Ayurveda Diet Recommendations For Skin Disorders

Ayurveda Diet Recommendations For Skin Disorders


According to the perspective of Ayurveda, the hidden reason for any disease or disorder in the body is an ill-advised way of life and dietary decisions that conflict with the fundamental nature or constitution of the individual, otherwise called Prakriti. Ayurveda diet recommendations for skin disorders not only help you to prevent skin disorders but also how you should manage the diseases


Skin disorders can result from an imbalance in any of the three doshas. However, it is connected more with the irregularity of the Pitta dosha or the heat component. Any action that adds to the worsening of the heat component in the body can lead to skin issues. Ayurveda expresses that liver dysfunction is associated with doshic imbalance and causes skin infections. The gathering of toxins (ama) in the liver breaks out through the skin.


The point of Ayurvedic skin disorder treatment is to address the imbalance of doshas in the body. Before treatment is prescribed for a specific skin condition, Ayurveda proposes to break down the skin state of the individual properly and analyze their food propensities, lifestyle, pulse, general health, and dosha synthesis. That can be accomplished with conventional treatments referenced in old-style Ayurvedic texts alongside a balanced diet, meditation, herbs, and everyday routine.


Diet Recommendations(Aahar)


  • The eating routine should be fitting to placate the dosha that is principally vitiated.
  • Eat Light food.
  • Consume a greater amount of Bitter vegetables like severe and the ridge gourds, brinjal, lauki, and so forth, Purana Dhanya (Older grains), Mudga (Greengram), Patola (snake gourd).
  • Bring ghee into your eating regimen.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Drink at least 8-12 glasses of water a day.
  • Warm Water - 200 ml + cumin seed powder - ¼ teaspoon
  • Boil water for drinking
  • Grains - Shali-Shastika (rice collected in 60 days), Yava (grain)
  • Beans - Green gram, Red lentil
  • Walk for at least 30 minutes a day
  • Do not avoid breakfast 
  • Condiments - Cumin seeds, Turmeric, Coriander seeds and leaves, Garlic, Mint leaves, Curry leaves, and Black pepper.
  • Recipes - Green gram Khichdi, Paratha of fenugreek leaves, Chutney of Garlic, Mint, and coriander



Diet has Sweet, Sour, and Salty tastes, and the eating routine which is weighty to process ought to have stayed away.

  • Chilled water, and cold beverages.
  • Buffalo milk, Yogurt, Cheese, Paneer.
  • Jaggery.
  • Excessive salt and pungent food are hard to digest.
  • Excessive sharp things like Vinegar, Sauce.
  • Excessive sweet things like chocolate, and different milk items.
  • Black gram, Kidney bean, Horse gram.
  • Chili, Capsicum.
  • Cucumber, Tomato.
  • Banana, sharp sour fruits, fruit salad.
  • Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol.


Healing is much quicker when the mind and body work in sync and uphold the treatment methodology for skin disorders. At Ayushakti, treatment strategies and medicines are planned by the credible old-style texts on Ayurveda that make recovery more viable.

Wrapping Up

Ayurvedic home remedies and diet are obtained safely and naturally. They have been utilized for a long time and address nature's fruitfulness, and they are delicate on the body with no side effects. We can assist you with encountering skin disorders by visiting Ayushakti.


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