“Experience, how you can eat healthy & enjoy your food at Swadshakti
Eating healthy & tasty food is key to vibrant health, says Vaidya Smita Naram. When you say healthy food, everyone thinks must be boring, without good texture. Swadshakti restaurant gives practical answers to all this doubts. Thousands of people have visited Swadshakti & experienced pleasure of tasty food & power of health.

What is so special at Swadshakti that hooks people to come & eat again & again?
Swadshakti recipes are designed by Vaidya Smita Naram’s tested & proven health food concepts tried over last 22 years. Believe us, if you put these principles in your life, you will find remarkable shift in your health.
What are these powerful principles?

  1. Eat to balance dosha: If you have too much heat avoid- sour, spicy, fermented. If you have too much mucus or cough, cold, allergies avoid milk products, wheat & red meat. If you have gas forming tendency avoid—Raw food heavy beans like rajma, chickpea etc. Normally, 80 % people are pitta hence stay away from tomato, tamarind, yogurt, sour food. Use kokum as souring agent as it is not acidic. At Swadshakti we use kokum as souring agent that is why eating at Swadshakti cools your pitta.
  2. Eat to stimulate digestion:  If you do not digest your food, even the most nourishing food will not be digested & you will feel tired & fatigue quickly everyday. So, what can help your digestion? Spice up your food with digestive spices like cumin, coriander, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, fennel, black pepper etc. your food will be delicious & easy to digest. If you always feel heaviness after food then use these spices in your meal & experience the difference. Swadshakti uses perfect blend of spices in each recipes to help digest food & also make it delicious mouthwatering.
  3. Eat to nourish your body & immune reserve: We easily eat maida roti, paratha in normal restaurants —do you know that white wheat flour (Maida/refined flour) has no nourishment, it is just like cardboard. Eat all mix grain (Nachani, Jawar, Bajra, Rice, Rajgeera, Soya bean) in your food & you will nourish yourself with fibers, vital enzymes, minerals. If you wish to support your bone & hair –eat chapattis made from ragi & amaranth at Swadshakti. If you wish to help your diabetic & prevent cholesterol eat parathas from millet & chickpea at Swadshakti. You can drink dates & almond nourishing drink for increasing blood count naturally in your body. Drink papaya & pomegranate mock tail for digestion, Cherish white pumpkin fruit punch for calming stress instantly.
You can use all these powerful simple wisdoms in your food at home or experience all these recipes at Ayushakti & feel at home.  We invite you to be our guest at Swadshakti
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