Ayushakti Diet Plan For Infertility

The Ultimate Ayurveda Guide to Reverse Infertility


Diet is essential to preventing and curing diseases and supports good health. Dietary management includes strict consistency and adherence to foods that increase Ojus (an interaction element of physical, mental and profound health of the body, liable for overall health, energy and vitality) and to stay away from the substances which decrease the Ojas.

 A proper diet for infertility is essential to manage ovulation and upgrade treatment. In addition, eating whole food varieties gives all supplements to the strength of the body in addition to the filaments that impact hormonal levels of the body. 

Diet For Fertility


  • Oja's building food incorporates plant based milk, ghee, nuts, sesame seeds, dates, pumpkin seeds, honey, saffron and avocados, fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Protein from plant sources like beans and Green mung beans,  green vegetables like- pumpkin, long gourd, squashes, spinach, peas, sweet potatoes, ginger whole grains, spices, for example, ajwain powder, turmeric (works as an interaction among hormones and designated tissues), cumin (purges the uterus in female and the genitourinary plot in men) and dark cumin support fertility.
  • Proper food is vital to cure any disease. Ayurveda has numerous natural infertility cures. Garlic and liquorice are considered to build the fertility of reproductive organs. If you consume them consistently, it can stop infertility. 
  • Lettuce contains folates and vitamins that help improve men's and women's reproductive health and increase fertility.
  • Dehydration hampers cervical mucus. Make sure you stay hydrated.
  • Ayurveda encourages males to eat asparagus, sunflower seeds, and different food varieties rich in zinc to keep testosterone from being switched over completely to estrogen. 
  • Selenium is fabulous for sperm motility; the main source is Brazil nuts. Another superfood is shellfish. On top of their sexual aphrodisiac properties, the bivalves are rich in zinc, vitamin B12, and protein.
  • Yams contain a substance similar to progesterone, which stimulates ovulation.
  • One more remedy for fertility is eating Jamun. You can take Jamun with honey consistently to cure fertility. 
  • You strictly need to follow a legitimate eating routine for ayurvedic treatment for the female hormonal imbalance that incorporates: Almonds, Nuts, Fresh Fruits, Whole grains, Fresh vegetables, Dairy items like milk and proper exercise.



  • Infertility Diet should be free from Trans-fats as they block arteries, compromise fertility and damage the heart and veins and, in this manner, should be kept away from. 
  • Avoid Food like- Wheat and food made from gluten, sour foods, raw vegetables, sugar, dairy products, tomatoes, etc
  • High dairy consumption has been connected to unfortunate sperm motility and counts. 
  • Food sources containing additives and different synthetics, like sugars, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), a diet high in fat and other counterfeit seasoning and coloring, beverages (such as coffee, tea), liquor, tobacco, smoking, red meat, refined carbs, for example, pasta, white bread, rice and so on can compound the issue of infertility.
  • Food sources, for example, handled carbs, an abundance of starch, antibiotic and hormone-loaded meat, milk, and canned produce, destroy fertilization.

Wrapping Up

Infertility treatment in Ayurveda is profoundly successful and affordable. You should keep eating healthy food and avoid taking chemical-infused drugs that will harm you more than you think. Ayushakti would give you the best outcomes with no disappointment. Ayushakti has been trusted for a long time and keeps on being an awesome and secure way to treat any disease.


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Author of the Blog: Dr.Ronak Naik


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