Treatment for Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is an acronym for Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This is a mental disorder that has been affecting children and teens across the board. The disorder can very well continue into the adulthood of the person affected by the illness.

It is no surprise that ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed mental disorder of children and Ayushakti offers ayurvedic treatment for ADHD and also they offer ayurvedic treatment for autism.

But, before getting into the treatment of the disorder let us try understanding what the disorder actually is as this disorder makes the life of so many children and adults around the world so difficult and makes even simple achievements for them to accomplish really difficult.

Children with ADHD are known to be hyperactive. The children who are suffering from this disorder are unable to control the impulses that they face. These children also face trouble when it comes to paying attention and concentrating. Such behaviours are known to interfere with the routine of school as well as that of the home life of the individual.

The disorder is very difficult to deal with but Ayushakti offers treatments for the disorder in the form of ayurvedic treatment for ADHD.


The disorder has been a huge subject of research among researchers all over the world. The disorder, ADHD is known to be much more common in boys compared to girls. The onset of symptoms is first discovered during the early school years of the child. This is when the child starts to have problems when it comes to paying attention and comprehend what is being taught in class.


The disorder can very well cross over into Adults and these adults who have ADHD end up having trouble managing many aspects of their life, such as their time, being well organized with their life, setting the right goals in their life, and holding down a job for a prolonged period of time. These individuals also seem to have problems with their inter-personal relationships along with other things like maintaining healthy self-esteem. They can also suffer from bouts of depression and struggle with substance abuse and addiction.


What are the symptoms the Children show who have been diagnosed with ADHD?


The symptoms of the disorder can be grouped into three main categories which will help us understand the disorder with much more clarity and will help us comprehend it better:


The first and the most common symptom of the disorder ADHD is inattention.

A child who has the disorder ADHD gets easily distracted and is not able to hold his attention constant for a prolonged period of time.

Other than that the child who has ADHD also is not able to follow the directions of his supervisors or finish the tasks assigned to him in the designated time frame. Which is important as this allows the child to pay attention and complete his goals in the appropriate manner. The child also appears to be not listening and this leads to the child not knowing what is to be done. Due to the not listening part the child is not able to pay attention and makes careless mistakes over and over again.  Also, it is not uncommon for the child to forget about the daily list of activities that he is supposed to be indulging in.

The child with ADHD will also face problems organizing daily tasks on a regular basis, and will also have problems when it comes to doing things that require them to sit still for a prolonged time period. They will also constantly keep on losing things and this will not be the child fault has he is not able to pay attention. Children with ADHD also tend to daydream and suffer from many forms of Hyperactivity.


Also, a child with ADHD will often squirm, fidget, or will bounces when sitting. The child will refuse to stay seated and will have trouble playing or indulging in an activity quietly. He will always move and will indulge in activities such as running or climbing on things. When talking about teens or adults, this is more commonly described as restlessness.

The talks excessively and will continue doing so for long periods.


Such children are always described as always “on the go” as if they are being driven by a motor and are very impulsive. A child who is suffering from ADHD will have trouble waiting for his or her turn and will blurt out answers when not asked and will often interrupt others.


Ayushakti understands the disorder of ADHD and offers treatment for the same using Ayurveda. The ayurvedic treatment for ADHD will help your child make the best of his childhood.

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