4 Easy Types of Meditation That You Should Practice Daily

4 Easy Types of Meditation That You Should Practice Daily

The specialty of meditation runs close to the craft of yoga, both focused on breathing, tracking down internal tranquility, and rebalancing yourself inside. Both of these practices are unequivocally established in ancient history, all-encompassing the way of life in Ayurveda.


Mediation isn't tied to killing stress; it's tied to managing it. A ton of that reduces how we see stress. By modifying our attitude, we can diminish the results on our physical and mental health.


Looking for mediation that can help you to manage stress? Below are a few popular meditation practices that you can follow to achieve tranquility.



  • 5 Senses Meditation


5 Senses Meditation or Focused Meditation requires you to concentrate on any five senses. For example, deep breathing, chanting mala beads, staring at candle flames, keeping tabs on your breathing, etc.


As the name of meditation suggests, it is ideal for someone who wants to sharpen their concentration power and focus on their life. It can be difficult for beginners to hold their focus longer than a minute, but they can achieve it with time by practicing routinely.



  • Chant the Mantra ॐ (Om or Aum)


A mantra is a syllable, word, or expression that is continued during meditation. Mantras can be spoken, recited, murmured, or rehashed in mind. One of the most widely recognized is "om." 

Mantra meditation is easy to practice. Many people find it easier to focus on a word rather than counting their breathing. This mediation helps to clear their mind and protects against unwelcome thoughts and distractions.



  • Mind's Eye Meditation


Mind's Eye Meditation is a meditation that expects you to focus on visuals to develop a feeling of care. The people who practice visualization meditation give profound security, relief from discomfort, and more. Practicing visualization meditation provides daily positivity and gives a sense of achievement.



  • Practice Mindfulness Meditation


Mindfulness meditation is a form of secular meditation practice with roots in Buddhist meditation. Mindfulness meditation is psychological training that helps you dial back your racing thoughts, let go of negative vibes, and provide serenity to your brain and body.


Practicing Mindfulness meditation is easy. You don't need props or arrangements. To get everything rolling, all you want is a spot to sit, three to five minutes of your day, and a judgment-free perspective.

Last Thoughts


If you are not practicing exercise and meditation daily, remember that a steady workout program doesn't need to be perplexing or time-serious. For example, an everyday twenty-minute walk can do wonders for the whole framework - body, brain, and soul.


If you don't have a laid-out space for meditation or exercise, Empty Bowl Meditation is a great start.


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