Holistic approach for Osteoarthritis


Arthritis is a condition in which the body's joints are damaged or starting to degenerate; it can affect one joint or multiple joints. One of the most common forms of arthritis is Osteoarthritis (OA), among 100 other types. It is the most frequent joint disease in India, according to the Indian Journal of Orthopaedics.

OA is a chronic condition in which the protective cartilage starts to lose its flexibility, due to which the underlying bone gets affected and inflammation occurs. The pain can be unbearable sometimes, let's understand how Ayurveda's holistic approach can provide relief naturally.



A type of degenerative condition of the joints, characterized by Knee pain, hands & weight-bearing joints, hips and spine (usually neck or lower back). The basic definition would be - Osteo means bone, Arthro means joint and Itis means inflammation. It's strongly associated with ageing and heavy physical occupational activity.

Once it is established, it can slowly or sometimes rapidly cause more cartilage (tough, rubbery substance that’s softer than bone) loss between the bones leading to "bone-on-bone". It can be present and painless for years until the loss matures enough to justify the symptoms.

With severe conditions, people have an extensive or complete loss of cartilage in one or more joints, which leads to swelling, instability & muscle weakness. For people coping with this advanced osteoarthritis, the effects are not only physical but also emotional, as pain and decreasing mobility can limit the ability to work, participate in daily activities, and experience life.



  • Knee joint pain, swelling, tenderness, stiffness
  • Crepitation
  • Difficulty in walking, getting up & sitting down



  • Old age
  • Excessive consumption of dry, cold or stale food 
  • Exposure to severe cold and dry weather 
  • Excessive use of joint
  • Obesity
  • Dislocated joints & ligament injuries
  • Hereditary 



The Bone & Cartilage channels are called 'Asthivaha Srotas' in Ayurveda. 

Whenever excess Vata is produced in the body, because of age or diet/lifestyle factors, it finds places where it can get attracted - like the empty spaces of bones and joints. This accumulation of Vata degenerates the bones & bone-related tissues.

When the 'Asthivaha Agni', the metabolic fire or enzymes responsible for producing bone & cartilage tissues, gets depleted due to excess Aama(toxins), sedentary lifestyle or improper food - even the bone nourishment factors(Calcium, Vitamin D etc.) does not help in that case.

Given the reasonable effectiveness and potential side effects of traditional treatments, both patients and doctors are seeking out alternative therapies, including those offered by the ancient healing system 'Ayurveda'. The natural treatment not only prevents additional degeneration in the joints but also rejuvenates damaged cartilages.

The basic fundamental steps in Ayurveda's procedure are - 

  • Bringing back Vata to normal
  • Eliminating the blocks(ama or toxins)
  • Oil Massage & Hot Fomentation(lubrication & strengthening)
  • Detoxification



The natural herbs play a major role in Vata alleviation; these plants have documented anti-inflammatory properties without any side effects. An American study by the College of Rheumatology presented - Herbal Ayurvedic therapy to be extremely effective in treating knee osteoarthritis, than a commonly prescribed medication.

Here are some of the important herbs  -

  • Aama reducing – Zingiber officinale, Piper longum
  • Vata reducing from bones – Pluchea lanceolata, Boswellia serrata, Vitex negundo
  • Immune balancing - Tinospora cordifolia, Tribulus terrestris
  • Bone nourishing – Cissus quadrangularis, Withania somnifera 
  • Anti-inflammatory - Turmeric, Zingiber officinale, Boerhaavia diffusa

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In order to reduce unnecessary pressure on the joints, your weight should be in a normal range. Diet & Nutrition is an important aspect of the treatment. Below are some of the guidelines that you need to keep in mind, considering the diet -

  • Fruits & Vegetables (high in flavonoids & acts as antioxidants)
  • Diet rich in Vitamin C & D (Spinach, almond, sesame, Amaranth)
  • Moong & cooked vegetables to reduce the toxins
  • broccoli, banana to nourish bones
  • Figs & Sunflower seeds
  • Avoid refined carbohydrates, pastries/cakes, Cheese, Butter, White Sugar  
  • Remove oily, fermented & processed food from the diet
  • Stay away from Red meat, eggs, wheat, pickles
  • Alcohol, Aerated Drinks & Smoking should be stopped



Physical activity strengthens the muscles around your joints, helping in relieving the stiffness. Along with other exercises, Yoga and Meditation - one other thing you can incorporate is 'Marma' point’s therapy. It is remarkably effective for Knee joint pain & other stiffness.


  • Janu Marma

           Location - Centre of the knee joint, on the posterior region of the leg

  • Indravasti Marma

           Location - Three inches below the elbow joint

  •  Ani Marma

            Location - Three fingers above the centre of knee joint

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Process -

Apply Painmukti Cream (more on this at the end of the article) on the knee region. When you locate the point, press it very deep and vibrate with a circular motion, release the pressure in 30 seconds. Repeat it for 6 times in a single therapeutic session.



Our recommendations, that you can try at home for bone nourishment -

  • Take Turmeric (Haldi 1 tsp, ¼ tsp fenugreek, coriander, shunti powder on empty stomach daily in the morning, with water
  • Take 1 tsp vaca oil or castor oil with 2 pinches of dry ginger powder at night
  • Carrot, pomegranate, beetroot juice 



Painmukti kit

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