Four Cancer-Fighting Spices and Herbs

Spices are used for enhancing the digestion, taste, and flavor of food.  Some spices and herbs are known to stimulate the immune system and help prevent cancer.

Here are four amazing spices to keep you in good health for the long term

  1. Turmeric

The active content of Curcumin in Turmeric has the ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, as per many studies. It also acts as an Anti-inflammatory thus relieving blockages from the tissues.  Turmeric to be used along with Pepper powder for its maximum bioavailability.


  1. Ginger

Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties protect against cancer. Being an appetite stimulant, Ginger aids digestion and metabolism, reduces nausea and vomiting, relieves fatigue.



  1. Garlic

This robust anti-cancer spice aids boost the immune system to help fight diseases, as well as colds and flu. It also decreases the growth of cancer cells. 


  1. Black Pepper
    The anti-oxidant Piperine contained in Black pepper has the ability to prevent the growth of cancerous stem cells in breast tumors.  

Black pepper

Kitchen herbs to fight cancer

The age-old kitchen herbs are proven to be beneficial as anti-cancer agents. Here are some amazing tips to prevent relapses in the long term.

  1. To reduce cellular damage and nourish the tissues.


  • Cabbage                   1 small piece
  • Carrot 1 piece
  • Beetroot ½ piece
  • Pomegranate 1 piece


Make one glass of juice from the above fruits and vegetables.

Add :

  • Fresh coriander pastes  ¼ cup. 
  • Turmeric powder  1 tsp

Drink this juice three times every day  (make fresh juice all the time)

  1. To improve Immunity 

Chew 8-10 basil leaves daily in the morning on an empty stomach. 


  1. For prevention and recurrence
  • Cumin powder   1 teaspoon
  • Ginger juice   1 teaspoon
  • Turmeric juice   1 teaspoon
  • Basil leaves juice     2 teaspoons
  • Fennel seeds powder   1 teaspoon


Mix all in one glass of water and drink on an empty stomach every morning.


Foods that fight cancer


Prevent Cancer relapses and improve the quality of your life



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Author of the Blog: Dr. Rajeshri Mehta

Expert Review By: Dr Smita Pankaj Naram

Co-Founder, Ayushakti Ayurved Pvt Ltd