To Help Heal Humanity


We believe, according to the teachings of our Master, in making the most of the life we’ve been given to live. Our idea of spreading joy and happiness to humanity is to cure the ills and create health and happiness in all people by applying acquired knowledge to the best of our abilities.

One way we strive to do this is by teaching and training medical doctors, chiropractors, homoeopathists, therapists and healers in various aspects of Ayurveda. Thus far, we have trained more than 60 doctors worldwide. This in-depth training is two-pronged – practical and informational. While on tour, we both give seminars to healing professionals on pulse diagnosis, marma and herbal remedies. These trainings continue all over the world. The other part of the training is hands-on and involves students coming to the Ayushakti Centre in Mumbai and working with the vaidyas there as they see 400 patients per day! This learning is by observation and practice. We are eager to share this knowledge with many more people to spread Ayurveda all over the world!!

Our goal of serving humanity is best manifested by the fact that the doctors are not bound once they complete their pulse diagnosis training at Ayushakti. If practitioners show the earnestness and inclination, they can participate with Ayushakti by serving humanity at Ayushakti Health consultation points worldwide.

The rest of the doctors who are equally committed to serve humanity but don’t want to stay with Ayushakti are encouraged to branch out on their own. Most of the qualified doctors who come from abroad become so inspired by the Ayushakti Centre that they become its representatives in their respective towns and cities. In this way the Ayushakti tradition continues to spread, furthering the quest of bettering human lives.