5 Kitchen Remedies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

5 Kitchen Remedies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Were you eating healthy food and still feel tired?  No energy to cope with the daily routines? You require an immediate lifestyle change such as removing toxins, increasing digestion, and boosting the immune power to retrieve your energy level and relieve chronic fatigue syndrome.


A healthy diet, home remedies, and a regular exercise routine are essential to managing chronic fatigue syndrome efficiently.


Here are five effective diet plans that make you feel more energetic throughout the day and have a quality sleep at night.



  •  Avoid these inflammatory foods to restore your energy 



  • Avoid Wheat & refined flour, bread, pasta, fried foods, raw salads, yogurt, old and aged variety of cheese, sugar, processed foods, and red meat.  
  • Stop fermented and sour food items such as vinegar, lemon, tamarind, tomatoes, citrus fruits, etc.
  • Avoid white rice, lettuce, caffeine, alcohol, and cold drinks.
  • Avoid Milk and dairy products.


  1.  Consume more of these foods  


  • Eat plenty of vegetables such as squashes, soft gourds, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, asparagus, kale, zucchini, pumpkin, dandelion, carrot, beetroot.


  • Whole grains and pulses such as Brown rice, millets, rye, sorghum, barley, quinoa, buckwheat. Whole green mung, mung daal, red and yellow lentils.


  • Fruits such as Avocado, pomegranate, watermelon, and bananas promote energy. 


  • Include plenty of seeds and Nuts such as chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, dates, pistachios, walnuts, figs.


  • Use proteins such as eggs, fish, and moderately chicken.


  • Add ghee in place of oil for cooking.


  • Drink plenty of water, coconut water or fresh juices, vegetable soups.




  •  Nourishing Smoothie to increase your energy levels and strength



  •      Figs 2 nos. 
  •      Dates 3 nos.
  •      Almonds 3 nos.
  •      Cardamom 2 nos.
  •      Ripe banana 1 no.
  •      Ghee 1 tsp.


Soak all ingredients in half a glass of water overnight, excluding ghee and the ripe banana.  In the morning, Peel off cardamom and almonds.  Deseed the dates.  Blend all ingredients, including banana and ghee in a blender with half a glass of water and make a fine smoothie.  Drink this energy smoothie on an empty stomach or after your morning cup of tea or coffee.

  1. Boost your immunity with ABC juice
  •          Apple 1 no. 
  •          Beetroot 1 no.
  •         Carrots 4 nos.

Prepare juice.  Add one teaspoon of turmeric powder, mix well and drink 1-2 glasses every day.   It helps boost your immunity and energy levels steadily. You will stay focussed and able to work more time with improved efficiency. 


  1. Consume Fresh Ginger to improve digestion

Chewing 1-2 fresh ginger slices before and after every meal helps improve your appetite and stimulates digestion.  Thus the absorption of nutrients will be better, and overall energy will increase naturally.  

What lifestyle to follow to improve the energy level and reduce stress?


  • Regular walking exercises will keep you active and strong
  • Practice anulom vilom pranayama and kapalbhati to relieve stress and improve focus



    • Stop alcoholic drinks and smoking
    • Don’t eat very fast.
    • Don’t drink water after eating food.


  • Avoid overeating.


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