D-Vyro by Ayushakti to cure Dengue

A group of 20 people suffering from Dengue were administered the Ayurvedic medicine D-Vyro. The patients who were being administered D-Vyro showed signs of faster recovery in platelet counts, especially in comparison to people who were not being administered the D-Vyro medicine and relied on modern medicine.

D-Vyro is a combination of herbs

Tinorspora cordifolia (Guduchi) improves liver function and boosts immunity
Pomegranate peel has antiviral properties which results in better effectiveness when combating the virus and blocking its malicious activity.
Andrographis paniculata (kalmegh) : Immunostimulants and Antivirals thwarts the spread of the virus. Solanum Xanthocarpum (Kantakari) : Antiviral
Ginger : Anti-viral for respiratory & liver infections
Hollarrhena Antidysenterica (Kutaj) : Immunostimulant
Basil (Tulsi) : Immunomodulator and helps in preventing or relieving symptoms of viral and bacterial diseases

Dosage : 2 tablets each 5 times a day for faster relief from viral infections and to boost immunity.
Then, continue taking 2 tablets each twice daily for the next 6 months to prevent any future viral and bacterial infections.
Any viral fever or bacterial fever can be controlled with ease if your immune system is strong. A strong immune system fights the infection and protects you from complications like rashes, high fever or higher platelets.

D-Vyro is available at all Ayushakti health clinics and Ayurvedic bhandar

or call 18002663001. Email : info@ayushakti.com.

Website : www.ayushakti.com

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