How Ayurvedic Treatment Helps Mental Health?

How Ayurvedic treatment helps mental health?

Ayurveda provides meaningful results as a corresponding treatment approach to allopathy in complications such as depression, anxiety, and OCD. Ayurveda persists by its interpretation of health, in which a healthy mind performs a crucial role. Being a holistic science, Ayurveda covers the symbiotic chain among the spirit, heart, mind, thoughts, and functioning. Ayurveda represents health as a balance of strength principles (Doshas) and a relaxing state of mind. Every Ayurvedic input includes an evaluation of psychological constituents, lifestyle, and current stressors. Mental unevenness(Manovikara) is considered as part of the disease process and isn’t stigmatized. 

It is correctly affirmed that nature has the most trustworthy answers to all the diseases attacking the human body from time to time. When synthetic drugs fail to be useful or show dangerous side effects, it is the plant medicine that brings relaxation. Many of the plant varieties scattered throughout the world have amazing pharmacological actions on the body. Herbal treatment is the natural form of healing treatment to heal the diseases of mankind. Nowadays, herbal medicines are back into fame because synthetic antibiotics, which once had worldly acceptance, are now understood to often cause side effects. 

Ayushakti concentrates on calming surplus Vata (air) in the brain and also nourishing the brain and nervous system. For this, the most important step is to enhance the Digestive fire (AGNI) in your body to modify the digested food into different tissues and strengthen the immune system. Sufficiently nourished bodily channels improve positive feelings like enthusiasm, happiness, passion, faith, determination, and the required energy to manage trauma, horror, and grief.

Ayushakti’s Depritox program is a mixture of a specific diet, proven home remedies, powerful herbal remedies, genuine detox (Panchkarma) therapies, and Marma (Ayurvedic pressure points).

Ayushakti experts evaluate your health and create customized plans to help you in these three steps - 

  1. Balance the Doshas – Excess Vata (air) creates dryness in the nervous system. Excess Pitta causes anxiety, fear. Excess Pitta causes sadness and depression. Balancing these doshas improves the nervous system remarkably.
  1. Detox – “Aama Toxins” deposited in the brain and nervous system blocks normal functions. Your mechanism in the form of good hormones like serotonin etc. is blocked. That is why you cannot naturally handle even a small amount of stress. Ayushakti practitioners plan specific detox based on your level of toxins to create transformation in your health.
  1. Nourish the Nervous System – Satva character provides excellent positive quality of mind and creates a robust nervous system. So you can handle any stressful situations in life.

Here are 6 Tools to balance your mind, restore positivity and confidence:

  1. Proper Diet

Include healthy food items in your daily diet like organic milk, buttermilk, berries and cherries, pomegranates, millets, lentils, sweet fruits. Cooked and fresh vegetables like squashes, pumpkins, and leafy greens, etc.

Avoid food items like wheat, white flour, white sugar, red meat, raw vegetables, salads, fried and fermented foods. Canned and frozen foods.

  1. Lifestyle

For enhancing positive thoughts and self-confidence.

  • Practice Ujjayi pranayama, Kapalbhati, Anulom vilom, Sheetali, Yog Nidra
  • Cycling or jogging for at least 15 - 30 minutes daily to increase general levels of fitness.
  1. Effective Home Remedy

Drink half a glass of white pumpkin (kaddu) juice or bottle gourd (lauki) with one teaspoon of ghee everyday morning. 

Note: Home remedies can help you alleviate the symptoms. For more profound healing, Herbal supplements play a significant role. To know your specific herbal requirement as per your body constitution, Consult an Ayushakti practitioner NOW. 

  1. Ayushakti Herbal Supplements

Ayushakti's herbal medicines remove blockages in the brain and nervous system, calming fear and panic attacks. It nourishes the brain and nervous tissues so you can have a long-lasting relief from chronic emotional and mental health issues. 

  1. Nourishing & Cleansing Detox Plans

This purification process cleanses the body, mind, and emotions of toxins while nourishing the nervous system and the brain. This helps to increase the secretion of happiness hormones in the body, bringing clarity. It helps create positive feelings about yourself and others. According to your need, these therapies are customized and will be made under an expert Ayushakti practitioner's supervision, only at all Ayushakti clinics worldwide.

  1. Marma

Marma techniques are very useful if done in a specific manner and with great focus. In the Marma technique, Ayushakti's experts press the energy point in such a manner that it creates a powerful impact on your mental channels.

Benefits of this Marma:

  • Activation of the subconscious mind.
  • It is creating a new space that can permit an in-depth reprogramming process.

Ayushakti's mission is to help people in every possible way. We will suggest diet & home remedies for maintaining your wellbeing in these difficult times. Feel free to contact us & consult with our expert doctors both online & offline!

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Author of the Blog: Dr. Deepali Shastri

Expert Review By: Dr Smita Pankaj Naram

Co-Founder, Ayushakti Ayurved Pvt Ltd