5 Fabulous Foods to Beat Acid Reflux

5 Fabulous Foods to Beat Acid Reflux

Only following some medication is not a good idea if you are looking for complete relief from Acid reflux and its symptoms such as heartburn, nausea, sourness, and bitterness in the mouth. Ayushakti recommends a specific diet plan to get rid of Acidity remarkably.  You can experience relief in symptoms within one week itself with this diet.

 Ayushakti Brings You the Top Five Foods You Can Eat Safely and Beat Chronic Acidity Naturally:


  •  Avoid these foods completely to relieve stomach inflammations and toxins

Avoid these foods completely to relieve stomach inflammations and toxins


Wheat refined flour, fatty meat such as bacon and sausage, sour, and fermented foods such as tamarind, lemon, tomatoes, tomato-based sauces, vinegar, and yogurt.  Milk and dairy products, cheese,  processed foods.  Fried foods, fast foods such as pizza, burgers, samosa, potato chips, and other processed snacks.  

Avoid Citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, grapefruits, and carbonated beverages.  Avoid chocolate, raw salads, and raw onions. 


  •  Eat plenty of freshly cooked vegetables

 Eat plenty of freshly cooked vegetables


 Vegetables like Squashes, white and yellow pumpkins, leafy greens, carrots, beetroots, asparagus, kale, zucchini, broccoli, green beans, Indian gourds like lauki, padwal, are very soothing to the stomach lining.  


  • Whole grains and Millets

Whole grains and Millets


Whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, whole green mung, oatmeal, gluten-free couscous. Millets such as sorghum (jowar), finger millet (ragi), are loaded with fiber, proteins, vitamins, and minerals to keep you full, and you will not overeat.


  • Use a good amount of Alkaline foods

Use a good amount of Alkaline foods


Foods with more PH are alkaline foods and help offset acids in the stomach.  Alkaline foods such as bananas, melons, ginger, fennel, Almond milk, and coconut water are good to take daily.  These are reliving high heat and thus less acid reflux.  Lemon is alkaline only after digestion, here digestion is not working well so we don’t recommend lemon, as it’s acidic before digested. 


  •  Watery foods

 Watery foods


Eating foods that have more water content helps ease stomach acid steadily and improves digestion.  Eat more water content foods such as Celery, lettuce, watermelon, mung soups, herbal tea.

Try to eat small frequent meals instead of bigger, heavier meals and avoid late-night dinners and bedtime snacks. It can improve your health remarkably.

Keep a food diary and note down what food aggravates your symptoms, and avoid eating such foods from your diet. This way, you can relieve the symptoms significantly.

What lifestyle to follow helps relieve acid reflux?


  • Do light exercises
  • Eat foods in time
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your Pitta (heat) reduced


  • Sleep during the day
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • To sustain urges
  • Skipping meals
  • Don’t drink water immediately after eating food
  • Avoid drinking cold water
  • Avoid smoking and Alcohol


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Author of the Blog: Dr. Rajeshri Mehta

Expert Review By: Dr Smita Pankaj Naram

Co-Founder, Ayushakti Ayurved Pvt Ltd