy greens and sweet fruits. Ghee is very good to reduce pitta (heat).

Any home remedies to reduce PITTA (heat) from the body regularly?

Take one tsp of ghee with warm milk, tea or coffee on an empty stomach early every morning. Ghee calms down the pitta in the body.

If I cannot follow a rigorous Skinotox program will I still get results?

15-25 days Skinotox treatment program remarkably provide fast results. You can see the improvements within 10 days itself. If you only follow a diet and herbal remedies for your skin problem, still you get results but it takes longer time.

What are the Ayushakti herbal remedies beneficial in Psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, urticaria etc?

Skintonic tablets – 2 tablets twice daily

Sudarun lotion – apply 3-4 times a day on the affected skin area



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