What foods to avoid and what foods to eat to control Gout?

foods to avoid and what foods to eat to control Gout

Your body produces uric acid when it breaks down purines — substances found naturally in your body. Purine is also found in many foods.  Mostly high purine foods are also high in proteins.  So the best diet for reversing Gout is to stop taking purine contained foods. 


Avoid :

High-Purine Foods Include:

  • Alcoholic beverages (all types)
  • Some fish, seafood, and shellfish, including anchovies, sardines, herring, mussels, codfish, scallops, trout, and haddock
  • Some meats, such as bacon, turkey, veal, venison, and organ meats like liver
  • Vegetables that have high purine content include cauliflower, asparagus, spinach, and mushrooms
  • dried peas and beans.
  • oatmeal
  • sugary drinks & food. 


Moderate Purine Foods Include:

  • Meats, such as beef, chicken, duck, pork, and ham
  • crab, lobster, oysters, and shrimp


Low purine food include --

  • eggs
  • fruits like banana, papaya, cherry, kiwi, mandarine


Wheat, maida, deep-fried food, and fermented acidic food block metabolism and increase uric acid even if you avoid a high purine diet.


Moderately you can take green mung and mung daal as it is light, cooling, and balances all doshas.

What to eat more?

  • Fruits: apple, cherry, strawberry, mulberry, and Amla are very good. Vitamin C in these fruits helps reduce uric acid levels in the blood.
  • Whole grains/millets: Red and white millets are more alkaline, helping reduce uric acid. Eat more of these grains.
  • Vegetables: Broccoli, carrot, beetroot, squashes, green gourds, soft gourds, zucchini, pumpkin, celery, dandelion, Indian vegetables such as Ash gourd (lauki), ridge gourd & all other gourds etc. are excellent for reducing uric acid.
  • Water: Drink 10-12 glasses of water daily. Water flushes out toxins and will help eliminate excess uric acid through urine. 
  • Coconut water and barley water are excellent. Drink daily.

Life style

To do :

  • Regular exercise, especially walking and swimming, is very good.
  • Practice Meditation and pranayam


Avoid :

  • Suppressing natural urges
  • Excessive exercises
  • Alcohol
  • Roaming in hot climates


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