Take a Deep Breath, Ayushakti can Cure Asthma Naturally

It always feels great to stay healthy and do all that you’ve always loved doing, like playing your favorite sport, go swimming and be a part of adventure trips. But there are certain health conditions that can stop you from being free. Asthma is one such dreaded condition! Asthma makes the channels that help traverse air into your lungs weaker. This makes breathing a painful task. You start feeling breathless and a heavy attack can even lead to death.

That’s when all your dreams shatter in front of your eyes and you have to refrain from activities that are tedious physically. There are many types of Asthma. It can not only affect older people but children too. Different kinds of medications are available in the market to treat Asthma depending upon its type. The most popular one is the inhalers. But these medications have to be taken regularly and the condition might worsen when the patient is exposed to smoke or dust.

Ayushakti has natural remedies to treat Asthma. Asthatox is a carefully formulated natural detox program that has shown outstanding results all over the world. It has been designed only after years of research.

Asthatox treatment focuses on 4 areas.

Liquification, elimination, renovation and rejuvenation.

Liquification process helps to melt and to remove the sticky toxins which narrowing and blocking the pathways of lungs and respiratory channels. Thus reduces inflammation, open up narrowed airways and promotes easy breathing.

Elimination process helps expel the melted toxins and fats which are collected in the digestive system after the liquification process through several motions. This process improves metabolism, relieves chest congestion & wheezing, frequent allergies.

Renovation process includes herbal decoction basti daily to pull out excess Vayu (air) and regularize the air movements in the body. Also, renew the cells and tissues for better functions.  Overall respiratory functions improve and frequency of Asthma attacks will be remarkably reduced.  This reduction in the use of inhaler pump.

Finally, rejuvenation herbs and treatments promote easy breathing, remarkably improves the functions of respiratory channels, repairs damages in lungs, clear airways thus helps healthy functions.  Immune boosting herbs in the rejuvenation treatments reduces the frequency of Asthma attacks and helps stop the use of inhaler pump slowly and steadily.

Now that there is home, you’ve got a reason to take a long breath! Opt for our Asthatox treatment at Ayushakti and feel the sense of freedom within you by resuming activities that you used to indulge yourself in!