Where to find Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes?

Diabetes is termed as a modern disease. The reason it has been termed ‘modern’, is not because it has been seen in people in modern years, but because it it’s prevalence has increased in the population, in the recent years. The number of people with Diabetes has seen a steep increase, especially since the Industrial Revolution. With the machines replacing humans in different jobs, the physical activity of the common man gradually reduced and as this happened, the occurrence of Diabetes could be seen, on the rise. Without a proper check in the initial phases, it was almost too late before people realized how large-scale the spread of Diabetes was.

Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes is the only thing that can reduce this spread of Diabetes? Why Ayurvedic? Well, conventional modern medicines simply deal with the symptoms of Diabetes and its aim is to suppress symptoms and aggravations. However, suppression of symptoms does not cure the disease entirely and is a poor substitute for an actual cure or remedy. Ayurveda offers natural techniques that involve food and lifestyle changes that aid the body in adapting and fighting the disease efficiently. Without such techniques to tackle the disease, our body will rarely be able to be free of it.

According to Ayurvedic philosophy, Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder. What happens in this disorder is that the body is unable to utilize glucose efficiently, which leads to two conditions. One, is Hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), and the other is Glycosuria (sugar in urine). A number of different conditions and processes take place in the body. Any alteration in the process can play with the body’s healing systems. This is exactly what happens in Diabetes. The lack of control of sugar levels in the body leads to a number of different complications for the individual.

Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes are all about reestablishing the balance within the different systems in the body. Following are some factors that affect the balance in the body:-

  • Mental Stress
  • Physical stress
  • Diet
  • Weather

The moment any system in our body gets affected, it leads to a chain reaction of chaos in the other systems as well. All the systems in our body are interdependent of each other. Establishing proper coordination and sync is necessary for carrying out the daily activities effectively and without any errors. Any error in the body’s systems can be fatal for the body.

A powerful way of treating Diabetes exists in Ayurveda. A major chunk of Ayurveda deals with treating and managing diseases with the help of herbs. Indeed, mother nature has provided the world with herbs with different medicinal properties that help heal almost every disease/condition. A number of people have benefitted from herbs and take them regularly to help them in their battle with Diabetes. Caution is advised though, as there should be a proper prescription of the herb to the respective disease. A number of factors such as dosage and time of consumption, matters as well.