Natural asthma treatment for women

Asthma is a disease that just screams relief. For women who haven’t ever experienced asthma, they can never understand the panic and stress that a person goes through him or her while experiencing an asthma attack. A person undergoing an asthma attack will be gasping for breath, their mind trying to find some desperate way to get the air flowing back into their lungs, their heartbeat elevating because of the sudden lack of airflow and continuous gasps of breath. An asthma attack may sometimes, cause the person to go blue. After experiencing conditions like these, without warning, anybody would naturally want something that would help provide relief from such a condition, like a natural asthma treatment.

Asthma is basically a lung disease. In this disease, an individual experiences difficulty in breathing. There are two types of Asthma: Acute and Chronic. An asthma attack is experienced by a woman when there is something that is obstructing the flow of air within the lungs. In a pair of lungs affected by Asthma, the walls of the airways become thicker and more inflamed, the smooth muscles being somewhat relaxed in their normal condition. When under an attack, the airway walls start thickening, even more, smooth muscles get tightened and the air gets trapped in the alveoli.

Natural asthma treatment is the one thing that can help a woman find some relief from all the above conditions. The efficacy of any natural asthma treatment depends on how well it can prevent an asthma attack from happening. A lot of people opt for a number of alternative treatments and medicines that are meant to cure asthma. What these treatments and medicines do is help to boost the body’s ability to protect itself. Since asthma is a lung problem and since lung problems are at the top of the list of the most common medical problems, alternative treatments for asthma are commonly considered.

The need to cure asthma is serious because asthma affects the number of children as well. Add to the fact that conventional treatments and medicines are pretty expensive and hence, lead a lot of people to opt for alternate medicinal alternatives. Also, what a lot of people don’t realize is that conventional asthma medicine can sometimes worsen asthma symptoms and produce more discomfort. There have been a number of reported cases where patients have felt worse after taking the prescribed drugs and medicinal pills that are supposedly meant to provide relief to the people, from Asthma and its symptoms.

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Asthma affects people, all over the world. People suffering from Asthma have their air passages blocked and the symptoms are extremely sensitive to the weather and the amount of dust around them. Asthma attacks can happen anywhere around the extremes of morning and night. Some natural forms of treatments for Asthma include a healthy diet, home remedies, taking preventive care and indulging in proper exercise and physical activity. While exercising, care should be taken to ensure that the exercise is providing cardiovascular benefits in some form.


Following are some causes of Asthma:-

  • Allergy
  • Smoke/tobacco smoke
  • Pollution, especially of the air
  • Being obese
  • Mental issues like Stress, tension, and depression
  • Hereditary trait
  • Infection of the lung in the early years
  • Premature birth
  • Certain foods, like fish, soy, eggs, peanuts, etc.
  • exercise
  • Heartburn


The following symptoms should be considered as a sign of asthma:-


  • Breathing difficulties
  • A wheezing or whistling sound when trying to breathe
  • Coughing
  • Congestion in the chest
  • Feeling of tiredness while doing any sort of physical activity
  • Frequently being affected by cold and cough
  • Uneasiness in sleeping soundly


Apart from expensive medicines, one other thing that is cumbersome is keeping track of all the inhalers and medicines that the patients are on. As their asthma symptoms keep changing over time, their medicines keep evolving with it, leading to more and more confusion, along with hefty amounts of medical bills. In the end, there is no proper cessation of symptoms and the person feels emotionally and physically drained. The best method to deal with all of this is as mentioned earlier, getting asthma treated naturally at home.


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