Panchakarma Treatments: Go Goa

Burn-out. Do you know what a burn-out is? A burn-out is when an object/machine does too much of its assigned task or objective and suddenly ceases to do it, because of lack of energy or rather too much of energy and effort being utilized without a proper relaxation time for the same. So, can humans have a burn-out as well? Technically, NO. Realistically, YES. Humans don’t burn-out the way machines do. Machines overheat, break down, or get slow, sluggish and eventually stop working. Humans take much longer time to do so. In our case, what happens is we start sweating, our heart rate gets elevated, we tend to make wrong decisions and deal with things in unusual ways. The effects of a burn-out on  a human  being are initially more on an emotional scale, that eventually goes on to a physical level. If left unchecked,  a burn-out can leave a human being exhausted and deprived of motivation. And we all know that without motivation, no one can achieve anything.

Panchakarma Treatments in Goa have started gaining popularity and address this very case of burn-out in humans. But are Panchakarma treatments the right method of dealing with burn-outs? Turns out, based on the ancient science of Ayurveda, Panchakarma is the perfect solution for a burn-out.

A proper Panchakarma treatment can go on for 10-12 days. It is needed because Panchakarma involves internal detoxification and purification of the body’s systems. Time will therefore be needed, for the body to adjust to the purification procedures and techniques that it will undergo during Panchakarma. The Panchakarma treatment is based upon the centuries-old practice of Ayurveda. Its main objective is to detoxify the body and bring it back to a healthier version of itself. It is done only after the proper constitution of the individual is known.

Panchakarma Treatments in Goa and other states are being opted for, by more and more people, in recent times. This is because, post-Panchakarm, an individual feels relaxed, both from the inside and the outside. Panchakarma removes toxins from the body, both internally and externally. What it does primarily, is to balance the doshas in the body. The doshas are the components that make up your body constitution. Every cell, organ and tissue in the body involve a component of the doshas. Based on these doshas, the different parts of the body interact with each other, on a molecular and organ level.

A lot of people, from outside countries, come to India, for Panchkarma Treatments in Goa. Since they come for long vacations in India, they can afford to undergo a full detoxification session at the Panchakarma treatment centres. With the treatment centres being equipped with massage parlors, steam areas, herbal gardens, naturally-derived potions and lotions, authentic Ayurvedic equipment, special restaurants, yoga rooms and other facilities, visitors are pampered and cared for as per their demands. At the end , people go back to their countries feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. As a result, they keep coming back for more and help the tourism of the state/country.

People that experience a thorough detoxification centre, claim to find themselves occupying a completely new body, post the session. Some visitors have complex problems that need that special Ayurvedic intervention. While some have much more simpler problems that keeps recurring in their bodes from time-to-time. It doesn’t matter what ailment they have because in the end, Panchakarma can help treat them all. Panchakarma doesn’t treat the body based on the type of disease it has. The whole point of Panchakarma is to help purify the body so that the body itself, can fight the disease/condition better.

Things have changed in recent times. People in their thirties have started suffering from problems such as hairfall, hypertension, diabetes and heart problems. What they need is a good, long detoxification system that can help their bodies get back to their healthier self. Unless that happens, people will keep succumbing to stressful, modern lifestyles and struggle to keep up with their declining bodily constitution. With more awareness about detoxification and its principles from the science of Ayurveda, and of course, more consultations with an Ayurvedic clinic, an individual can get his body back to normal sense of functioning.