Ayushakti’s Proven Diet to Fight Cold and Flu

Ayushakti’s Proven Diet to Fight Cold and Flu

Cold weather is soon going to be here. With a weather switch, everything changes. Be geared up for this cold, windy weather with Ayurvedic home remedies for cold and flu at the comfort of your home before it affects your overall wellness. Cold and flu are very annoying to deal with especially when you’re working because it clings around for at least 4-5 days, and resorting to medicines every time is not ideal, due to the possibilities of the body getting immune to the medications. 


Completely Avoid :

Milk & dairy products: Dodge drinking milk and consuming dairy products as it contributes to extreme mucus in the body and extends congestion. 


Caffeine : It makes your immune system more vulnerable and dehydrates your body, which makes you feel even more unwell. 


Cold drinks & alcohol: It wears out your white blood cells and delays down your healing process. 


Oily food: It's high in fat, originates more mucus, and makes your immune system vulnerable.


Foods to eat:

Spinach: It is stuffed with wholesome digestion-regulating fiber and contains vitamin C which is great when having a cold and flu.


Garlic: It is a great antioxidant with antimicrobial, antiviral & antibiotic properties offering decongestant & expectorant outcomes.


Leafy vegetables: Green leafy vegetables are crowded with vitamins, minerals, and fibers. It is also loaded with vitamin A, C, and K. They are also beneficial for their antibacterial properties.


Powerful home remedy for cold and flu:

Powerful home remedy for cold and flu

Ginger juice - ½ Teaspoon

Garlic juice - ½ Teaspoon

Basil leaf juice - 2 Teaspoon

Turmeric powder - ½ Teaspoon

Black pepper powder - ½ Teaspoon

Honey - 2 Teaspoon


Combine all the ingredients thoroughly. Store it in the refrigerator if you are making a considerable quantity and want to use it again, then bring it to normal room temperature before consuming it. Take 2 to 3 small spoons of this remedy four times a day. Children can harmlessly take this cough blend.


Special advice and forethoughts: Sip lukewarm water during cough and cold. Fried food and fast food should be strictly avoided. Stay away from cold drinks. Evade icy drinks.


Diet and lifestyle to follow during cold and flu:

  • Avoid smoking.
  • Sip lukewarm liquids throughout the day.
  • Practice yoga on a daily basis.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet.
  • Sleep, meditate and get some rest.
  • Sip warm tea made of basil (Tulsi) leaves, raw ginger, and mint leaves.

Ayushakti specializes in chronic and acute colds and flu. Ayushakti understands cough and cold and gives the best Ayurvedic treatment for cold and cough. Get in touch with your nearest Ayushakti branch today.


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