6 Ayushakti Preventive Tips For Gingivitis That Will Blow Your Mind!

6 Ayushakti Preventive Tips For Gingivitis That Will Blow Your Mind!

Have you ever felt a stinging pain in your gums or seen blood while taking a bite of fruit? Are you spitting blood while you are brushing your teeth?


According to Ayurveda, this painful condition is known as “Sheetada,” a kind of Danta Moolagata Roga. In modern terms, it is known as “Gingivitis.


Gingivitis is an oral problem that is reversible with proper oral hygiene and prevention. Gingivitis is an early type of gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. Gingivitis happens when bacteria infect the gums, frequently making them inflamed, red, and quickly bleed.


You can effectively manage Gingivitis, particularly with the help of Ayurveda remedies. But left untreated, the condition can prompt periodontitis, a more serious gum disease.


According to Ayurveda, over-eating non-veg foods and consuming dairy products can cause oral diseases and an excess of all three doshas with a predominance of Kapha.


Pitta dosha is a primary conducive factor for Gingivitis. When pitta dosha is aggravated, the function of the liver starts to get sluggish, impacting the pitta to travel in one direction throughout the body; when this pitta, blockage starts in the gums and ruptures the gingival (tissue on upper and lower jaws), causing it to bleed.


Causes of Gingivitis

One might suffer from Gingivitis for many reasons, but the common causes remain the same, i.e, Poor dental hygiene, and the buildup of food and bacteria on the teeth. The following conditions can be a cause of Gingivitis.


  • Above the age of 65
  • Smoking, Alcohol, and Chewing Tobacco
  • Mental Stress
  • Certain medications like antidepressants, birth control pills, and heart medications.
  • The habit of clenching and grinding your teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Poor fitting of dental appliances such as dentures, and braces.
  • Pregnancy
  • Improper Diet and Lifestyle
  • Obesity
  • Leukemia
  • Heart Diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Dry Mouth


Symptoms of Gingivitis

Healthy gums are firm, tight, and pink in color. Gingivitis can be asymptomatic; you might develop it and not be aware of it until you start spitting blood while brushing your teeth or while taking a hard bite on fruits. 


The following are the signs and symptoms of Bleeding Gums or Gingivitis:


  • Halitosis or Bad breath that doesn’t go away.
  • Inflammation in gums.
  • Tender gums.
  • Bleeding, especially while brushing or flossing.
  • Sensitivity to hot/cold foods.
  • Pain while you chew food.
  • Red or purplish gums.


Home Remedies that Ayushakti specialist suggests for Gingivitis

Ayushakti is a trusted Ayurveda Leader and has a global presence. We believe in 3 R’s action plan, i.e., Remove, Restore, and Renew. By adopting the 3 R’s in your daily life, you can cut down the root cause of the disease. 


We have served people worldwide for the past 33 years with proven ancient Ayurveda and authentic treatments.


Ayurvedic medication and its natural remedies can be utilized for those suffering from Gingivitis. If they start practicing early, the condition is reversible. The diagnosis is based on many elements, for example, (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). 


Ayushakti recommends home remedies, keeping in mind that each individual is different and requires specific medication and treatments.


The following preventive home remedies are as follows:


1 - Oil Rinsing

Oil rinsing is a very simple Ayurveda treatment. Coconut oil is suggested as one of the best you can utilize and will likewise give you improved impact.


These are the main advantages of coconut oil:

  • Brighten teeth
  • Break the dental plaque
  • Fight against microorganisms and gum diseases.
  • Prevent Cavities



  • First, in the morning, rinse off your mouth with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil.
  • Let the oil sit in your mouth for around 15-20 minutes
  • Brush your teeth as you normally do.
  • You can repeat this process after meals or twice a day according to your preference. 


Oil rinsing is an effective way to deal with serious oral health and gum infections.

2 - Keep yourself Hydrated

A vital thing in keeping up with good oral health is staying away from a dry mouth. At the point when your mouth goes dry, microorganisms and bacteria can spring up and manage to cause bad breath and various gum diseases.

Bonus tip: Rinse your mouth with water after having food to avoid gathering food particles in your teeth and gums.


3 - Saltwater Rinsing 

As per Ayurveda, rinsing the mouth with salt water can be extremely useful in treating Gingivitis. Salt is a characteristic sanitizer that assists the body with disposing of bacteria

Saltwater can also:

  • Alleviate sore gums
  • Ease toothache
  • Decrease bacteria 
  • Eliminates bad breath


4 - Chamomile

Ayurvedic specialists note that chamomile is viable in normal gargling or mouth rinsing and treating Gingivitis. Forestalling gum disease by making tea to drink or rinse your mouth.


5 - Echinacea

The immunostimulatory and antibacterial properties of echinacea make it one of the main herbs for treating gum disease in Ayurveda. 


Echinacea is also used to alleviate mouth ulcers and reduce gum swelling. The herb can be consumed as a tea, or a drop of echinacea can be added to teas for treatment. Echinacea can cause a slight tongue tingling, yet this impact is safe and passes rapidly.


6 - Clove

Crush around 1 teaspoon of cloves. Damp a cotton ball into the crushed cloves and delicately rub this ball onto your gums. Let the cloves sit on your gums for about a moment. Rinse with water to gather the cloves as a whole and spit the clove water out. 


Cloves have antiviral and cell reinforcement properties to forestall plaque and lessen aggravation. Cloves help to ease the pain and inflammation.


Other Preventive Tips

  • To maintain healthy oral health, brush, and floss twice a day. Use herbal toothpaste that is gentle and effective. Rinse your mouth with homemade mouthwash.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and tobacco, as they can irritate your gums further.
  • Maintain a well-balanced diet with adequate amounts of Vitamins and nutrients for healthy gums.
  • Avoid consuming beverages that contain artificial sugars and colors.

It is ideal to choose safe and preventive methods for your dental health if you are experiencing Gingivitis or gum disease to get relief and avoid further dental issues.


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