9 Wonderful Ayurvedic Herbs For Celiac Disease


Celiac disease is autoimmune disease caused by the immune system's reaction to gluten in the small intestine.

In this blog, will discuss about 9 herbs which can help you treating celiac disease and home remedies for celiac disease.

The immune system overreacts to gluten when people with celiac disease consume gluten-rich foods. (Wheat, rye, oats, and barley all contain a protein called gluten. Gluten is what gives dough its elastic properties).

The body’s immune system begins to treat gluten as “hazardous” and tries to eradicate it.

This causes inflammation in the small intestine, along with intense abdominal discomfort and pain, digestive pain, diarrhea, among other symptoms. 

If you're one of them, you've probably tried several methods to get relief from your symptoms. But if modern medicine has failed you thus far, you may want to try an ayurvedic treatment instead.

Of course, many ayurvedic treatments rely on herbs. The following might be used in your celiac disease treatment to soothe your symptoms. 

9 Effective Herbs That Can Help to Manage Celiac Disease Naturally

What herb is good for celiac disease?, How do you treat celiac disease naturally? Is there any Ayurvedic cure for celiac?Can celiac disease be reversed naturally? All these questions has only one answer. This blog discusses about 9 amazing herbs which can help you reduce pain, discomfort and gluten intolerance issues bearable and slowly minimizes the condition. However, we are not claiming that Ayurvedic treatment will reverse celiac disease 100% but it can provide you effective relief. 


According to ayurveda, every part of the Bilwa tree can be used. For example, a young tree will be roasted with sand, then pureed and mixed with water. And that concoction can calm digestive issues.


Pippali grows in central India and some areas of the Himalayas. This exotic pepper has lots of healing potential for laryngitis, asthma, and bronchitis, but it can re-balance the digestive system, too.

Guduchi (Heart-leaved moonseed)

All parts of this Indian shrub are used because Guduchi has so many noted healing properties. For example, in the case of celiac disease, it can reduce inflammation.


Most people know Ashwagandha as an all-natural anxiety remedy. But there's evidence that it can help soothe internal inflammation too.

Sunthi (Dry Ginger)

Sunthi is the word for dry ginger, and the spice has renowned healing properties. It can stoke your gastric enzymes and get digestion going again.


Kudaja is a great herb in your medicine cabinet, especially if you have celiac disease. That's because it can treat diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), so it's a resource for  aflare-ups.

Chitrak (Plumbago zeylanica)

Chitrak is an incredibly hot and spicy ayurvedic herb. Munching on just a bit of it can re-spark your digestive fire, as we described previously.

Hing (Asafoetida)

Hing comes from the Ferula Assa-foetida plant, and it's an anti-inflammatory with noted qualities that boost digestion.

Haridra (Turmeric)

Haridra is the Sanskrit word for turmeric. Thanks to its main compound, curcumin, turmeric have anti-inflammatory properties so strong that it is comparable to pharmaceutical options on the market.


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Ayushakti Ayurved’s Special Home Remedies For Celiac Disease

Nutritious Smoothie For Celiac Disease

  • 2 Almond 
  • 2 Dates 
  • 1 Cardamom 
  • 2 Fig 

Soak overnight in 1/2 cup of water. Peel off almond & cardamom and deseed dates. Make a paste and have it, in the morning on empty stomach.

Pomegranate Juice

  • Take ½ glass pomegranate juice once a day.

Celiac Disease, Irritable Bowel Disease, and other gut-related issues can lead to an immune reaction, such as inflammation when gluten is consumed. Many try to limit or eliminate gluten from their diets to avoid this. When you are looking for a gluten-free snack, pomegranate is a delicious choice!

Try Herbal Tea

Chamomile Tea: Another herb that can help reduce inflammation and upset stomachs associated with celiac is chamomile

CCF Tea: CCF tea is a healthy beverage made from cumin, coriander, and fennel seed. Ayurveda also supports this unique tea blend. CCF tea has been called a miracle tea. It is known for absorbing nutrients, stimulating agni (digestive flame), and relieving celiac disease symptoms.

To know more about CCF Tea. Click here

Horsetail Tea: Horsetail Tea lowers inflammation in the digestive tract and intestines. It also increases the strength and endurance of the digestive system. This makes it less sensitive to gluten.

Try Ayurvedic Treatment for Celiac Disease

Having coeliac disease makes life a bit more difficult and a bit less comfortable. However, with proper ayurvedic treatment, you can begin to manage your symptoms and find a new normal. Ayurveda is all about balance, and it's your turn to find it.

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Author of the Blog: Dr Neetu Patel

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