Natural ayurvedic treatment for cough and cold

Natural Ayurvedic Treatment for Cold and Cough


'Cough & Cold', the two most critical aspects in these unprecedented times. Amidst this pandemic, it is essential to take care of our cough & cold, considering the contagious nature of this illness. Chronic cough & cold, allergies, breathlessness and wheezing are caused because of the immune deficiency & too much Kapha produced in the body. Ayushakti's ‘Swasvin Asthaloc’ is one of the best ayurvedic medicine for cold and cough. These tablets have been published in the 'International Journal of Medical Science' and have ancient proven effective solutions for cough, cold, asthma & breathing difficulties.                                                          

Swasvin Asthaloc helps to remove blocks in the respiratory channels, relieves infections and inflammations, remarkably reduces chest congestion & pain, and promotes easy breathing. Other than this ayurvedic remedy, you can also opt for natural home remedies to treat your cough & cold, below is the list of some natural ways through which we can fight cough & cold.

1) Honey Tea

According to research, honey may relieve coughs. The researchers reported that honey provided the most significant relief from coughing, followed by dextromethorphan(a cough suppressant). Although the benefits of honey over dextromethorphan were small, parents rated honey the most favourable. To use honey to treat a cough, mix 2 teaspoons (tsp) with warm water or a herbal tea. Drink this mixture once or twice a day. 

2) Fluids

Staying hydrated is vital for those with a cough or cold. Research indicates that drinking liquids at room temperature can alleviate cough, runny nose, and sneezing. However, people with additional symptoms of a cold or flu may benefit from warming up their beverages. The same study reports that hot beverages alleviate even more symptoms, including a sore throat, chills, and fatigue.

Hot beverages that may be comforting include:

  • clear broths
  • herbal teas
  • decaffeinated black tea
  • warm water
  • warm fruit juices

3) Steam

A wet cough, which is one that produces mucus or phlegm, may improve with steam. Just make a steam bowl. To do this, fill a large bowl with hot water. Add herbs or essential oils, such as eucalyptus or rosemary, which may also relieve decongestion. Lean over the bowl and place a towel over the head. This traps the steam, inhale the vapours for 5 minutes. If the steam feels hot on the skin, discontinue until the skin cools down.

4) Salt-water gargle

This simple remedy is one of the most effective for treating a sore throat and wet cough. Saltwater reduces phlegm and mucus in the back of the throat which can lessen the need to cough. Stir half a teaspoon of salt into a cup of warm water until it dissolves. Allow the solution to cool slightly before using it to gargle. Let the mixture sit at the back of the throat for a few moments before spitting it out. Gargle with salt water several times each day until the cough improves.

Foods to avoid

1) Milk & Dairy products: Avoid drinking milk and consuming dairy products, as it contributes to excessive mucus in the body and increases congestion. 

2) Caffeine: It makes your immune system weaker and dehydrates your body, which makes you feel even sicker. 

3) Cold drinks & Alcohol: It weakens your white blood cells and slows down your healing process. 

4) Oily food: It's high in fat, produces more mucus and makes your immune system weak 

Foods to eat

1) Spinach: It is packed with healthy digestion-regulating fibre and contains vitamin C 

2) Garlic: It is a powerful antioxidant with antimicrobial, antiviral & antibiotic properties offering decongestant & expectorant effects.

3) Leafy vegetables: Leafy green vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K. They are also useful for their antibacterial properties.

4) Pro Tip: Drink water only when you are thirsty or else it leads to more cough problems! 


According to the Ayurvedic treatment for cough and cold, it is commonly caused by the aggravation of 'Kapha' produced in the body; weak digestion is one main reason for a weak immune system. When the food is not properly digested, it changes into ama & this ama (mucus) reaches the respiratory system and causes cough, cold and breathing problems. One of the best ways to ward off your cough and cold is to strengthen your immune system. 


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Author of the Blog: Dr. Deepali Shastri

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