3 food plans to reverse Sciatic pain


3 food plans to reverse Sciatic pain 

Simple diet change works profoundly to alleviate the pain symptoms steadily.    

These plans are tried and proven to benefit thousands of people to reverse their pain naturally.

  1. Mung & vegetables fasting to relieve pain, inflammation, and degeneration

Follow ten days mung and vegetable soups diet.  It will remove the swelling, and you will feel light and relaxed in your pain.  You can use vegetables such as squashes, zucchini, pumpkins, carrot, and leafy greens. 

Make the soup in a medium-thick consistency, and eat only this soup whenever you feel hungry—no other foods to consume for these ten days.

Then continue with the below diet for the next six months :

  1. Stop Maida, wheat, deep-fried & meat products entirely from your diet. Avoid all sour and fermented foods such as tomato, tamarind, lemon, yogurt.  Sour and fermented foods create swelling & stiffness.

Avoid cheese and processed spreads, alcohol, vinegar

All sour fruits to be avoided as they increase inflammation

Raw vegetables, sprouted beans and salads, Ice-cold foods and drinks, canned foods, and microwaved foods

Avoid red meat completely

  1. You can take lots of : Cooked vegetables especially, all vegetables, which are squashes, pumpkins, and leafy greens, zucchini, kale, dandelion, broccoli, asparagus, soft gourds, carrots, beans, beetroot. 

Grains such as Rice, millets, quinoa are perfect. Kamut, spelt, polenta, and amaranth also can be a good choice. 

You can have multigrain roti or chappatis in place of wheat roti.

Watch how to make multigrain roti easily https://youtu.be/gw3yjg6ixTw

Pulses such as mung and split mung beans, yellow and red lentils.

All sweet fruits are good to take. They should be avoided while having a cough, cold, flu, or mucus accumulation in the respiratory tract.

Drinks: Black tea, Ginger Tea

Spice up your foods with cumin, coriander, ginger, garlic, black pepper, fennel, and saffron

Use pure cow's ghee in your food preparations.

Seeds and nuts: Sesame seeds and flax seeds, Soaked almonds, dates, and figs

Replace milk with soya milk, rice milk, almond milk, oats milk, or coconut milk

What lifestyle should I follow if I have Sciatic pain?

Following a healthy lifestyle consistently helps improve the postures, reduce pain.

Yoga postures like Hastapadaasan,vShalabhasan, Naukasan, Dhanurasan, and Shavasan with the help of a yoga trainer helps improve the condition.

Avoid :

  • Doing excessive exercise.

Don't carry a heavyweight.

  • Avoid suppressing natural urges.


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